Apple makes progress in supply chain responsibility; releases 2021 progress report

Apple reported progress among its supply chain during a year dominated by a worldwide hodgepodge of responses to COVID-19 as it released a supply chain responsibility report that covers labor, energy, and COVID-19.

Apple Park, Cupertino, California
Apple Park, Cupertino, California

Vlad Savov and Debby Wu for Bloomberg:

The Cupertino, California-based firm said improvements include a reduction in major violations of its code of conduct and no cases of child labor… It did cite several examples of suppliers failing to fulfill their duties and non-compliance with Apple’s working-hours policy.

Over the course of the pandemic-challenged year, Apple conducted 1,121 assessments across 53 countries, covering suppliers and assemblers as well as smelters and refiners. The company interviewed 57,618 workers to confirm their experience matched what management reported and followed up with a majority of them to ensure there was no retaliation. It also did more than 100 assessments without giving prior notice to the supplier…

The most serious violations of Apple’s code of conduct fell to nine instances in 2020, down from 2019’s 17 and a significant improvement on the 48 in 2017. Seven of the most recent cases related to working hours or labor data falsification, one was a wastewater violation and another was an air emission infraction.

MacDailyNews Take: Congratulations, Apple, on continued improvements all along the supply chain! See Apple’s full report here.


  1. Yes, the company that licks the boots of the Chinese Communist Party and which enforces strict thought control via censorship and the worlds most annoying Virtue Signaling CEO, demands behavior improvement from its suppliers. What a total crock of bullshit from the disgusting and degenerate former excellent company – Apple.

      1. Yes, I want Apple to stop abusing the human rights of Americans for free speech and free assembly and freedom to pass laws preventing mentally disturbed men from claiming to be women so they can watch little girls in the public restrooms, when the elected officials vote for such laws. And I want Apple to stop dictating anything to anyone till it stops doing all the communist totalitarian BS its doing to its own country. There.

  2. Could not agree more, Kent. The woke activist CEO needs to go we are seeing Apple deteriorate from the days of innovation and creative products. Instead, we have a CEO paying more attention to the balance sheet, cutting corners on products removing valuable features to make more money while bowing to his Chinese Masters…

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