Apple Retail Stores, offices start dropping mask requirement in U.S.

Apple will begin dropping the mask requirement for customers vaccinated against COVID-19 at many U.S. stores this week, as yet another major retailer moves away from the mask mandate as U.S. states ease restrictions.

Apple Face Mask
Apple Face Mask

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

The technology giant has begun informing retail employees of the impending change in impacted markets, according to people with knowledge of the matter, who declined to be identified discussing policy changes that haven’t been announced. The change will go into effect as early as Tuesday, and employees have been told that they won’t be required to ask customers for verification of vaccination.

Workers will still need to wear masks at stores, Apple told staff. The company could change its plans or delay the loosening of the restriction. The requirement for face coverings will also be dropped at some of the Cupertino, California-based company’s U.S. offices, according to a memo sent to corporate employees.

The planned change in the company’s mask policy change corresponds with California’s timeline to reopen the state on Tuesday and ease most restrictions for vaccinated individuals. Apple previously relaxed its mask requirement in some other regions, including in Australia.

MacDailyNews Note: According to the CDC, those who are fully vaccinated can resume activities that they did prior to the response to COVID-19. Fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing, except where prohibited by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance.

In general, people are considered fully vaccinated:

• 2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or
• 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine


  1. Omg! How can this be? The sky is falling! Existential threat. Systemic maskism! The walls are closing in. Collusion! Just a few short weeks ago, you could get cancelled, fired, kicked out of school, banned from Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube and for evening mentioning the possibility of going… maskless. What happened to follow the science? Where is Fauci when you need him! Jill, save us, Jill (and joe)!

    1. Are you really clueless enough not to realize that the difference is the vaccine? If I tell you not to go into a burning building, that advice no longer applies once the fire is out. The completely vaccinated without masks are pretty safe from getting sick, almost completely safe from dying, but not altogether safe from getting an asymptomatic infection that they can pass on. Hence the masks for Apple Store employees who are vaccinated. The vaccinated patrons probably won’t be exposed to an aerosol virus load high enough even to infect them. The unvaccinated patrons will be free to kill one another.

      Of course, all bets are off if the virus breeding in all the unvaccinated fools develops variants that can overcome the protection from the vaccine or a prior infection. Then we will basically be right back where we were a year ago. The only way to eliminate that danger is herd immunity, and the only way to get that is for at least 70-75% of the population (including children) to either get vaccinated or survive being sick.

      1. Are you so stupid that you think that a “vaccine” that does not keep you from getting COVID or keep you from spreading COVID is a real vaccine? Ask the NY Yankees. Ask the dead people who died of COVID after getting the vaccine. I think you have artificial intelligence.

          1. You LIE. I don’t read one word directly or indirectly making fun of deaths of any kind. I read making fun of cancel culture Big Tech, discredited Fauci and fellow know it alls Joe and Joe.

            Thanks for reinforcing you can’t take a joke, but worse, constantly misinterpret posts according to your the sanctimonious Leftist attitude that you pollute this forum with daily. Reading something into posts not there is your SPECIAL problem.

            I found the post hilarious and enjoyed it on face value…

        1. No, but I am clued in enough to put more trust in well-conducted double-blind scientific research published in a quality peer-reviewed journal than in the ravings of conspiracy theorists.

          1. Hey TxUseless, there you go again. There is no “well-conducted double-blind scientific research published in a quality peer-reviewed journal” demonstrating the efficacy of face masks in stopping a virus. You’re a typical liberal and as truthful as Dr. Fauci.

    1. Just like Jill (and Joe) stumbling (and mumbling) around the g7 meetings with their masks on. Such embarrassing theatrics. Disgusting!

  2. “employees have been told that they won’t be required to ask customers for verification of vaccination”, so it will now be possible to intermix the vaccinated and COVID infected and non-Covid-non-Vaccinated in close quarters, which just goes to show you that this COVID-19, the way it was presented and the way it was reacted to and the lockdowns were all a F**CKING SHAM, by politicians I do no trust, that created agencies operated by bureaucrats I do not trust, that manipulate both the COVID-19 death rate numbers and the vaccine death numbers I do not trust, because they were given a ‘vaccine’ from big pharma I do not trust, reported on by the Main Stream Media and Social Media I do not trust and ruled and judged on by a judiciary I do not trust and yet I am told by all these Pedes to “trust the science”. Yeah, right!

    1. If you aren’t vaccinated and choose to go maskless into an indoor setting where masks are required, that is on you. You have been warned. Do you really expect Apple to go all Big Brother on you and demand proof of vaccination when the primary risk is to you and your family… not to the people who are following medical advice? This is a completely different situation than requiring masks when few adults were protected.

      1. There is zero risk to going without a vaccine since it is not a vaccine. So far there are over 5000 reported deaths from the “vaccine” and over a hundred thousand serious adverse reactions including stroke, blood clots and heart attacks. If you get COVID, there is an almost 100% cure rate with early use or Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine. If you don’t have serious comorbidities there is almost zero chance of dying from COVID even without treatment. You are highly uninformed.

          1. “t has no proven effect on any viral infection.”

            Did you learn that from Dr. Fauci? If you believe that, you’re a fool. Otherwise, you are propagating a lie which makes you a lier!

            1. No, I got it from the Federal Drug Administration, which has no connection to Dr. Fauci.


              There is no clinical research showing that ivermectin does squat for Covid-19. There are some anecdotal stories, mostly from 3rd-world countries where real treatments are largely unavailable and everybody is desperate for anything. Any patient who takes ivermectin and doesn’t die becomes another success story without substance, because we don’t know if the person would have survived anyway or recovered quicker with an approved treatment. The only thing approaching published results on ivermectin was a preprint article from Surgisphere, the same company that cooked its results on hydroxychloroquine. Both articles have now been withdrawn with apologies from the journals involved.


            2. “No, I got it from the Federal Drug Administration,”

              Yeah, all that and the China virus came from a pangolin and did you also know there are fifty different sexes!

  3. People who have “had COVID” has natural immunities which are far stronger protection than the vaccine. The natural God given immune system immunities include “T-cell” immunity which lasts essentially forever. Further, the studies show that people who have had COVID can suffer serious consequences if they get the vaccine, so they should not. They are protected by their God given immune system.

    Of course the vaccine (sic) which does not include any of the COVID genetic material as a normal vaccine would to trigger the immune response, it not fully tested and has not been approved by the FDA. Just “emergency authorized”. Not even any full animal studies completed. There have been very extensive documented “adverse reactions” including over 5000 deaths and many heart attacks, strokes, seizures, etc which are detailed in the CDC VAERS database. This is a voluntary reporting system which medical experts have determined only captures on average about 1% to 10% of actual deaths and serious adverse reactions. So, the vaccine is very dangerous by historical CDC VAERS standards. Earlier vaccines for Ebola were pulled from the market when the VAERS reports go to 50 deaths.

    1. Kent,

      Your statistics are completely misleading, but even if they were true (and, again, they aren’t), 5000 deaths out of 144 million who are fully vaccinated would be a mortality rate of 0.0034%. The mortality rate for Americans diagnosed with Covid-19 is 600K deaths from 33.4M cases, or 1.7%. Anybody but you would prefer the course of action that provides roughly a 500 times greater probability of survival. Actually, it is more than that, since the adverse reactions usually showed up after the first dose and there are 173 million who have received at least one dose. That 53% of the population is skewed towards the old and infirm who were vaccinated first.

          1. Hey TxUseless, you said “The mortality rate for Americans diagnosed with Covid-19 is…”

            If you learned that in second grade, that puts you at about nine years old. That explains a lot!

            1. As I said, I learned to divide 5000 by 144,000,000 and 600,000 by 33,400,000 in second grade. I got the numbers themselves from Johns Hopkins University, which has no connection to Dr. Fauci. Almost identical numbers are available from at least a half-dozen other independent sources. There are no numbers from any reliable source that would substantially contradict any of those numbers. (Numbers that Kent pulls out of thin air are not a substantial contradiction.)

      1. The 5000 deaths, as I stated, represents between 1% and 10% of actual deaths based on long understood reporting via VAERS where the vast majority of adverse reactions are not reported. So, 50,000 to 500,000 real deaths. And many more strokes, heart attacks, etc. All to fight a virus with a 99.9x survival rate. You are mentally retarded. There, I said it.

            1. To repeat, I did the math myself, but I got the information from Johns Hopkins University.


              There are at least a half-dozen other reliable organizations independently tracking the US case and death figures, and they all are reporting numbers within much less than 1% of one another. I did not get anything from Dr. Fauci because his organization (the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases within the National Institutes of Health) is not the agency that creates or collects these statistics.

              The numbers primarily come from state and local health departments and death registrars, and are publicly posted and available to anyone. There are numerous public agencies and private entities that collect those statistics at a national level. Johns Hopkins has been the go-to source for most of us interested in the pandemic. The official national statistics are compiled by the National Center for Health Statistics within the Centers for Disease Control, a completely different federal agency than the NIH. It is the CDC, not the NIH, that issues guidelines for the reporting agencies.

              The CDC does not claim to have a monopoly on useful statistical information. They have published a useful guide to secondary data sources:


          1. Dear Idiot – the 500,000 deaths are from the vaccine. Not COVID. COVID deaths have 2.6 comorbidities on average. Like congestive heart failure, diabetes, cancer, an auto crash. The other things are the cause of death. That is from the CDC.

            The 99% survival rate is for people who get actual COVID. Not the vaccine. The vaccine carries greater risk. It kills otherwise healthy people.

            1. Kent, I wouldn’t keep responding to you if you were just an isolated person suffering from a pernicious delusion. If you want to believe that the earth is flat and that John F. Kennedy, Jr. faked his own death so that he could arrange the so-called 9/11 attacks, be my guest. From my experience in 30 years of handling mental commitments, I found that most patients found their delusions somehow comforting.

              The problem here is that you are not isolated or harmless. You represent an extreme case of a delusion that has gripped a large segment of the American (and world) population. My very first posting on MDM on the subject of what was then a novel coronavirus was, I believe, in late January or early February of 2020. I had just read a couple of books on the 1918 pandemic that pushed one message: DO NOT LIE TO THE PEOPLE. At least thousands, and possibly millions, of people unnecessarily died during 1918-20 because their governments refused to tell the truth about the severity of the pandemic, minimized the risk, and actually blocked efforts that might have helped control it.

              The world had been warned long before 2020, yet many national, state, and local governments made the same choices as in 1918. They were more afraid of “panic” that might affect their pocketbooks or political futures than they were of the disease, so they refused to tell the truth about the severity of the pandemic, minimized the risk, and actually blocked efforts that might have helped control it. Again, hundreds of thousands of innocent victims unnecessarily died. Many people believed the lies, even as their neighbors were being hauled off to the hospital or morgue. Some even died believing it.

              This is not an innocent delusion. It is criminal insanity that has cost countless lives in the United States, Russia, Brazil, India, and other countries with officials that preferred the lie to the uncomfortable truth. I know that I irritate the bejesus out of people here by harping on the 600,000 American and 3,210,000 other world deaths, but I am going to continue to respond to lies that might mislead people to their own deaths. I would do the same if you were claiming that an effective preventative for Covid is to shoot yourself before you can catch it.

  4. It’ll be interesting to see how masks increases in popularity when the flu season hits. Last year the flu was less effective in spreading simply because of the number of Covid based masking in the country. Personally I’m wearing a mask when out as Flu Season rolls in (which has already started). But I’m 76 and fighting my 5th cancer so I’m more aware than the young guys and gals.

    BTW, mask & vaccine haters may well be getting their annual flu vaccine as soon as it is available. That vaccine historically has a 50% to 60% effective rate, compared to the 90+% of Covid vaccines.

    1. The current COVID vaccine has killed 5800 people at a minimum per the CDC VAERS database. The effectiveness rate is completely unknown since there is not enough history to have statistics. In other words, you don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

  5. WATCH THIS – Mom had perfectly healthy high school student athlete take vaccine. He almost died, entire medical establishment ignored symptoms and suggested “pulled muscle”, then he almost died from massive blood clots. This is what happens when an entire population listens to idiot statements from people like Dr. Fauci and TXUSER. DO NOT GET THE VACCINE.

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