MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ special event

Apple CEO Tim Cook and a team of Apple executives will host the company’s Apple’s “Spring Loaded” special event today, Tuesday, April 20th, at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT.

Apple Park in Cupertino, California
Apple Park in Cupertino, California

The event will be held on the Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California.

You can watch the event live right here:

MacDailyNews will offer live notes during Apple’s event on this page. We’ll see you here just before 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT!

Live notes from Apple’s “Spring Loaded” special event in reverse chronological order:

• End of event.
• Cook thanks viewers for watching the “Spring Loaded” event.
• Cook recaps today’s announcements

• AAPL: $133.16, -$1.68 (-1.25%) @ 1:59PM EDT

• iPad Pro commercial being played
• Order April 30th, available in 2H May
• 12.9-inch iPad Pro: starts at $1099
• 11-inch iPad Pro starts at $799
• iPad Pro is built to Apple’s high standard for environmental renewability
• iPad Pro promotional video being played
• HDR-10, HLG, and Dolby Vision support
• HDR content is more true-to-life ever
• Heidi Delgado: iPad Pro 12.9-inch’s display is Mini-LED (over 10,000 LEDs that deliver XDR brightness) (vs. 72 LEDs in previous gen. iPad Pro).
iPad Pro 12.9-inch gets Liquid Retina XDR Display with Pro Display XDR performance
• New iPad Pro gets all-new ultra-wide camera designed just for iPad: CenterStage (as you move around, the camera automatically pans and zooms to include other people)
• Portrait selfies on from TrueDepth camera system
• New version of Apple’s Clips uses the LiDar scanner for amazing effects
• iPad Pro gets a Pro camera system
• mWave 5G supported in the U.S.
• iPad Pro gets 5G cellular connectivity
• Attach external diplays, external storage
• USB-C port/ Thunderbolt (USB-4 support): 4X more bandwidth
• Up to 2X faster storage, up to 2TB internal storage
• All-day battery life
• New iPad Pro is the fastest device of its kind
• Four speakers, ProMotion display
• M1 8-cor GPU delivers over 40% faster graphics vs. previous generation iPad Pro
• 50% performance jump over previous generation iPad Pro
• 8-core M1 CPU
Apple unveils the M1 iPad Pro
• M1 video shows Mission Impossible-esque break-in to Apple Park by Tim Cook to place the M1 chip into iPad Pro

• Order on April 30th, available in second half of May
• Starts at $1299 in four colors, $1499 in seven colors
• iMac i built to Apple’s high standard for environmental renewability
• iMac promotional video bening played
• New Magic Trackpad to match the new iMac
• Touch ID on new Magic Keyboard works with Fast User Switching
• New Magic Keyboard with new keys and Touch ID
• iMac connectivity: Up to 4 USB-C and 2 Thunderbolt) supports up to 6K display, new power connector, Ethernet plugs right into the power brick
• Runs iPhone and iPad apps natively
• 3X faster machine learning
• Up to 2X faster than previous iMac models
• Up to 85% faster CPU than 21.5-inch iMac model
• iMac starts almost instantly, apps spring to life with immediacy
• Best sound system ever in a Mac
• iMac speakers: Incredible bass response with high performance tweeter – 6 speaker system with spatial audio (Dolby Atmos)
• Best mic system ever in a Mac
• Studio quality 3-microphone array (beam-forming)
• Best camera ever in a Mac
• New iMac now has a 1080p FaceTime Camera with a larger sensor, uses Apple’s M1 ISP (over a trillion operations per second)
• Camera, mics, and speakers taken to a whole new level
• 24-inch display: 4.5K Retina TrueTone display
• Two very small fans included in thin new iMac (case volume reduced by over 50% from previous model)
• Apple” Old Intel processor was “power hungry”
• All-new iMac design, thanks to Apple’s M1
• Aluminum enclosure
• It comes in colors (seven color options in all)
• Apple unveils the M1 iMac
• John Ternus: Apple Silicon native apps continue to be released
• M1 Macs now represent to majority of Mac sales
• Apple’s Mac business has never been stronger
• Cook: M1 delivers incredible, breakthrough performance
• Cook: Now let’s talk about the Mac

• $179 for 32GB, $199 for 64GB, order on April 30th, available in 2H May
• Completely redesigned Siri Remote with brand new Click Pad, jog control, power button controls your TV’s power
• Much more accurate color; results can be dramatic
• New color balance feature, Apple TV 4K will work with your iPhone to calibrate your TV displays
• HDR in high framerate (great for action, sports, etc.)
• Apple TV 4K now built with Apple’s A12 Bionic
• Cindy Lin: Apple TV 4K

• Ted Lasso returns this July
• Cook plays Apple TV+ trailer: Sneak peek at the next season of the incredibly popular Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso
• Cook: Let’s talk about Apple TV

• AirTag available to order this Friday, available April 30th: $29 each or $99 for four-pack
• Privacy is built-in
• Every can participate without sharing location
• Precision Finding: Any iPhone with a U1 chip works with AirTag
• AirTag has accessories, keychains, tags
• Apple introduces AirTag
• Carolyn Wolfman-Estrada: “Find My” service is available on over 1 billion devices worldwide

• iPhone 12 now comes in purple for spring – available April 30th
• iPhone 12 is the most popular smartphone in the world

• Apple Podcasts subscriptions allow user to unlock new content, ad-free, and more – launches next month
• Apple Podcasts app is newly designed today

• Apple Card family will allow kids over 13 to use Apple Card
• Today, Apple Card will allow spouses and partners to share and merge credit lines and build credit equally
• Apple Card is the most successful credit card launch ever

• Cook: Apple’s goal is to remove more than 1 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere each year
• Cook: Apple will be 100% carbon neutral by 2023
• Apple CEO Tim Cook begins event

• Pre-event music an danimation begins

• AAPL: $133.32, -$1.52 (-1.13%) @ 12:45PM EDT
• AAPL: $133.37, -$1.47 (-1.09%) @ 12:12PM EDT
• Awaiting start of the event


  1. The Air Tag video with the guy disappearing into his couch put a smile on my face. I’m Air Tagging everything from my wallet to my dog. I often joke that Apple could do more with “couch change” than most companies could do if they sold everything.

    1. White American men are part of Apple’s customer base, but they aren’t the majority of the customer base. The company earns 59% of its revenue outside the United States. Within this country, it is marketing to a population that is half female, half under 35, and almost half nonwhite.

        1. By the time your prediction plays out, you will have been reincarnated as a Black gay man, oblivious as to your racist homophobic past life; You will be happily embracing a Black gay man (perhaps a reincarnated “theloniousmac”), smothering him with kisses, fantasizing that you are in Black gay Heaven presided by Black gay Jesus.
          In the meantime, buy that purple iMac to ease yourself into that lifestyle to lessen the possible initial shock of expiating your sin via that reincarnation.

  2. Yeah, I watched the whole thing a always.
    While other corporations greenwash such as Chevron that touts green even while it pollutes my water and soil, Apple is the only major world-wide corporation that is actually doing green stuff for real.
    All of the presenters are distant from the camera; engulfed by and lost within the stage. They appear exclusive and psychologically remote as if they are stuck up but with a smile, some forced and fake.
    Apple over-engineered everyone’s voices to make them sound as if they are speaking through drywall. I think it cut out the lower frequencies.
    Cook is not a natural performer. He knows it and we know it. But he’s a trooper. His gesticulations are awkward and his emphatic thigh thrust emphasizes it. Someone aught to compile all of his hand gestures into a clip. It would be funny.
    I am interested only in AirTags — I can perhaps put one into my bike frame — and the handsome look of the iMac but its small size is not for me. I’ll wait for a larger size.
    Apple is finally not lying about the iMac’s thinness whereas, in previous iMacs, it was doing stage magic by tapering the edge to a point, saying it was thin, while the middle was as pregnant as a pig’s belly.
    These COVID-19 shows feel inert, are as stodgy and as a wooden as a stack of 2×4 lumber even as the camera moves and people walk, animate, and otherwise interact. Apple needs to hire some Hollywood producers to inject some humanity.
    The graphics were top notch as always. For example, the guy spelunking through a couch for copper pennies was superb.

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