Apple CEO Cook: Employees should begin returning to offices in early September

In a memo obtained by Bloomberg News, Apple CEO Tim Cook said Wednesday employees should begin returning to offices after the lengthly COVID-19 disruption in early September for at least three days a week.

Apple CEO Cook: Employees should begin returning to offices in early September
Apple Park in Cupertino, California

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg News:

[Apple] is pushing staff to return on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at a minimum, with remote work still an option for Wednesdays and Fridays… “We are setting consistent days in the office to help us optimize our time for in-person collaboration,” he wrote. Some teams will have to be in four or five days week.

In pushing for staff to return, Cook cited the availability of vaccinations and declining coronavirus infection rates. Some employees of the Cupertino, California-based technology giant have worked from Apple offices on certain days throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of others have been away for more than a year.

MacDailyNews Take: As if every Apple employee who’s willing and able hasn’t already been vaccinated weeks ago. So, returning to offices in September is a very conservative target. Enjoy your extended summer vacation of “remote work,” Apple employees!

In the U.S., everyone 12 years of age and older is now eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccination. Those interested can find an appointment on, text your zip code to 438829 (GETVAX), or call 1-800-232-0233 for more information.


  1. What a Leader. Yeah, take a year off. Screw around in your home office or from the golf course. No need to pretend the employee have real jobs that need to be done or that Apple has any real important purpose as a company. Don’t get back to work right away and get on with the mission NOW. Not important to use the $6 billion dollar Taj Mahal HQ building that Jonny Ive fixated on for the last 10 years of his tenure. More important to just dawdle and while away the time so the world knows how much you worship The Germ. And you would never dare live life again except in fear of The Germ. And keep those 400 Tiffany Box Apple Retail Stores operating “by appointment” with “limited human presence” and “masks forced on the customers by the Brown Shirt employees.

    Yeah Tim. You are doing a great job of avoiding any pretense at work. Steve Jobs would have kicked your ass out in the parking you by now after watching you turn a real excellent company into a complete joke. Too bad his passion is gone from the company replaced by your massive arrogance and political ignorance.

      1. What’s, so far, interesting about these posts…there’s not ONE answer to ANY of the posts…despite disagreement confirmed by “silent” down votes.

        Where are the bloviators and conflators that stood comfortably and conceitedly behind the “authorities” and the “consensus?” A notable gas-bag is top of mind…shamelessly duplicitous and deceptive and NEVER admitting error. He tarnishes a great State with sour residue. (Could you please tells us the story about Charlottesville again?)

        The air leaving the ball is profound–on this one issue–but it’s hardly isolated. It will take time, but there are A LOT of hot air balls causing confusion and detriment.

        1. When someone makes a bald assertion of fact that has no evidence to support it, no amount of actual evidence is going to convince them otherwise. Why bother?

            1. Not only that, Nick. He constantly “pollutes” with the one size fits all body politic.

              Lecturing critical race theory calling white folks supremacists; preaching poison of free speech via political correctness; racist comments blacks can’t get to the polls or they don’t have a car or means to obtain a free voter ID; mocking and disparaging President Trump daily for four years the most hard working president in history and economic genius; actively promotes Apple in China with no respect for human rights abuses and slave labor; forcefully supports Big Tech censorship of all people and posts conservative but don’t dare censor woke activists and leftist hate groups; denies Antifa is a national group lying they have only 500 members in the U.S.; vociferously denigrates the mix of 400 Trump supporters (out of 750,000), BLM and Antifa that entered the Capitol on Jan. 4 when a BLM agitator on video provoking the crowd broke a few windows, Big deal, but after 3 hours OVER and voting resumed, the Republic intact.

              Noticeably absent for almost a year now, not ONE word condemning Democrat activists, anarchist groups such as BLM and Antifa burning and looting half dozen cities causing billions of dollars in damage, dozens of police officers attacked and maimed and unfortunate deaths. By remaining silent, obviously no problem with Blue Team BAD certainly appears complicit and enabling. You would think a REAL prosecutor would repeatedly support the men and women in blue, but not once here as far as I know.

              I could go on, but we all know the Leftist Liar Tx special brand of pollution daily. Yes Nick, he shovels enough garbage to fill a landfill…

          1. Are we talking Russian Collusion Hoax?
            Or one of the dozens of other fake-news shit stories touted by the left for the last 5 years?

            Democrats had no evidence to support them yet you kept pushing those agendas until they burned out, only to act like it never happened and then move on to the next ‘shiny’ fake-news shit story.

            1. Pardoning criminals does not mean that the crimes do not exist. The evidence of Russian interference in the Mueller Report and indictments still stands. The Trump campaign only escaped indictment for conspiracy because they perverted the course of justice by multiple acts also detailed in that Report. They only escaped indictment for obstruction because Justice Department guidelines prohibit prosecuting a sitting President. You are the one acting like that never happened.

              I have repeatedly condemned violence by left and right alike, only pointing out that rightist violence is both more common and less policed. You are the one acting like that never happened.

              It is not merely a lie, but a damn lie, that I do not support peace officers, the overwhelming majority of whom do God’s work in maintaining public safety and the rule of law. However, I do not support criminals in blue who threaten public safety, break the law, and destroy public trust in our justice system. You are the one acting like that never happened.

    1. Let’s add the Fauci fiasco to this. The common denominator in all; Democratic DNA.

      The jury is out…is it deception, denial or dimwittedness that drives people to uphold these “ideals?”

      It’s a serious question looking for an earnest & honest answer.

  2. By the way MDN, according the CDC website that tracks adverse reactions to the “vaccine”, so far the “self reporting” indicates a minimum of 4500 dead from the vaccine and over 100,000 adverse reactions. The real number of deaths, per scientific analysis of the VAERS self reporting effectiveness, the real number of deaths is likely between 45,000 and 100,000. The vaccine has caused serious heart myocardial and other issues like strokes in young men under 30. It has also produced serious reactions including death of pregnant women who should have never taken the vaccine to begin with. There is no completed animal or human testing of the COVID chemical injections. The earliest completion date of current human experiments is September 2022. The vaccines are not approved by the FDA, just given an “emergency authorization” which was done under false pretenses, because these are only legal when there are no other proven medications that deal with the issue. Both hydrochloroquine and particularly Ivermectin are proven far effective in curing COVID if administered early. They have been blocked by the FDA despite the peer reviewed studies proving effectiveness because the FDA and CDC are both financially invested in the very expensive stocks of the pharmaceutical companies.

    1. BTW Kent, More than 153 million people have been given at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. About 8,000 people die per day on average in the U.S. That means about 1 in 41,000 Americans die every day. At that rate, one would expect that several thousand vaccinated Americans would have died of some cause in about five months of administering shots. Especially when you consider that most of the early shots were given to older people, many of whom were frail. You’re a smart guy. You know you are bending the stats.

    1. Wow! What an amazing shocker! Fauci was saying privately that masks were not effective at the exact same time that his public comments said precisely the same thing. Then, when better evidence became available, he changed his opinion in both his public and private communications.

      People told him all sorts of things, and he discussed all sorts of things, which means he was aware of all sorts of possibilities. He chose to believe and act on only the possibilities that were supported by solid evidence. If new evidence appeared, so did his evidence-based conclusions.

      You call it lying. I call it the scientific method.

    1. So, all roads lead to Trump? Tell that to my brother-in-law.

      Sorry, you can’t. He died in the pandemic that didn’t exist. So tell it to me and the millions of other Americans who have family or close friends who died in the pandemic that didn’t exist.

      1. Except in your head, who EXACTLY is saying “the pandemic (that) didn’t exist”?

        You are shameless and duplicitous…as you will now replay the Trump-tape that spins around obsessively in your head.

        Was it that tape that the East Indians have on repeat?

      2. If your brother-in-law was so compromised as to die from the weak sauce COVID-19, very likely engineered by China and funded in part by Fauci, then he very likely would have died from something else – influenza, pneumonia, etc. – in short order.

        My condolences, thoughts, and prayers.

        COVID culled the weak, old, and sick. That’s what respiratory diseases do. If it wasn’t COVID, it would have been something else soon enough.

        No one said the “pandemic” didn’t exist, just that it likely existed precisely in order to rid the world of “mean tweets.”

        1. Except in your head, who EXACTLY is saying “the pandemic (that) didn’t exist”?

          That would be people like First Then and Kent who insist that COVID-19 did not kill anybody who would not have died anyway.

          If the coronavirus just “culled the weak,” why not load them into boxcars and use them for making Solent Green? “Every man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.” Those who lack the empathy to understand Donne’s most famous poem are demonstrating that they have no right to call themselves a part of humanity.

      3. All of the facts will win out eventually.

        They can hack everything else, but not an election? Okay.

        1. Ok, so a physicist recommended a drug and a physician with 50 years experience with infectious diseases was unwilling to accept the suggestion without clinical evidence that the drug was safe and effective for the suggested use. The horror! Clear proof of a conspiracy! Next thing you know, the Energy Department won’t be allowing my family doctor to design and test nuclear weapons. After all, physicians and physicists both have doctorates.

    1. There are none so gullible, stupid, racist and ignorant than far right conservative Republicans and ReTrumplicans. I find it hilarious how they like to pretend it’s the Democrats when it’s the LooneyToonicans themselves trying to fundamentally change America into an intolerant autocratic state. Who’s kidding who?

      I am right of center and today’s lost Republicans are a complete buffoonish joke. Real Republicans find you a hideous joke and embarrassment. You can’t fool most of us, try as you may in your cognitive FAIL hillbilly way.

      1. “fundamentally change America into an intolerant autocratic state.”

        Big claim…name it and frame it with an example. Which party harnesses speech? Which party lied about an event with World-wide implications?

        1. Which party is trying to manipulate the vote to their advantage through legislation making it harder for certain groups to vote? Which party makes outlandish retarded claims about stolen elections (thereby giving itself permission to crush the right to vote based on a falsehood) and subscribes to wild conspiracy theories like QAnon? Which party elects unqualified inarticulate people for president who only want the power and privileges but none of the hard work? Which party likes to pretend we don’t have to do anything about global warming and keep using fossil fuels? What party wants to lord over women in their reproductive rights? What party routinely lies about anything it doesn’t like?

          Whatever faults the Democrats have are dwarfed by the fatal and dangerous ones in today’s grotesquely ignorant, gullible and traitorous Republicans whose plans will only lead the U.S. to total and unmitigated disaster. We need to bring our system closer to center and away from extremes. Try to apply a little more critical thinking to your own neck of the woods. You may not like what you find.

      2. Well, if you enjoy dancing on graves, it is better to have 595,000 of them to dance on. Of course the other 3.1 million lives don’t matter because they weren’t Americans.

        The incredible lies posted in the comments in this thread are simply too numerous to even try to counter. How can you reason with somebody who looks at a group that includes 49% of the US population (that is skewed towards the older Americans who got the vaccine first) and feigns outrage that 4500 of them have died since January?

        This ia what propagandists do: they flood the zone with so many lies that the truth-tellers simply cannot keep up. They blow so much smoke that eventually people start guessing there must be a fire somewhere. The anti-constitutionalists did it with the election that everybody watched being conducted fairly and openly on their living room TVs. Now they are trying to blow off the pandemic after we all saw bodies—American bodies—being stacked like cordwood.

        1. Here we go again, third time in less than a week using Covid 600,000 deaths to browbeat someone you disagree with.

          It doesn’t work, it’s old, give it up already Mr. Sanctimonious Virtue. This is less about caring for people losing their lives, this is YOUR consistent partisan Leftist tactic tossing out red herrings like candy.

          “This is what propagandists do: they flood the zone with so many lies” You should know FIRST HAND you are the undisputed champ of LIES and PROPAGANDA around here you dishonest SOB!…

          1. How about a deal? I will shut up about the pandemic when you sincerely admit that hundreds of thousands of Americans died unnecessarily because Your Hero refused to make the hard choices that were needed to save them.

      3. Yeah right. Name the social media and websites of conservatives that have “banned” liberal comments, shut down liberal websites, denied services to liberal customers. You, Truthless, are a jackass of the highest order.

  3. The Fauch is the new Jonathan Gruber…designated “The Obamacare Architect”, who lied to the Nation about pertinent specifics of the so called, “Affordable” Plan.

    Stating frankly and seemingly without any shame, Gruber said of his compatriots, “the stupidity of the American voter” made it important for him and Democrats to hide Obamacare’s true costs from the public. “That was really, really critical for the thing to pass,” said Gruber.

    The liberal mind embraces “whatever it takes” to achieve their aims…the list of examples is long and the intentions are enduring in history. Why the Fauch thought lying about this was necessary is awaiting confirmation, but only a deadhead, or a true leftist, would say there must be a good reason.

    Thank FB, The Fauc and others for the suffocation of opposing ideas. Thank the liberal mind for ridicule, shame and fear imposed on those that presented contrary ideas. The next time you are tempted to say, but “The Science” is firm and decided, please consider from which side is the source. Besides there’s being no “The Science” as an authoritative bureau, one has morphed into the mindless-no thinking-pacified state when you’re comforted by “The Science” meme.

    F Consensus too.

  4. I like the fact that Amazon removed Fauci’s book from their stores…all about Fauci making boat loads of cash…That book must be a hideous pack of lies for Amazon to remove it!.

    All he had to do was call it FICTION 😝 😝 😝

  5. They’ve decided to throw Fauxci under the bus because they desperately need a distraction from the coup being uncovered in precincts across the nation. Nice try, but we’re just getting started. Wait until people find out that the current resident of the WH is the ACTUAL racist, not President Trump.

    1. If there were a “coup being conducted In precincts across the nation,” there should be some evidence that a court of law would consider admissible. If that evidence existed, somebody would have presented it. They haven’t, because no real evidence—as distinct from hearsay, opinions, and speculation—actually exists.

      Talk about credulity!

  6. Leftists are dishonest at their core. And they know it; that’s why they’re such defensible, miserable assholes.

    If leftists were honest about their real objectives, they’d never get legally elected in America.

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