New MacBook Pros said to be revealed at WWDC next month

On the heels of a Bloomberg News report last week that new Apple Silicon-powered MacBook Pros could come as soon as this summer, prolific leaker Jon Prosser has said that new MacBook Pros are coming at WWDC.

New MacBook Pros said to be revealed at WWDC next month
Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1 delivers game-changing performance and the longest battery life ever on a Mac.

Chance Miller for 9to5Mac:

Apple’s next MacBook Pro update is expected to bring a new design, Apple Silicon inside, and perhaps upgraded mini-LED display technology. The new design is said to be flatter, similar to the iPad Pro, and will reportedly be available in 14-inch and 16-inch display sizes. The “MacBook Pro” logo beneath the display is also rumored to be removed, while ports such as HDMI and MagSafe are expected to return alongside an SD card slot.

The Apple Silicon chip inside is likely to be something similar to the “M1X,” with Bloomberg reporting that it will feature a 10-core design with eight high-performance cores and two high-efficiency cores. Apple will offer two variations of the chip, one with 16 GPU cores and another with 32 GPU cores.

MacDailyNews Take: These new MBP units will kick all other portable computers’ asses, not only in design and operating system, but now also in performance.


  1. I must see the performance of the the MacBook Pro with 32 GPU cores. It must be wicked. I would only require the model with 16 GPU cores but it’s nice to know Apple is pushing the limits of the M1 processor. I know some tech-heads are going to be whining about how you can’t upgrade any component in the MacBook Pros, but I personally don’t care. I’ll buy what I need at the time and live with it. I’m still using a 2015 i7 MacBook Pro and am very happy with it. Absolutely no regrets or problems with it. If I purchase the coming M1X MacBook Pro, I doubt I’ll need another laptop for the next five to seven years.

      1. Yes, M7 well known Apple fanboy routinely making excuses for their shortcomings. Removing ports and locking down the computer from future upgrades one of Cook’s worst mistakes, for no good reason took AWAY upgrade options users enjoyed for decades. More profits tone deaf Cook, Steve’s worst mistake…

        1. Yes, GoeB,you are a well known anti Apple troll(see how that works?).
          Here’s a rumor/likelihood/hope before WWDC on what may be announced for the new MBPm1x. Yet you and the other come here to take time to post I hate Apple and swipe at others excited about the product announcement. Trust me, you’re not on solid ground calling anyone out on being overzealous.

          1. No SysRem21 fanboy, I have been an Apple owner since 1982 and praise them when they deserve it and condemn when I feel they deserve it. Folks can agree or disagree, the American Way.

            “Here’s a rumor/likelihood/hope before WWDC on what may be announced for the new MBPm1x.”

            Yes, I agree with you. But what you missed is my post never indicated what is going to happen with MBPm1. There’s that. Mag7 is not “overzealous” and neither I am, simply calling out his repeated M.O. whatever Apple dishes out he’ll gladly take and love it is not the right message. There’s that on top.

            I expect, more accurately fingers crossed, Apple to return to past practices and bring back more ports and more upgradability. But I also pointed out Cook’s M.O. my main reason I believe he is Steve’s worst mistake. We have seen too many times when Cook has to decide and choose between features for customers or eliminating them and making more profit, we all the ANSWER.

            Fanboys don’t like it, but certainly understand truth hurts…

  2. No, over-opinionated would’ve been calling him an arrogant, insulting prick. I think it’s absolutely fine that he doesn’t care about shortcomings in Apple’s products, but there’s no need to insult those who do care. As for whining, you’re doing it too.

    1. Then you should buy an x86 based with Windows and save a hundred or two or three. Your problem is solved.

      Apple puts out limited versions of each product to maintain a tighter engineering loop that produces best user experience eco. This is not new thinking by Apple is it?
      Apple could easily make the gamut of models from cheap model to ultra expensive model with 50 models in between. They can scoop up the cash by being just like everyone else. AND! Make you happy in the process by charging just what everyone else charges for their ‘just what everyone else does’ product.
      No thanks…

      1. You have just outed yourself as an EXTREME Apple FANBOY. Someone with a legitimate complaint, is immediately dissed and discarded go and buy Windows. You don’t want to hear constructive criticism of Apple because you are too IMMATURE to handle REALITY…

    2. Perfectly well said Yogesh Khetani Patel. Not only getting more expensive but as I pointed out, removing valuable features at the same time.

      Classic example that makes the point: New iPhones come in smaller packaging (less cost for materials, more profit). New iPhones come without power adapter (less cost for materials, more profit). New iPhones come without EarPods (less cost for materials, more profit).


      On Apple’s website: “As part of our efforts to reach our environmental goals, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max do not include…”

      LEFTIST TRANSLATION: As part of our efforts selling our most popular product, less costs for us MAXIMIZES profits for Apple.

      Under Cook we have seen the same drill happening with other products as I pointed out in other posts. Lying about what’s really going on while wrapping it in a green mission statement is shamefully DISHONEST…

      1. Have you been to a 5 & 10 Cent store recently? Have you been to the movies for a quarter? How about a 35-cent pack of cigarettes? When costs go up, so do prices.

        1. What a lame deflection and totally off base. Once again you have a reading comprehension problem. My post is about iPhones, laptops and then removing EarPods, chargers, ports, etc. and charging the same. You don’t pay MORE for LESS. But you are too busy apologizing for Cook to understand…

          1. When costs go up, vendors have two choices: they can charge more for the same thing, or they can charge the same for less. Candy bars either get smaller or the price goes up. IPhones either include fewer accessories or the price goes up. That’s simple economics. Too simple for simple minds, apparently.

  3. I’m not the only one, but new M-something high-end MBPs @ WWDC is what I’ve been predicting since April. Hope we’re all right! It seems to make sense in terms of the M-series roll out 6 mos. after the M1 debut. I suspect we’ll see at least 32GB RAM options on those, if not 64.

    I did not see the high-end Mac mini this soon. I figured it’s simply not a large enough piece of the Apple revenue pie. I will stand corrected if that gets announced next month.

    What I still think would make sense, is to announce or drop major hints about a (hopefully) modular, stackable, MacPro.

    Imagine people in the film and music industry with lavish budgets building whatever monster machine they desire for tens of thou$ands! I trust that someone at Apple at least has the vision to consider something that could be relatively limitless in terms of expansion for the pros.

    Selfishly, I really do hope the high-end 30″ iMacs get announced in the Fall. I’m ready to move on from my late 2014 Mac mini that beach balls for some reason every 5 minutes, as well as eliminating some cord clutter.

    That’s as much as my finger-smudged crystal ball is worth today.

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