Apple CEO Tim Cook testifies in Epic Games trial

Apple CEO Tim Cook is the third senior-level executive to testifies in the ongoing trial with Epic Games. Following testimonies from Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi, Cook took the stand on Friday.

Epic Games' Fortnite violated Apple's App Store guidelines
Epic Games’ Fortnite violated Apple’s App Store guidelines

Chance Miller for 9to5Mac:

Cook has been sworn in and is recapping his role at Apple, his education, and his career before joining Apple

Apple’s counsel Veronica S. Moye of Gibson Dunn is examining Cook

“In the case of the App Store, we review every app that goes on the store. There can be malicious things that occur, things that vacuum up people’s data, malware, the list is pretty long.”

Cook recapping what Apple does to protect user privacy: Intelligent Tracking Prevention, App Tracking Transparency, App Store nutrition labels

MacDailyNews Take: Tons more in the full blog of Cook’s courtroom appearance is in the recommended full article.


  1. I don’t understand how this lawsuit was allowed to go forward in the first place. For all intents and purposes, Apple invented THE APP STORE, and they’ve set rules and procedures and options that vendor developers must comply with to continue having access to their store and to benefit from it. It’s called free enterprise: “It’s our company, our app store and if you want to play in it then you have to abide by our system. Otherwise go fcuk yourselves. It’s as simple as that.” … that’s the way business works. Epic is totally out of line and needs to go fcuk itself. Apple should ban Epic from the Apple App Store FOREVER for their stupidity, arrogance and general assholeishness. Then see how Epic enjoys making do with just Google and Windows from now on. NO law court or judge can tell a company how to run its business if it’s not breaking the law. Apple wants 30% of app sales and it probably breaks even after expenses for the staffs to screen all of the apps and discard 40% of them for non-compliance, and to ensure a TRUSTWORTHY and beautiful app review and selection environment. Hey Epic, go fcuk yourself!

    1. Agree that its an open and shut contract law case. Epic has not demonstrated a monopoly or abuse of power by any measure. They have failed to show any evidence or relevant information to their claims in bringing this suit. The questions from the judge today are just faceplalm.png as they are completely out of touch with reality. Its like they have no understanding of the business world or digital infrastructure. Hard to see Apple losing this when there’s been no valid legal argument put forth for epic breaking a contractual obligation.

    2. “It’s called free enterprise”

      I was going to leave your pathetic diatribe of lies and exaggerations alone, but “free enterprise” in this case is store competition for the same goods. Where else can iOS apps be bought?

      Please don’t answer, it only perpetuates the stupid.

        1. I don’t think anyone’s asking to force Apple to distribute their own in-house iOS Apps at 3rd party iOS App Stores. They are asking for 3rd party App Stores to distribute other developer’s iOS Apps including those that Apple refuses to carry in their own App Store.

            1. If AppleSpazniz had a comedic bone is his body, he’d say… turn it up!

              Sadly he’s just a hate-filled, cheese eating Windows 11 surrender monkey.

      1. Well you are an idiot, eh, AppleSpazzznic!

        iOS apps can be bought on the Mac App Store. M1 Macs can run iOS apps.

        Of course you will say this doesn’t count, but that’s only because you’re a count with a silent o.

          1. Thank god it’s not you, AppleScummic. But there is more than one place to run iOS apps, and more than one place to buy them. So take that, you negative little chit

        1. AppleSpazniz is the kind of guy that wants to be the first person to land on the sun.

          When it’s pointed out that landing there might be difficult, the Spaznoid summons up his few remaining brain cells to inform the world:

          “It’s ok, I’ve thought of that one already and have a solution. I’m only going to land at night!”.

          AppleCynchit. When you need a solution to a problem you didn’t know you had and isn’t a problem, AC is there to turn up the heat on why both having a brain – and using it – is important.

  2. Apple should just …
    1. Close down the App Store…..
    2. Buy Apps from developers for a whole sale price….negotiated as any other stock item in a brick and mortar shop
    3. Mark them up by 40%….
    4. Sell them as advertised by Apple in a different store as stock.
    5. Stock only those Apps that APPLE prefers.

    1. That would work. They would own what they sell. They would at least own the Apps. There would be not third party Appa. Currently they don’t own the Apps or the devices, just the store.

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    1. Because it is easier and safer to tell everyone in an indoor group setting to wear a mask than to try determining who’s vaccinated and who is not, and because we still aren’t 100% sure whether people who are vaccinated can develop an asymptomatic case that can infect someone who is unvaccinated and vulnerable. As always, the mask protects others more than it protects the wearer.

      1. Actually, liberals are now wearing masks as proof they aren’t a conservative. It’s a face-badge of allegiance, for some, that has nothing to do with health & safety.

        1. And I suppose that conservatives are refusing to wear masks to prove they aren’t a liberal. Hope that Biden doesn’t get involved in an anti-suicide campaign.

      2. “Because it is easier and safer…to wear a mask.”

        Once again, TxUser is promoting myths.
        It is NOT safer to wear a mask. Why are you lefties so anti-science and always spewing falsehoods?
        Masks do not protect against viruses. That was the CDC position before COVID.
        The CDC unscientifically did an about face during COVID.

        1. Astronomers “unscientifically” did an about face after Copernicus. Surgeons “unscientifically” did an about face after Lister. Science is about revising theories to follow the data, not ignoring the data to maintain consistency.

          If you want to ignore the data and increase your own medical risks, that’s on you, but you do not have the right to threaten other people. Indeed, you have a moral duty to avoid that.

          1. So, when Liberals claim “the science is settled” they are meaning for political purposes (I guess) because ANYONE knows science is seldom settled, as YOU just pointed out.

            But then again, the left lobs ‘science’ like Hamas lobs missiles, which is when they are backed into a corner by their own stupidity and after yelling ‘Racism!!’ in a crowded newsroom fails to stampede the media…

            1. Your implication was that since “science is seldom settled,” we should not rely on a current scientific consensus because it might change in the future. Just because every study conducted in the last year shows lower virus infection transmission by people who were wearing masks than by those who were not, we should ignore those findings and go maskless because some hypothetical future study might say otherwise.

              That is the same crazy argument for why we should ignore the majority of climate scientists since the 1890s because “science is seldom settled,” so some future study might disprove everything we have learned about carbon dioxide over the last century-and-a-quarter.

              The war on science is part of a wider war on truth. Conservatives used to dismiss postmodernism as liberal claptrap. Now they have wholeheartedly embraced the central postmodern tenet that there is no such thing as universal objective truth, but only ideologically dictated alternative truths. Those who have political power have the right to dictate their truth to those who lack power.

              So, election contests should not be decided by objective facts proven by reliable evidence, but by who has the political power to push their candidate into power. Here in Texas, history and social science are no longer to be based on what research shows to be true, but on what the Republican majority of the Legislature wishes to be true.

              My guess is that we are headed for the day that the value of Pi will become controversial. After all, the Bible says that the pool in Solomon’s Temple was ten cubits in diameter and thirty cubits in circumference, so teaching that Pi is anything other than 3.0 violates somebody’s religious freedom. That’s no crazier than forcing teachers to present alternative theories of the Civil War that ignore racism.

            2. As usual when can’t understand what is written, your knee-jerk is to look PAST that and make what is in your mind an eloquent argument when in reality it is a waste of time and energy because it has nothing to do with the subject.

              If you want to argue that Republicans are against science then good luck.
              You have gotten most of your info from the media, Democrats and FaceBook.
              How scientific.

              Meanwhile you cohorts are declaring math is racist.

              That it is impossible (inconvenient) to know when life begins.

              Partial information on a subject can be construed as “settled” negating any need for further analysis unless it fits the agenda.

              I have never said wearing a mask is bad, nor have I argued that it works.
              But you will argue about it as if you KNOW it saves lives.

              The CDC gave 6′ as the distance needed for safety even though the W.H.O. said 3′ yet the CDC didn’t feel people would heed three feet, so don’t tell me they aren’t capable of feeding disinformation, just like they did about mask at first because they didn’t want a panic when there weren’t enough mask. And your ‘every mask study’ line is bullshit. That is dependent on the TYPE of mask.

              The CDC has also given bad or false information about the cause of the virus when the truth was known over a year ago but now with Biden in they have all of a sudden discovered the truth.

              I spent 20 years working in the field of RF using science to constantly figure out issues and solutions along with several hundred other people I worked with in our company and many more, from contractors to sales and even the competition yet many if not most were on the Conservative side. I never met one person who claimed Jesus would fix something if we just prayed.

              You on the other hand claim to have been in law, yet you never miss a chance to stab a cop in the back, ignore a basic law that interfered with your agenda or ignore overwhelming evidence to an issue that may ‘blow your case’.

              Your motivation and thought process are always purely political, go for the win and damn the truth.

              You are a disgusting individual with every attribute that polarizes all issues into becoming an emotional rather than rational discussion. And your factless, feckless, fraudulent (plus boring) monologs are a joke, but the biggest laugh of all is someone who ignores any and all inconvenient facts lecturing someone like me who had to deal with the reality of science daily.

              I still think you are Chinese pawn, a turd and a fool.

  4. Tim Cook is a traitor to humans. He pretends to support rights while literally making $billions off of slave labor. He works hand-in-hand with communists to thwart people seeking freedom and enable communist China to undermine the United States.

    Everyone who supports human rights and freedom should be calling for the ouster of Tim Cook.
    I am.

    How Apple, Tim Cook give into China while pushing back against the US

  5. The quality of ideocracy has really improved on this site over the las 20 years or so.

    Apple can do what they want with there ‘walled garden’ and they should. I for one am grateful for Apples approach to app and Ios development, However they are lagging behind in some areas in IOs and I think these are more important. Third party app devs and house make big profit and all this is advertising for Epic’s mediocre, if popular games. Get a rep, pick a fight with the biggest guy in the playground.

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