Apple Music gives record labels their own feature pages

Ahead of its highly publicized rollout of Spatial and Lossless Audio to users on Tuesday, leading up to the launch last month, Apple Music also soft-launched a feature that gives record labels their own feature pages – like artists have long had.

Apple Music
Apple Music

Ethan Millman for Rolling Stone:

Apple Music listeners can find pages for major labels like Def Jam and Capitol as well as indies like XL Recordings or Dead Oceans in the search bar, or a link to the label page may show up at the bottom of some of their artists’ albums. Label pages are virtually the same as individual artist pages that were already on Apple Music and give a glimpse of a label’s biggest hit records, newest releases and a brief bio on a label’s history or influences. Apple built about 400 labels’ pages on the platform at launch and will be updating the pages, the company tells Rolling Stone.

“We want to highlight labels that are really hyper-focused on building great quality. The labels we’re partnering with here are the ones where I want to search for their logo on the back of the record and would buy music unheard because I trust that,” [Zane Lowe, the popular Apple Music 1 DJ and Apple Music’s global creative director], says. “That to me is really the culture that we’re trying to represent from a label point of view here. In a way, this is an opportunity for us to reestablish the concept of a label as something more than just a bank. To look at the label system again as more than just a distribution model or an investment model, but actually as a place where music, art and culture is fostered in a really deliberate and very thoughtful way.”

MacDailyNews Take: For example, here’s the Apple Music page for Berlin Classics.

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  1. Bring back the gorgeous cover flow feature that Mr. Woke removed. Showcasing not only the talents of the musical artists, but the visual artists as well…

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