Bill Gates and Melinda Gates to divorce after 27 years

Bill Gates, co-founder and former CEO of Microsoft, famous for, at one time, becoming the world’s richest person by creating an insecure, upside-down and backwards Mac OS wannabe, said in a tweet on Monday that he and his wife, Melinda Gates, will be getting a divorce after 27 years of marriage.

Bill and Melinda Gates (Photo: Getty Images)
Bill and Melinda Gates (Photo: Getty Images)

Jordan Novet for CNBC:

Last year Bill Gates stepped down from Microsoft’s board as the coronavirus became a force around the world. He began spending more time on the nonprofit Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation alongside Melinda Gates. The two are co-chairs and trustees of the foundation, which launched in 2000.

Bill and Melinda Gates met at Microsoft. She had been a marketing manager at the software company.

MacDailyNews Note: The old thief’s tweet:


    1. Karma comes to bite Bill in the balls. He has been an evil fsck for most of his life. Windows is the software used in Hell. Bill Gates – the Gates of Hell is where he’s headed.

  1. You just couldn’t help yourself make a factually incorrect childish note MDN but old habbits die hard ye ol’ twit.
    You might as just say that Apple/Steve Jobs steels as well but you and your fanboys are in denial about that so lets just button thy mouth up now shall we eh!

    1. Holy Poop – what the hell are you talking about. Are you suggest that one trick pony (Gates) can be compared to Jobs – you don’t have to be an Apple fanboy to see how goofy that is. Jobs was a visionary – Gates was a lucky thief who was at the right time at the right place.
      I will concede that he has done remarkably well with the Gates foundation and he should be honestly and earnestly praised for the amazing good he has done with his ill-gotten gains.

      1. Done remarkably good ? Foundations are how the ultra rich avoid taxes and consolidate power. Check out how so many of his investments work hand and hand with his foundation’s priorities.

        And the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation doesn’t just spend its own money. As much as 40 percent of a foundation’s assets represent funds that otherwise would have been collected by governments as income and estate taxes. Ray Madoff, a law professor at Boston College, explained this misconception in comments to the Nation.

        People often confuse what wealthy people are doing on their own dime and what [they’re] doing on our dime, and that’s one of the big problems about this debate. It’s the rich person’s money [to spend as they wish]. But when they get significant tax benefits, it’s also our money. And so that’s why we need to have rules about how they spend our money.

        Foundations can invest their assets with little oversight, and they can utilize these same companies to implement their charitable purpose. From Gates’s position, investment strategy and philanthropic investments are part of an integrated effort to maximize the benefit of their resources. But it leads to the potential for a disturbing conflict of interest.

        The Foundation’s funds have been well invested. According to the Nation, it has earned “$28.5 billion in investment income over the last five years. During the same period, the foundation has given away only $23.5 billion in charitable grants.”

        I don’t mean to be hating on bill but he is not actually giving power away but instead growing his power and influence in the name of causes he supports.

        Like if I started a foundation to give away Mac computers buy then invested in Apple stock tax free, grew my foundations overall wealth and started influencing social policy that directly effected my foundations interest.

        Ultra rich aren’t dumb. The “foundation” is a great way to secure your interest, grow power and avoid taxes and gain a social halo

    2. Dear “Feather”

      Perhaps you chose your moniker after having been called that a few hundred times by your smarter colleagues as they struggled to find the correct word to describe your intellect and your lack of knowledge of the history of things you choose to write about. Here’s the reality, although the first line contains a joke—so don’t get confused (again).

      Melinda likely heard Bill crying in his sleep begging Steve Jobs for forgiveness …for having copied everything from Apple and rushing them to market half-baked. The first Windows user interface was a software kluge of the Mac operating system which Steve demonstrated around 1984 to Bill about 12 months prior to the scheduled Mac release announcements. Bill promised to wait a year before he would use the information. When the Mac was delayed for hardware supply issues, it was suddenly beaten to market by Bill’s clunky Windows product but he was able to sell millions to businesses and governments and established an enduring foothold and “gotcha” licensing/ subscriptions scheme.

      The Mac was released 3-5 months later but Apple had to attempt to jump-start sales to a global audience who already were contractually tied up by Bill. They had been competitors/friends up to that point. Many years later Steve softened his bitterness regarding the betrayal and appeared on stage with Bill on TV as they engaged in pleasant banter about the history of, and the competition between, the two companies. Steve was pretty magnanimous to have done so.

      Years later when Eric Schmidt (whom Steve had allowed to become a member of Apple;s board, as a “friend” and fellow co-founder of a mega tech company) stole all the iPhone tech and ideas he gained from his insider info on the board and rushed his inferior phone to market to compete with Apple’s, Steve used the phrase “thermonuclear war” to describe how he would react to this newest Judas.

      Sorry this is so long; but it is accurate.

      1. Both Steve and Bill actually got the idea from Xerox. Bill developed things differently and it was ruled in court the Steve was talking rubbish.

        Bill Gates genius reply to Steve Jobs accusing him of stealing…”I think it’s more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox and i broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out you had already stolen it!”

        C – You believe in rumours and myth, i believe in reality and so did the court ruling. Steve Jobs anger was baseless but the anger carries on with the fanboy jealousy but you can’t change history!

    1. Depopulation is not good to you now? Did you recently switch your tune?

      You won’t ever admit it but building border walls and slashing immigration also ensures population decline for a nation with falling birthrate and lagging health. The ultra rich sold you the dream of MAGA without you even realizing it’s just a different means to the same end that “lib” billionaires fund.

      The main difference, besides the fact Great Walls have always bankrupted the nations that attempted to maintain them, is where population growth could be halted first. Gates pushes for reducing birth rate in 3rd world, which would reduce immigration pressure. Same end goal, working at the opposite end of the problem.

      The MDNMAGA crew that can’t get along with anyone also wants fewer neighbors inside the castle walls. Fewer plebeians so the oligarchs can pocket more. Lower population density is more freedom. Right?

      A reasonable person would admit that militarization of borders is a very inefficient way to be a steward of creation. Multilateral diplomacy leading the majority of peace loving allies is the only way. Keeping the planet clean and maintaining a global zero population growth plan can also help prevent the next major resource war, or WW3, or mass refugee migrations.

      If you want to be Great Again, then don’t go saber rattling against a country that supplies almost all your microchips, consumer goods, rare earth metals, etc and has a population 4 times as great as you. And stop broadcasting your consumerist culture to every corner of the planet as if earth can persist when covered with disposable plastic junk you love so much.

      1. Walls to keep people in seldom work.
        Walls to keep people out have worked for thousands of years.
        Two completely different scenarios and needs.
        Only a total fucking idiot would conflate the two.

        Our populations is growing even without the illegals.
        The rate has slowed, that’s all. It isn’t declining (yet).
        Only a total fucking idiot would confuse the two.

        Wait, the more I read the next two paragraphs the more I am convinced you are just kidding.
        No adult is that fucking stupid….

        1. Tower Tone, I think he’s more correct than you think you are.

          Walls to keep people out have never worked. Not 2000 years ago, not now. Name one.

          The US census shows that natural population increases (births – deaths) has slowed to less than a million per year in a nation of 330 million people. That is about a 0.3% growth rate.

          What’s more important than the absolute number is the trend, which thanks largely to economics and aging population indeed means the growth rate will continue to drop as it has been for years.

          If the USA wants to be a relevant economic powerhouse in the future, increasing the flow of immigrants (and assimilation) are probably the best answer.

          Otherwise we won’t have younger workers to take care of the elderly and we’d bankrupt ourselves trying to build impenetrable walls. Also, don’t fool yourself into thinking US born workers are better or more productive than immigrants. It’s all a matter of training and leadership.

    1. Yep, despite the “freedom” ahead for both, neither will be w/o some sort of weight because of the change. Kids, regardless of being adults, will have struggles of their own.

  2. For those wives of mega-rich men, there comes a time to prefer grabbing mega DLRS than putting up with old, used, tired and cantankerous males, spending the rest of their life in pool of money and possibly younger men. Well, that’s too much but there might be a truth in it somewhere. But I do admire Bill/Melinda Gates Foundation (or whatever it is called) for what they have done to better the world (rather than popping out on every little SJW standing). Hope it will continue regardless. Job well done in many ways and time for comfortable resting in their own ways.

    1. Yeah, ahh, no…The Gates Fdtn supports the great thinking of Equitable Math that believes right-answering in math is likely racist. Those correct answers simply have white supremacist underpinnings.

      Besides that, I’ve yet to warm to the sun-dimming program Bill’s dreaming up.

  3. Could people start putting an (D) or (R) in the post title so I can rate without reading what you write. The long post are so much work and COD mobile can’t wait

  4. What if Gates and Bezios conspired to divorce their spouses but only to protect 50% of their combined assets from the law should they be convicted for one reason or another?

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