Leakers hit with warnings from Apple lawyers

Reliable Apple leaker known as “Kang” and a number of other unnamed leakers have reportedly received warnings from lawyers representing Apple.

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Among many leaks, “Kang” in early October 2020 revealed the full specs and pricing of Apple’s iPhone 12 models four days prior to Apple’s official event.

Hartley Charlton for MacRumors:

According to posts on Kang’s Weibo account, Apple recently commissioned a law firm to send admonitory letters to a number of leakers.

The letter purportedly cautioned leakers that they must not disclose information about unreleased Apple projects because it may give Apple’s competitors valuable information and “mislead customers, because what is disclosed may not be accurate.”

Kang argued that he had not misled consumers and said that he was still within his right to make his feelings known about Apple’s smartphone experience, remarking that “your company should not interfere with my Weibo.”

He also warned other bloggers, saying that if they do not want to “cause trouble… then don’t post anything they don’t want to tell the public.” Even if “you haven’t signed any agreement… they think it is infringement and abuse of commercial information.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple is trying to reel the leaks back in as, in the last several years, there has been precious little that remains unknown, especially about iPhones, for quite some time before Apple’s official events. Obviously, this removes the surprise from Apple iPhone events, turning them into basically a rote confirmation of information and imagery already released by reliable leakers. Apple’s Asian supply chain is a sieve.


  1. I’m glad to hear these leeches are getting a warning about their spotty Apple predictions. Why don’t they leak Windows computer products as there would be so much more for them to do as there are many various Windows PC companies with much healthier product lineups than what Apple offers. It’s so ridiculous to hear these leakers boast about how they’re privy to advanced information on coming products. All just to get clicks. It’s not as though computer users are all that happy when they get the actual products, so why even bother to give them advance notice. I think it really does mislead some tech-head consumers who are disappointed when some feature isn’t included in the final product. I’m sure this warning won’t stop the leakers who are making money from their Apple prediction business.

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