FOX News Podcasts+ launches exclusively on Apple Podcasts

FOX News Audio, FOX News Media’s radio and podcast division, has collaborated with Apple Podcasts Subscriptions to launch a new subscription-based content channel entitled FOX News Podcasts+. This new platform will offer exclusive content along with commercial-free episodes of the FOX News Podcasts portfolio, as well as commercial-free podcast versions of FOX News Sunday, and FOX News Radio’s (FNR) The Brian Kilmeade Show, FOX Across America with Jimmy Failla and The Guy Benson Show.

FOX News Media launches FOX News Podcasts+ exclusively on Apple Podcasts

Available for $2.99 per month ($29.99 per year), subscribers will have access to exclusive content including seasonal FOX News Investigates specials, bonus shows from major political events, and special long-form podcasts encompassing faith, history, documentaries and true crime. FOX News Podcasts+ will also provide subscribers with commercial-free access to the platform’s nearly 40 original podcasts hosted by network stars such as Bret Baier, Martha MacCallum, Dana Perino and Will Cain, along with additional episodes and interviews from FOX News Audio’s entire content portfolio. Subscriptions will be available on, and at Apple Podcasts by clicking the FOX News Podcasts+ channel.

FOX News Podcasts currently rank among the top 15 podcast publishers according to Triton Digital and delivered double-digit year-over-year growth across downloads and overall listeners during Q1 2021. Additionally, The Brian Kilmeade Show (weekdays, 9 AM-12 PM/ET) was recently named one of the top five most influential radio shows in America according to the TALKERS magazine’s Heavy Hundred list. FOX Across America with Jimmy Failla (weekdays, 12-3PM/ET) and The Guy Benson Show (weekdays, 3-6PM/ET) also placed in the top 100.

FOX News Media operates FOX News Audio, which encompasses FOX News Radio (FNR), FOX News Headlines 24/7 and FOX News Podcasts. A 24/7 news service, FNR reaches 18.9 million listeners a week on over 1,500 News and Talk affiliated radio stations. Featuring three nationally syndicated weekday talk programs — The Brian Kilmeade Show, FOX Across America with Jimmy Failla and The Guy Benson Show — FNR also provides hourly newscasts surrounding business updates and breaking-news coverage. FOX News Podcasts offers a catalogue of more than 35 on-demand original podcasts, including The FOX News Rundown. On SiriusXM Channel 115, FOX News Headlines 24/7 services listeners with around the clock coverage of the day’s headlines in 15 minutes segments.

MacDailyNews Note: More info via Apple Podcasts here.


    1. She got fired after she went off script on the air live to attack her employer for exercising its editorial judgment rather than letting her broadcast whatever she pleased. I cannot imagine where these right-wing nutjobs get the idea that the principle of free speech and/or the First Amendment gives them the right to hijack somebody else’s property to broadcast a message that the property owner does not wish to broadcast. In what world ever did reporters have a right to publish a story in a newspaper or other media outlet over the objections of its editor and publisher? It is hardly a surprise that her bosses would not tolerate a public attack on their integrity from somebody who stole their airtime to broadcast it.

      1. “In what world ever did reporters have a right to publish a story in a newspaper or other media outlet…”

        I remember when (back in the olden days) reporters would publish the story no matter what it was, and as long as the reporters could back it up, and editors would stand back and let shilt happen. Those days are long gone.

        1. “As long as the reporters could back it up.” Whether that is true is the editors’ call, not the reporters’. The editors and publishers are the ones who have the deep pockets to pay the legal fees and damages if there is a suit for defamation.

            1. skellum, libturds like you are called libturds because you have shit for brains

              Proof is voting for a corrupt, racist dementia patient and a whore. Only a fucking idiot would do so.

            1. No. The Russia thing was a case where the reporters, the editors, and the evidence all agreed. I am speaking of cases where the editor is convinced that there is insufficient evidence to run the story. They are paid to make those decisions. The reporters have no legal right to overrule them.

      2. I guess it depends on what is the nature of the information she has. How come if the whistle blower is pro left they are a hero but the same whistle blower is pro right she is a nut job. You do realize your a sale out who only cars about partisan power. Maybe you should suspend judgement of her intention until you see what information she has. Maybe she is a wack nut job but maybe she is a hero willing to risk all to expose criminal injustice.

        1. I don’t care what information she has—left, right, or center. That is not the issue.

          If she has newsworthy information about Channel 26, there are 16 other TV stations in the Houston market that would be more than glad to carry bad news about a competitor. That doesn’t even count 44 subchannels, 51 FM stations, 32 AM stations, 24 newspapers, and countless websites, podcasts, cable channels, YouTube channels, etc. If she has information about a crime, Harris County has at least 52 law enforcement agencies where she can report it.

          The woman has an absolute right to tell her story. She just doesn’t have a right to force Channel 26 to let her tell it on their station and make them pay her for it.

          1. Absolutely not!

            Unless she owns the station airing her report while assuming liability, she has no right to ANYTHING.

            Obvious you are applying Leftist standards to a media world you do not understand. There, I fixed it for you…

            1. If you understand that Channel 26 in Houston has a right to control the content it airs, both because of its own First Amendment rights and because of its potential liability for false content, why do you have so much trouble agreeing that Facebook and Twitter have the same right to control the content they spread?

        2. #include absolutely correct.

          Pro Left whistleblowers are widely heralded and treated as decorated heroes winning major awards if they work in the media. Pro Right whistleblowers are routinely marginalized, mocked, IGNORED and typically don’t stand a chance winning a Leftist media award.

          To prove the point, on queue TxUseless righteous defender of Leftist hypocrisy, promoter of double standards and free speech Professor, posted:

          “I cannot imagine where these right-wing nutjobs get the idea that the principle of free speech and/or the First Amendment gives them the right”

          To be expected from a Leftist cultist preacher every time hypocrisy and double standards replaces credibility…

          1. Left-wing nut jobs certainly exist, but Ivory Hecker and the Veritas Project aren’t among them. We were talking about them, not some hypothetical in which a liberal reporter went rogue on air to attack her employer and acted shocked when she was fired for it. I would have reacted to that situation exactly the same way.

            For example, I deplore the apparent effort by NBC to suppress Rowan Farrow’s reporting on Harvey Weinstein, but I applaud his response to it. He didn’t interrupt NBC programming to insert his own message. He quit and released the story on another media outlet. Ms. Hecker could have done the same. Houston isn’t a one-horse town. It is the fourth-largest city in the country and has hundreds of media outlets, most of which would have enthusiastically promoted a negative story about one of their competitors.

            To repeat, Ivory Hecker’s First Amendment right to free speech, like Rowan Farrow’s right to free speech, does not include the right to force a particular media outlet to air their message—whether left, right, or neutral—as the reporter sees fit.

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