Four Apple designers poached by Jony Ive for LoveFrom

Apple’s former design chief, Jony Ive, has collected at least four colleagues for his design firm LoveFrom since he departed in 2019.

Jonathan Ive
Jonathan Ive

Amber Neely for AppleInsider:

The newest acquisition is Wan Si, a designer who spent 16 years with Apple working on Apple app icons, buttons, and home screens.

According to a source who spoke to The Information, Wan Si joins three other former employees, including Chris Wilson, Patch Kessler, and Jeff Tiller. Wan and Wilson were previously part of Apple’s human interface team, dedicated to creating GUI elements such as icons and menus. Both share a design credit for the Apple Health app icon on iOS.

Tiller is a former Apple communications expert who managed administrative matters on Apple’s design team. Kessler worked at Apple for ten years in product design and is known for his work on the Force Touch trackpad for the MacBook.

All four colleagues now list LoveFrom as their current employer on their LinkedIn profiles.

MacDailyNews Take: Somehow, Apple will survive.


  1. If it’s the human interface design of the last 8 years, good riddance.
    Making buttons flat primary colors, making indicators various shades of gray. What a massive step backwards in design.

  2. “Apple’s human interface team, dedicated to creating GUI elements such as icons and menus. Both share a design credit for the Apple Health app icon on iOS.”

    Both share a design credit for the Health App, seriously?!?!?!

    A red heart icon available in many fonts as glyphs clip art placed on on a white background in the upper right occupying roughly 25% of space. Share a design credit for something a kid in grade school art class can do in less than a minute? The enormous egos of Apple designers Jony leading the charge never ceases to amaze me.

    “Apple’s human interface” what part of human would that be? Effete elitist snobs reducing icons to cold FLAT linear stark abstract designs in crayola colors. No human element or warm fuzzy feeling detected, more like tolerance for something beyond your control.

    I totally agree, good riddance to the elitist snob design team that made graphics, icons, navigation WORSE then prior to iOS 7 when Scott Forstall working under the great one, produced the best in Apple history from Aqua on…

    1. To be fair, Steve designed the Apple Park monstrosity, the most soulless piece of new architecture in memory. Stuffing it with trees doesn’t make it any more inviting, the only color of note is the rainbow agitprop. The trend towards flat, tasteless dreck has been years in the making at Apple, splashing color on chin-monster Macs is putting lipstick on pigs. Then again, pigs can at least make you smile.

  3. I have not been to Apple Park, so I reserve judgement. However, it certainly looks like a “monstrosity” and probably needlessly bigger than it needs to be. Your point Steve was not always perfect is correct. Just 99% of the time…😉

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