Apple iPad ad: ‘Your next computer is not a computer’’s iPad section says, “iPad is so versatile, it’s more than up to any task. Whether you’re working on a project, expressing your creativity, or playing an immersive game, iPad is a fun and powerful way to get it done.” Now, a new Apple ad for iPad backs up that sentiment, using a song from The Little Mermaid, “Part of Your World.”

Apple iPad ad: 'Your next computer is not a computer'

Apple’s YouTube channel:

iPad has everything you need to work, learn, create and play with complete freedom. Big immersive retina displays, available cellular connectivity, and incredible battery life, all in thin and light designs. And with the new iPad Pro supercharged by the Apple M1 chip, there’s an iPad for anyone and anything.

Your next computer is not a computer.

MacDailyNews Take: What’s a computer?


  1. maybe for web browsing and some text preparation, but not for serious research and mapping for example. There will always be a need for desktops/laptops for work – iPads are just not up to it.

      1. Amen!

        3D animation, video editing only a MacPro will do. The iPad is a web surfing and video watching toy by comparison.

        You mentioned mapping, as in ArcGIS with dozens of layers and millions of plot points?…

  2. Apple has swallowed that ridiculous Koolaid for a while and while the iPad (we own 4 in the family) is a great advice it is still ancillary to the Mac and always will be until they come up with holographic Minority Report style interfaces. Just stop it TC and company. It ain’t so. There’s no way an iPad can substitute for large displays and multiple monitors with lots of windows to do work on. But then it’s not intended to. It may make for good copy but who’s kidding who?

  3. Spilt Diet Dr. Pepper into my new 2019 MacBook Pro had to work 10 days on a 2018 iPad Pro while it was being repaired. I was shocked that I could do it, but so many things just sort of sucked. iPad is great for data consumption, email, and online meetings. Mapping, multiple excel sheets, and graphic arts not so great. I especially think the “artistic” stuff gets exaggerated on the iPad. I can’t draw. I need the precision of a mouse and a lot of space to create graphics in Omnigraffle and Visio. But again was surprised how much I could do.

  4. All those complaining, i believe, have not allowed them selves to get dialed in on the iPad… and still expect a macOS work flow…. and thats where the rub is!

    Theyonly problem with the iPad pro now is lack of full featured Pro Application and integration of Finder rather than the compromised file sys they have throughout ios and the files app.
    The device itself is ready for show time… and personally i find the directness of the input and interaction with the pencil and touch very desirable… then on top one has a choice of mouse, keyboard and track pad too.
    iPad is ready big time… Software is Lagging… but that will come too.. i bet max in 1-2 years if not earlier.

    Yet Apple’s slogan of ‘iPad is not a computer’ is as bogus as anything gets..

  5. When an iPad can cope with a 50 GB file that a typical video camera makes in two hours of shooting, that is when you can claim that iPads can do anything.

  6. Why doors Apple have to keep telling people that an iPad can take the place of a computer? Almost everybody has used an iPad, if it were that obvious they would’ve realised for themselves.

    1. Only explanation is there is someone who does not understand the underline technology on which Apple is built upon (OSX, old Xerox concept etc) but still stick to his misguided fantasy of making iPad a substitute to Mac computer. There are thousands of bright minds in Apple and what are they using to design iPad? Is this person capable of predicting the demise of Adobe Flash Player more than 10 years ago? This person is still talking about more RAM, more storage and faster processor etc (consequently for more money) for iPad, not much else, for God’s sake. There is no category-creating revolution that people expect a company like Apple to open. Sorry for the cliche but that person is still following the coattail of the greatest of all in Apple who sadly is no longer with us, and nobody can replace him so far. That person is still sticking to iOS dreams (which he probably does not understand at its core anyway) and the product lineup and corresponding sales show. iPad’s sell volumes just like iPhones. But at some point, Apple have to shed their skin and the lock of being a phone company. M1 chip (and application of it to iPad) is all good, but if TC truly believes “our next computer is not a computer” even though it’s just a marketing phrase, what can I say…. But I fear of it.
      I am sure Tim C. is still using his iPad for complex spreadsheets and such. He may want his own “Adobe Flash Player” moment to tell us “I told you so!” No thanks Mr.Cook.
      iPad is a great device for certain purposes and most everybody has it, but we are not “misguided”, thank you.

  7. The ad SHOULD have all the actors wearing masks, muffling their singing, staying inside to stay SAFE and to show everyone else how swell they are for staying inside and staying safe. The people should all be wearing gloves too, extra safety. And they should not be shown within shouting distance of one another, to be extra extra safe. Then, it would truly represent APPLE. Isolated people doing really stupid things to show how brilliant and caring they are.

    1. No, the ads should show a bunch of homicidal maniacs killing hundreds of thousands of people while citing “medical facts” from Alex Jones and Infowars to prove their commitment to Truth. /s

      1. Are you talking to me or the Ohio black college female student who died from the vaccine in the link? I wish we could trade your life for hers. You aren’t using yours for anything worthwhile and you are pressuring people to kill themselves so you should be willing to take that fate yourself. You won’t be missed.

            1. MDN,
              I can understand that you are reluctant to moderate this forum. However, allowing people to use your resources to spread health information that is not just wrong but potentially deadly is completely irresponsible.

      2. Hello Mr. Conflation. Have you always had a penchant for sensationalism and exaggeration?
        I get a sense, you are a “take it to the limit” kind of person?

  8. For the people in this IT centric group, the iPad is not a computer, but for what the vast majority of people need to do in their work and leisure (document handling/photos/emails/web browsing, games and video consumption), it is more than adequate. In fact the only computer used by many people is their iPhone, or android smartphone

  9. Lots of white people bemoaning being stuck inside with old-timey computers. Lots of smart, attractive people of color outside doing great creative work on ipads.

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