Apple donates to flood relief efforts in Western Europe

Apple will donate to flood relief efforts in Western Europe, where torrential rains have ravaged Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and surrounding areas.

Tim Cook: Our hearts are with all those affected by the devastating flooding across Germany, Belgium and Western Europe. Apple will be donating to support relief efforts.
Tim Cook: Our hearts are with all those affected by the devastating flooding across Germany, Belgium and Western Europe. Apple will be donating to support relief efforts.

More than 150 are confirmed dead in unprecedented flooding in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, with high waters damaging roads, homes, bridges, and other infrastructure. Another 1,300 people are missing, with multiple small villages devastated by flood waters.

Melissa Eddy for The New York Times:

German authorities said late Thursday that after confirming scores of deaths, they were unable to account for at least 1,300 people.

That staggering figure was announced after swift-moving water from swollen rivers surged through cities and villages in two western German states, where the death toll passed 90 on Friday in the hardest-hit regions and other fatalities were expected.

At least 11 more people were reported to have died in Belgium, according to authorities who also ordered inhabitants of downtown Liège to evacuate as the Meuse River, which flows through its center, overflowed its banks.

The storms and resulting high water also battered neighboring Switzerland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg as a slow-moving weather system threatened to dump even more rain on the inundated region overnight and into Friday.

MacDailyNews Update: Police said that more than 90 people are now known to have died in western Germany’s Ahrweiler county, one of the worst-hit areas, and more casualties are feared, the AP reports. Another 43 people were confirmed dead in neighboring North Rhine-Westphalia state. Belgium’s national crisis center put the country’s confirmed death toll at 24 and said it expects the number to rise.


    1. Apple’s waterproof iPhones and iPads, when connected to Life Buoys and inflatable boats, have proven to be great flotation devices, and Apple’s Walled Garden has kept the water out, and iCloud accounts toasty, warm and dry.

      “It’s a great relief Apple has also sent inflatable giant AirPods, they music they play has drowned out the sound of endless gurgling by the moving floods, which has been a very moving move by Apple, so much so that I will start a removalist company called iMoveYou,’when the floods are over. As a tribute to Apple, the entire business will be run by iPhone, except for the lifting and transportation of furniture and goods which will be done by humans” said Helmut Schultzenberger.

      Man, Apple makes me feel good. Cool knows how to cook up a smorgasbord of good news, whether it’s record profits, or inflatable AirPods, Cook’s pipeline is packed.

  1. BBC had to put the blame on Climate Change. What a bunch of David Hoggwash!

    Please Greta “How dare you” Thunberg climate bully, who calls out anybody and anything, yet is aggrieved to be “fat shamed” by China, explain to me the fires, floods, and heatwaves of past generations: 1800’s, 1700’s,,, etc.? You think they didn’t exist? You think they weren’t equally devastating? You think they weren’t record breaking for their time?

    Please explain to me Mr. Al “Inconient Truth” Gore who buys made up carbon credits, whatever the hell that is, in order to look environmentally as he wanders around in that 20 room mansion, 10,070-square-foot estate near Nashville, Tennessee, how come yours and everyone elses doomsday countdown of ‘if we don’t get a handle on climate change the world will end’ never came to fruition? Where are we on that idiot AOC’s countdown?

    If there is any “Big Lie” being perpetrated on people, it is the Leftist Environmental Terrorists. They are a fraud and a sham and their Climate Change Hysteria of World Destruction, just like Antifa, is a “MYTH” right Jerry “Shits-in-Pants” Nadler. Ever time Climate Change is uttered, pull a Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Google, Reddit, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. on their ass and delete and deplatform them and fact check the fact checkers with your narrative of the facts as you see them, just like they do, because they need to be dismissed at every opportunity both in public, right Maxine “Get in their Faces” Waters? And the rest, take them to court and when that is done, take to court again!

    Otherwise, Corporate Media, Leftist Politicians, and Celebrities, SHUT-UP! I’m done with you and your BIG LIE!

    1. Spot on brother! I’m sick to my stomach watching the constant absurd CLIMATE HYSTERIA PROPAGANDA all over the freaking place. Blaming just about the most ridiculous thing on climate change discredits this paranoia. As one who has studied meteorology for decades with a degree in AV-MET, it makes me laugh to watch this idiots, politicians and the media, who knows CRAP about basic climatology and meteorology, lectures us on one science, that in fact, IT IS NOT 100% accurate! How absurd it is to predict (through flawed computer models) climate in 50 years when we cannot predict 100% what the weather will be in 10 days!
      So to ALL the Climate Hypochondriacs I simple laugh at your stupidity and IGNORANCE!

      1. Sheesh! I severely doubt your qualifications if remotely true. To quote Paracelsus dosis sola facit venenum “The dose makes the poison”. Everything is poisonous, even water and oxygen.
        Conflating weather and climate as you do is an insult to the study of both; as is your assertion that only 100% certainty makes science valid. If that were the case all scientific research would be rendered pointless.
        Skepticism is one thing, knuckle dragging denial is rank stupidity and an insult to the institution you attended
        But then I doubt your so called decades of experience given that you show zero ability in scientific thinking.

    2. This is not something dreamed up by Al Gore or Greta Thunberg. The first academic article on anthropogenic global warming was published in 1898—133 years ago.

      In 1989–32 years ago–a former research chemist warned the UN General Assembly that greenhouse gases were “changing the environment of our planet in damaging and dangerous ways.

      “The result is that change in future is likely to be more fundamental and more widespread than anything we have known hitherto. It is comparable in its implications to the discovery of how to split the atom. Indeed, its results could be even more far-reaching.

      “It is no good squabbling over who is responsible or who should pay. We shall only succeed in dealing with the problems through a vast international, co-operative effort.”

      Who was this “Leftist Environmental Terrorist?”

      Margaret Thatcher

      1. Soooo….she did the research herself?
        No, she didn’t. She took the information from people she believed she could trust, who themselves thought the information from others was good.

        How about if she had gone with the previous issue of another ice-age?
        Would you be posting it here?
        After all, it had only been a decade since THAT was “settled science”.
        And mind you this was during the Ozone Holes period, sandwiched between the New Ice Age a Global Warming scares.

        So if you are to believe in Maggy all of a sudden, tell me what other decisions she made you agree with. You were of course a card carrying Republican back then, right?

        Margaret Thatcher was an amazing person, transitional and unafraid to tackle issues head on. Much of her speech was about pollution, not climate, and she saw this as something to fix along with the newest data about carbon.

        Like you said, that was 32 years ago.
        How many of the dire predictions have come true?

        1. How many of their dire predictions have come true?

          Most of them. Earth just had the 5th hottest June in history; #1 on land, partially offset by La Niña in the Pacific. Even with the La Niña, 2021 is on track as a top-10 hottest year. The only 7 years that were hotter Jan-June have all been since 2010.

          Death Valley hit 130 last week, the highest reliably recorded temperature ever anywhere on earth. Lytton, British Columbia broke their national record less than three weeks ago, broke that record again the next day, and broke it again with 121 (higher than any temperature ever in Europe or South America, or north of 45 degrees), before the town burned down on the fourth day. Wildfires all over western North America are well ahead of 2020’s record.

          Historically, about 3 named tropical cyclones hit the US in a year. Last year, it was 11 and we already have had three in 2021, with the peak of the season still almost 2 months away. Hundreds have died in the German flooding. There was recently a tornado outbreak in the Czech Republic.

          The scientists who have devoted a lifetime of study to the climate aren’t surprised that their “dire predictions” about an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events are “coming true.” They are only surprised that it is happening so soon. Most of their models are pretty close to the central trend of rising temperatures, but are behind the curve on extreme events.

          As Ronald Reagan often pointed out, Lady Thatcher was a clever woman. Oh, and I was a card-carrying Republican in 1989, working every day with several Republican elected officials who found my enthusiasm for their policies more than satisfactory. Most of their supporters back then were economically dependent on farming, ranching, and hunting. They put protecting the local ecosystem from exploitation as a very high priority. Not like the “drill, baby, drill” crowd today.

          1. “Historically, about 3 named tropical cyclones hit the US in a year.”

            Your “arguments” are just too disjointed and full of fallacies to make it worth the effort to rebut in this forum. Are you doing this on purpose or are just some kind of nut job?

            1. So, Boris, would you prefer me to be more precise and reword that sentence as

              “From 1851 to 2020, the long-term average annual number of tropical cyclones (warm-core rotating storms with a closed circulation of winds above 38 miles per hour) with a center that passes inland at least once from the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico across the US coast is approximately three. That average has been steadily rising in recent years until eleven storms crossed the US coast in 2020. We are on schedule to break that record in 2021 because there were already three storms that struck the US coast by July 7; the average peak of the season is on September 10 and the season ends on November 30. One bad year can just be natural variability, but this seems to be a long-term trend of significantly more storms that come inland in the US.”

              That oddity, when coupled with all the other oddities that are occurring in increasing numbers (five 500-year floods in Southeast Texas within five years, for example), suggests to any reasonable observer that something is causing all those oddities. Since the “greenhouse effect” has been predicted to cause exactly such effects since 1898, and over 90% of climate scientists have agreed with that assessment for at least a century, it is hardly a “nut job” argument to say that the scientists were right.

            2. Hey TxUseless,

              “So, Boris, bla bla bla.”

              You just made my case to any serious person educated in the sciences. If you don’t understand why, you are an ignorant fool!

          2. TXUser, you moron, we’re in a solar minimum, it’s cold, not hot. Except in places where it’s summer, then it’s not. Heat records in Death Valley? No surprise.

            TXLuser, one day in hell you will awaken, and you will finally realise what an endless and utter douche you’ve been your entire life.

            1. World temperature records go back about 170 years. There is plenty of year-to-year variability, but there has not been a single year since 1990 cooler than the hottest year before 1950. The 11 hottest years are (low to high): 2009, 2013, 2010, 2014, 2018, 2017, 2015, 2019, 2016, and 2020. The last six years are the hottest six. One year could be a fluke. Six years is a trend.

              Look at the graph here:

              Somebody who can look at those numbers and claim “we’re at a solar minimum; it is cool, not hot,” needs a change in their meds to control their delusions.

              Perhaps you will awaken one day in a place where it is 130 degrees and realize that temperatures that high are lethal to human beings in a few hours without air conditioning because human beings have never encountered temperatures that high since our emergence as a species.

      2. Time to give “Unsettled” a read. The climate expert author doesn’t spout the certainty that you, a non-expert, that quotes the biased org–the UN.

        You naively speak as if it’s a slam dunk…certainly. “The Science,” is spoken of as an unmovable wall of “consensus” of certainty. In-spite of what we are fed, the consensus is wobbly and the science isn’t settled.

        No, that doesn’t mean it’s a position without concern for the environment.

      1. TxUser: the offspring of 1960’s two potheads hippies, tree-huggers parasites who never bathed. Seriously, you really are one pathetic libturd!

  2. The only flood the Europeans need to worry about is the flood of non-Europeans into their countries. Water will not destroy Europe; Third World detritus will.

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