Vietnam COVID-19 outbreak threatens to disrupt tech supply chain

A rapidly spreading COVID-19 outbreak has left factories operating below capacity in Vietnam’s industrial northern provinces, where suppliers for Apple and other multinational tech firms are located, Reuters reports, citing “industry sources.”

Vietnam COVID-19 outbreak threatens to disrupt tech supply chain

Phuong Nguyen and James Pearson for Reuters:

After successfully containing the new coronavirus for most of last year, Vietnam is now battling an outbreak that is spreading more quickly. More than 3,000 people have been infected in 30 of its 63 cities and provinces since late April. The capital Hanoi, and the southern business hub of Ho Chi Minh City, have shut restaurants and banned public gatherings.

Four business sources said their operations had been affected as some areas have entered lockdown, raising concerns about supply chain disruption.

A source at one Apple supplier said the company had split its workforce over two shifts, describing it as a “temporary solution, for maybe two weeks… Otherwise, the supply chain will be more or less disrupted,” said the source, who requested anonymity because they were not authorised to speak to the media.

On Wednesday, the government said it would gradually reopen four industrial parks that were closed a week earlier because of the latest outbreak. The resumption of production at the industrial parks is part of state efforts to “ensure worker income, attract more investment in industrial parks, and contribute to socio-economic development.”

Hong Sun, Vice Chairman of the Korean Chamber of Business in Vietnam (KORCHAM)… told Reuters, “First-tier suppliers are not yet heavily impacted, but certain factories are slowing-down and suffering from the fourth wave of COVID-19 in Vietnam.”

MacDailyNews Take: According to Vietnamese government data, at least 1.04 million people in the country have had one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, but just 28,529 have been fully vaccinated.


  1. Yesterday I posted that the Taiwan COVID-19 outbreak threatens to disrupt tech supply chain and a few people went berserk with their one-star ratings. Yes, TSMC makes the M1 and A15 here in Taiwan. No, the workers are not vaccinated. Yes, there is a recent ongoing growing outbreak in Taiwan. Headlines in Taiwan from hours ago speculate that about 60% of the population might receive their first of two shots by October. That sounds like… Taiwan COVID-19 outbreak threatens to disrupt tech supply chain. Some camera and camera related components are also made in Taiwan. Start clicking those ‘one stars.’

    1. This virus is not a joke. Dancing on graves is not appropriate for civilized beings. You knew that, of course. You just chose to ignore the important things you were taught in kindergarten about human relations.

      1. The comment had nothing to do with Vietnamese dying and everything to do with science deniers like you.

        And as far as dancing, do you hear that noise? It’s me tap dancing in your head, which is why you felt compelled to reply. Now I’m about to start clogging-

        You claimed it was racist to call it the Wuhan Flu or any association with China.

        You claimed it hadn’t been leaked from a lab.

        You claimed China would be more efficient in controlling it.

        You claimed Texas would be worse off after the mask mandate was lifted.

        You claimed Trump had made the pandemic worse.

        None of these claims could be factually backed up using reason or science, only conjecture and mass hysteria thrown out by media to affect the election (did I use that word right???)

        You have used lies, deception, mockery and woke opinion pressure to make your case.
        I learned each of these are wrong in kindergarten.

        So the joke wasn’t on the Vietnamese who died, it was on you.

        1. On balance, I was right a lot more of the time than you were, including on most of the issues you listed. I won’t bother providing the references, since you don’t pay attention to evidence… or you wouldn’t have spent months denying the danger of the virus in the first place.

          Just as a reminder, the “weak flu” has killed 593,000+ Americans, including 1339 just yesterday. Worldwide, the total is over 3.51 million, and that is a gross undercount for many countries.

          1. On balance?
            You were wrong on every single issue concerning the virus that could be used for political purposes. You don’t HAVE the references.

            Matter of fact, you can’t even prove I denied the danger, because I never did.
            My God, you will make up anything to lie and try to win an argument.

            I live with a Type 1 diabetic. We took every precaution possible whether I thought it helped or not JUST TO BE SAFE!.

            And as another reminder, the ‘weak flu’ has NOT killed as many as claimed, that will also be disproved. It is certainly dangerous, but the false positives carry over onto corpses just as they do living people, so the results were claimed in some cases to be Covid EVEN IF THEY DIED FROM SOMETHING COMPLETELY UNRELATED.

            Maybe if you quit trying to shape what people say into your preconceived notion of them you would learn something. As it is you will bastardize that last statement into some cry for the world to see how heartless I am.

            Your 8th grade arguing skills may sway some, but not me.
            And you’re still a turd…

        2. TowerTone your laundry list of TxUseless claims that all proved FALSE is indeed, memorable and commendable.

          I laughed out loud at his response on balance he got most right. Never specifically mentioning any because he cannot, he is reduced to broad stroke LYING again. When you have no conscience or credibility, it’s simply too easy.

          Anyone that believes his own lies is mentally disturbed. Daily inching closer post by
          post to qualify as a psychopath…

          1. No, I admit when I am wrong. In early 2020, I was afraid that the Trump Administration efforts to minimize the danger from the novel coronavirus might conceivably lead to 50,000 American deaths. It turned out to be twelve times that number.

            So far.

            1. Admit you were wrong? HA!

              Your snarky totally fabricated LIE proves the point, how stupid can you be?

              No amount of LYING on top of LYING, for example the five LIES you previously posted outlined in TowerTone post Friday at 5:11 will not CHANGE FACTS. I remember the posts as well and now you claim you never said those things? Aside from acting like a mocking child you have no credibility.

              And BTW, the forecast in the Big Media for months at the beginning of the pandemic was 2.2 million deaths. President Trump’s remarkable tireless efforts to fast track track three vaccines in RECORD TIME, drum roll please… SAVED thousands of lives.

              Something you will never admit because your hatred for Trump still simmers and he continues to live rent free in your empty head…

            2. The Pfizer vaccine, which was the first to reach the market, was developed in Germany and received no US government funding. No kudos due the Dear Leader there.

              I probably did say that calling the coronavirus the Wuhan Virus was racist, because it was racist. It still is. Nobody ever denied that the first known cases were in Wuhan, but most of the cases had moved elsewhere within a month or so. Continuing to blame the Chinese for current cases was causing massive anti-Asian discrimination in places like San Francisco, where business at even non-Chinese Asian restaurants had cratered before there was a single American case.

              I did not insist that it did not leak from a lab. I said there was no evidence that it had leaked from a lab and that no mainstream scientist believed that it had. Which was true when I said it. There is still no conclusive evidence either way. I was responding to claims that it was created in a lab, not just escaped from it. There is still no substantial evidence of that.

              I probably did say that China would be more successful than the US in controlling the virus because a totalitarian dictatorship can do things that a Western country can’t. That was true. China was already opening back up when the US was shutting down.

              I did claim that Texas would be worse off when it relaxed its mask mandate last year. I was right… cases and deaths rose dramatically. The numbers suggest that the fall in cases slowed after the second relaxation of the mandate, too.

              I think that history will record that hundreds of thousands of US deaths could have been avoided if the Trump Administration had told the public early and often that this was a deadly threat that deserved a committed response. Instead, the President spent the critical early weeks and months promising that it would all go away on its own without anybody being inconvenienced.

            3. The kudos to President Trump working with scientists and business companies to slay onerous government regulations to pave the way for Project Warp Speed. Your HATE for the man TOTALLY BLINDS you to his many remarkable accomplishments. No one needs your approval, Don was the most successful president in his four years arguably of all time…

    1. Yes, long overdue. Cheap profits from fleeing American companies have devastated the USA factories, towns and jobs since NAFTA. Thank you Bill Clinton. Now with Tim Cook on a bright red Chinese leash, Apple censored in China it is more imperative than ever…

          1. Succinct accurate rebuttal. 👍🏻

            TxBrainless is not interested in intellectually discussing complex issues or the truth for that matter. Shallow hit and run misinterpretation specialist with meaningless mocking.

            His deep as a bird bath thinking ALWAYS has the same two mimes: Apologize for clueless Cook, and repeatedly stalk and demonize anyone remotely supporting Republicans, truth, justice and the American way.

            Obviously prickly acute to the slightest criticism of Cook. Manufacturing in Communist China putting all eggs in one basket and CCP censorship is Apple’s biggest problem. Fingers crossed the relationship does not deteriorate in the future as a result of trade or USA-China relations.

            I posted “since NAFTA,” referring to a touchstone tipping point in history. Regional trade at the time, but expanding globally less than 10 years later. Ross Perot was a prophet accurately predicting the consequences beginning with NAFTA and later trade deals with China the “giant sucking sound” of jobs leaving the USA.

            Eight years later, CAFTA was passed and about the same timeframe Cook was out in front approached China to enter into talks. After Apple began manufacturing deals with FoxConn, sadly Chinese workers committed suicide and the NYT won a Pulitzer the last one for bipartisan journalism. Another view:


            “In 2002, when the CAFTA was just started, the bilateral trade volume was US$54.8 billion. By 2014, the bilateral trade volume rose up to US$480.4 billion, increasing 9 times during the 12 years with an annual growth of 20%.”

            The CAFTA trade deal was expanded several times, details here:


            Another infamous tipping point in the history of global trade when the capitalist sharks of many U.S. based Fortune 500 companies, including Apple, pursued China early on to cut slave labor trade deals for maximum profits.

            BTW, on Thursday Biden proclaimed “I am a capitalist” in a press conference. Yeah right, while proposing the largest budget and government spending in U.S. history. No Biden, that’s called government socialism and won’t go into details. Might have to reconsider capitalist moniker though, $174,00 a year Senator salary for 47 years President Biden is now reportedly worth $9 million he just might be right.

            But I don’t think he will forgo the presidential salary for four years, same as President Trump. No, the one thing entrenched swamp politicians are EXPERT pros, enriching themselves and doing little for the working man.

            The president aside, while the balance sheets and profits for many U.S. companies reaped record profits in China delighting Wall St. investors, the reality reaction in small town America was much, much worse. Corporations including Apple could not care less, it’s all about profits.

            Factories closed at record rates, unemployment for laborers and union workers took a nose dive shuttering businesses and devastating towns all across America. Biden closing the Keystone pipeline on Day One of his presidency shuttered 10,000 high paying jobs and the same ripple effect of small towns job loss and businesses in peril. Workers in high paying jobs suddenly thrust out of work with the stroke of a pen and still struggling to adapt and survive.

            The stunning irony is Biden cut an unapologetic deal with Russia and socialist Germany to open a pipeline thumbing his nose at American energy. That is not Russian collusion, that is outright clear cut cause and effect out in the open, same as his bold threat to Ukraine, you want the money then fire the prosecutor investigating my son. The Big Media both times… CRICKETS : : : : :

            President Trump astutely tapped into this nationwide pain and angst to win the presidency and always fought for the American worker. The policies Trump enacted ignited the economy on fire like we have never seen and we are already experiencing in a few short months, Biden in full reversal of prosperity prices up across the board.

            Personal story illustrating my point regarding NAFTA. For years owned a summer home in the lower Catskills north of Hancock, NY. Once proud and prosperous small town America “The Gateway to the Catskills.” The local factory and by far the largest employer closed moving to Mexico during the late 1990s. Present day the town is struggling to survive, many businesses permanently closed and the small town is just not the same and prosperous as I remember it before NAFTA. Half ghost town and half simply carrying on.

            Bottom line: Biden and elitist arrogant Democrats are fixing practically ZERO problems with trillions spent, since The Great Society, they are experts at mouthing idealistic happy talk media words and press releases. At the end of the day, next to NOTHING tangible for the American worker out of a good paying job. But certified experts putting more on welfare and benefits to illegals crossing the border. Increase the voter rolls come next election is mostly what counts to the woke Democrats in power, as well as wasting trillions on their supporters, unions and useless initiatives. Democrats are champions of government largess and waste while they — FIX NOTHING…

            1. What you describe is the closing of inefficient aging industrial plants in small towns in favor of modern efficient factories elsewhere. That isn’t Clinton or Biden’s fault. That is how capitalism works. If you want to subsidize those little factories with government funds, effectively putting the means of production under the control of the state, you can certainly do so. We call that socialism.

              Unfortunately, most Americans are never exposed to the history of economic theory. The American Republic was build largely on the economic and political thought of men like Adam Smith who believed in free trade and the specialization of labor as guarantees for broad-based wealth and political freedom. Their opponents, exemplified by the Lord North Government in Great Britain, believed in mercantilism, tight government control over markets to control prices and promote narrow national and class interests in what was seen to be a zero-sum game.

              Most of us, including almost all Republicans until the last five years, thought that the debate over free trade versus mercantilism was settled a century or two back. Apparently not.

            2. The Democrat apologist is backing Clinton who not only was the most disgraceful sexual predator president LIAR of all time, disbarred, and paid off plaintiffs to escape conviction and jail.

              By Clinton passing NAFTA the “giant sucking sound” of jobs began in the USA as well as factories relocating or shutting down. Thank you Bill Clinton.

              But in TxDeflector pea brain mindset he npw claims all factories were just old and would close anyway and NAFTA had nothing to do with it.

              Bald faced LIAR and Democrat apologist with ZERO FACTS. He actually believes his own opinions will change history and reality just by saying so. What an arrogant a-hole.

              Notice ZERO empathy not one atomic particle for millions that lost jobs and thousands of factories shuttered across America for decades because of incompetent Democrat policies. No disagreement with Hancock, N.Y. Just how old was the factory and name the business. Whenever you are ready.

              TxDeflector did not answer my post directly point by point, because he cannot dispute facts or excuse them away.

              Bottom Line: No amount of Democrat cheerleading, mercantile deflections and lies will change the facts in my post.

              TxDeflector had no choice but to ignore them all spreading more Democrat INCOMPETENCY…

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