Apple plans to open more retail stores, even as online sales accelerate

Germany’s Funke Mediengruppe reported that Apple plans to add to its global retail store presence even as retail outlets in inner cities struggle with the shift to sales online, accelerated by the response to COVID-19.

Deirdre O’Brien is Apple's senior vice president of Retail + People
Deirdre O’Brien is Apple’s senior vice president of Retail + People
Elisabeth Behrmann for Bloomberg News:

The Cupertino, California-based company operates about 500 Apple stores globally, including 100 in Europe. Retail locations offer an opportunity for people to experience new technology, ask questions and attend workshops on Apple’s products, Funke said, citing Deirdre O’Brien, the iPhone maker’s senior vice president of retail and people.

“On our online site people can learn a lot about the products; in a store they can touch them and get a feel for them,” she told Funke. “We intend to add more stores.”

Apple this year announced it would invest about 1 billion euros ($1.2 billion) in Munich to build a center for computer chip design. The company will “undoubtedly” add to this, O’Brien said.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple has many years of retail store grand openings ahead on them!


  1. The Apple stores in Ohio have been closed for over a year to normal humans acting intelligently. They have been open to sheep who make appointments and wear Muslim facial garb and follow Apple’s strict religiously inspired behavior mandates.

      1. Take it up with China broken record A-Hole!

        Disrespectful and miss guided to constantly HAUNT and STALK postS that had NOTHING to do with it.

        All you are good at, certainly NOT THE TRUTH…

        1. The article is about opening Apple stores after the pandemic.

          Kent’s comment was on wearing masks.

          My reply was about wearing masks in Apple stores.

          Your comment was an obscene insult coupled with a complete nonsequitur about China that said nothing about either opening stores or wearing mask.

          Yet you accuse ME of posting material that has nothing to do with the subject.

          Know thyself.

          1. “My reply was about wearing masks in Apple stores.”

            You made two points. Half of it above and NOT what my post was about, not one particle. My post was 100% strictly referring to your second point.

            “Your comment was an obscene insult”

            No, not “obscene” strategically insulting and accurate, fed up with a broken record posted the Covid deaths several times lately.

            “complete nonsequitur about China”

            Including yourself, Democrats and Big LIBERAL Media mocked and laughed at President Trump for over a year repeatedly saying no evidence of a China lab connection.

            Well, low and behold over a year later Biden just ordered a 90-day review China investigation and the media is all in. Fauci even jumped on the bandwagon about the possibility. No surprise, the political science ego, and media prostitute struggling to remain relevant and in CONTROL.

            God help us, Fauci has flip flopped repeatedly and proven more wrong than right as a bureaucrat political scientist working for the blue team, not the American people, his credibility shot. If Trump were president now, he hired him and would indeed, utter the famous words, “you’re fired!”

            The second half of your post was what I was commenting on: “Six hundred thousand Americans aren’t.”

            My post addressed this statement only, not burkas and masks in Ohio Apple stores. Since it did not sink into that thick skull the first time, I will go over it again. I wrote: “Disrespectful and miss guided to constantly HAUNT and STALK posts that had NOTHING to do with it.”

            Since you do not understand, I will have to explain. You have been consistently stalking posts lately that do not toe the pandemic Leftist line tossing in the 600,000 deaths on a whim with no purpose.

            What are you implying, once again you are rarely specific and do not directly state your meaning? Well known Democrat semantic escape hatch tactic, I did not say that one of your favorites.

            Are you implying 600,000 died not because of China lab involvement, but more to blame on President Trump? Or are you just repeating 600,000 over and over lately on your sanctimonious virtue signaling high horse MDN tour?

            The facts: President Trump pulled out all the stops working with various teams to develop three vaccines in less than a year. A remarkable feat by all measure because development typically takes about five years. He will go down in history for the thousands of lives that were potentially saved and handing it off to Biden. What does the arrogant incoming President say, no credit to Trump obviously in small man terms attacks Trump for not acting fast enough. Are you kidding me? Shameful and SMALL.

            Three words, “Project Warp Speed” never once sighted in TxDeflector posts and ZERO credit to the president’s tireless efforts working for the American people. To be expected from a LYING FAKE CONSERVATIVE LEFTIST.

            PWS saved countless lives, far below the 2.2 million originally predicted and we do not need your approval arrogant one, not now, not eve

            Know thyself Leftist preacher…

  2. Long post mostly about China. Still nothing about reopening Apple Stores or mask usage in connection therewith. Therefore still a nonsequitur.

    In what universe is calling someone a “broken record A-Hole” not an obscene insult? I doubt it is a term of endearment you use for your girlfriend.

    I referred to the number of American dead to point out that wearing masks and practicing social distancing as the Apple stores required was a rather good idea during the global pandemic that Kent has been doing his best to deny since January 2020. Failure to do those simple things resulted in at least tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of American deaths. I wasn’t even thinking of it as a criticism of Donald Trump. I think about him as rarely as possible.

    600,000 American dead are not just some irrelevancy that I throw in to make Trump look bad. I do it to remind folks that the pandemic was real. It killed almost 600,000 Americans so far. People continue to die—519 Americans just yesterday. Those deaths are real. The grief of their families and friends is real. The ongoing symptoms suffered by millions of survivors are real. This event is not something that should be swept under the rug as irrelevant.

    You want me to be specific? I’ll be specific. Last time I looked, Taiwan had several thousand of its citizens living 10 kilometers from mainland China. America is 1200 times farther away. We are both on the same planet as Wuhan, so if there was Chinese lab involvement it threatened us both equally. Yet Taiwan has had 137 deaths while Wyoming (to pick a state where Democrats cannot possibly be to blame) had 719 deaths on a population base that is 41 times smaller.

    What is the explanation for that? Clearly, it has nothing to do with the lab in Wuhan. It is that Taiwan handled the threat better than the US did. They employed strong quarantine and contract-tracing measures that America was unable or unwilling to adopt. That kept their caseloads low enough for each patient to receive potentially life-saving treatment from medical professionals who were not overwhelmed.

    One of the major reasons that America did not adopt strong defensive measures early on when the virus was just beginning its geometric growth is that the former President of the United States adopted a public stance that the virus was not something that Americans needed to worry about. There was no need to make sacrifices because the disease would miraculously vanish by Easter 2020. Not only did many foolishly believe him, but they turned faith in that fantasy into a political litmus test. To a large chunk of the population “Real Americans” showed their loyalty to the President by condemning those who did wear masks and avoid crowded indoor spaces as unpatriotic. That attitude killed people. Lots of people.

    Project Warp Speed was a remarkable accomplishment, but there is no reason to give the ex-President sole credit. Any US President would have made it a priority. One who took the virus seriously might have made it a higher priority earlier in the crisis. Similar efforts were going on all over the world. The first vaccine to be approved, the Pfizer/BioNTech product, came from a project that expressly declined to participate in Project Warp Speed. Most of the work was done in Germany, where Donald Trump was not a major influence. He deserves no credit for that.

    1. “Still nothing about reopening Apple Stores or mask usage in connection therewith.”

      My focus for the SECOND TIME is you consistently stalking people and posts that do not share your political views using the deaths of over 600,000 to browbeat those you disagree with.

      But since you are so anal, OK fine. guess you have not read OBJECTIVE news reports lately that study after study NOW reveal masks do not work as promised and were unnecessary in most situations. Even in private e-mails just released Fauci admitted as such. Experts also lied about 6-feet safe distance now 3-feet. The virus is 0.5 microns in size and masks allow 50 microns to pass through. The best analogy was by a PHD from John Hopkins famously compared masks to a chain link fence to stop mosquitoes. Sorry CNN and NYT did not tell you.

      Absolutely no credit to Apple Store lockdowns and Democrat Governors and Democrat mayors that locked down their states and cities and had the highest infection and death rates. Several Republican governors proved the politicians, Fauci and Big Media FALSE NARRATIVE WRONG almost a year ago. Again, sorry CNN and NYT did not tell you.

      “Clearly, it has nothing to do with the lab in Wuhan.” Clearly, you have NO PROOF either way only opinion. If the highly contagious virus was developed in the Wuhan lab, airplane travel easily spread the virus worldwide. It has been reported and verified several strains of SARS virus came directly from China labs for decades. This time around looks like the CCP learned their lesson and locked down the information and lab workers from the rest of the world as a defensive pre-emptive strike. Biden’s 90-day investigation most likely will result in political posturing with no smoking gun wasting MORE taxpayer dollars.

      Let us look at more facts. Several Wuhan lab workers were sick in late 2019, no reason given by the CCP. One Chinese lab worker whistle blower after one day blip in the news was never seen again and same for the sick lab workers. China has denied repeated attempts at explanations and to this day DENY access to the lab and internal communications. Why? Guess they had nothing to do with the virus because we all know the credible reputation of the CCP, right? Fauci believes and defends them repeatedly to cover his own ass.

      Guess you also missed the Fauci 3,000+ e-mails released by Buzzfeed in the last couple days. Several colleagues e-mailed Fauci with warnings and concerns the virus was manipulated by science in early 2020. Fauci response basically blew them off. About the same time Fauci was testifying before Congress and in the media no evidence exists the virus came from a Chinese lab. Also, Fauci denied funding the lab now proven FALSE. Washington Swamp Scum a political bureaucrat embarrassment shamelessly accepting the highest salary in government a career of 54 years. Time to go and another huge waste of taxpayer dollars will be saved.

      You were probably listening to CNN running defense for the false prophet egomaniac Fauci and I quote CNN:

      “He was fielding dozens of questions every day off screen too, answering emails from team members, former colleagues, old friends, reporters, producers, celebrities — and sometimes strangers desperate for advice or looking to leave a note of “thanks.” -CNN

      Democrat Media praise and DEFENSE. Gee, what a surprise!

      Yeah, well President Trump was the most engaged and hardest working president of all time early in the morning to midnight. So, no love for Trump from CNN only daily scorn and mocking for four years, he endured and stood tall from the most relentless coordinated attacks by the media and Democrats in U.S. history. Unlike FAKE Fauci Trump far more truthful and direct minus the partisan politics working for all Americans.

      Objective news NOT Democrat Media defense:

      Trump 2024!..

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