Will Apple or Tesla be first to hit a $3 trillion market cap?

A growing group of Wall Street analysts is predicting that electric autonomous vehicles sales will propel Apple and Tesla to $3 trillion each in market value by 2030, but which company will get there first?

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Shares of Tesla rose 2.3% to $670 on Monday, giving it a market value of about $643 billion. Apple shares declined 0.33% to 122.98 on Monday, giving it a market value of $2.064 trillion.

Divya Balji for Bloomberg News:

Cathie Wood’s Ark Investment Management, for example, sees a 50% chance of Tesla achieving fully autonomous driving within five years, while Citigroup Inc.’s Jim Suva said developing the Apple Car could boost the company’s sales by up to 15% after 2024.

Wood was the latest to predict that Tesla would reach the eye-popping milestone after she boosted her share price forecast to $3,000, giving the company a valuation of almost $3 trillion. That follows New Street analyst Pierre Ferragu, who forecast the electric-vehicle maker can have a market capitalization of $2.3 trillion to $3.3 trillion by 2030.

Citigroup and Wedbush see potential for Apple to hit the $3 trillion target, an increase of about $1 trillion from its current market capitalization. Apple is already the most valuable stock in the world… Analysts covering Apple expect the stock to rally about 23% this year on average, with 32 of them posting buy ratings, 10 with holds and three suggest selling the shares.

MacDailyNews Take: In a rational world, the answer would be Apple. But, there’s no telling what the market will get ginned up about from day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year, so:
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  1. Fu** Tesla! I hate this corp. Elon has an inferiority complex which explain why he want to move out of here(Space X), why he is not a brain but wants to be one (Neuralink) and want to have access to porn all over the world (Starlink).

    And transport? Ya great! 2 tons car to move a 150 pound of meat. Good job Elon, good job.

      1. Oh please. That chart is only covering year-to-date, which completely ignores Tesla’s incredible stock run, and totally distorts the reality.

        The simple fact is the stock market thinks Tesla is worth more than all other auto makers. Personally, I think that’s insane, but cherry-picking the time frame to make an argument is a waste of space.

        1. Profit, not stock price is the best measure of a company.

          High stock price and bottom dwelling profits is precarious, unless one is mainly a speculator. Say nothing of bottom dwelling production (units produced) to make the profit.

          Tesla wins in both respects of bottom dwelling.

          1. You know what other little company had high stock prices and virtually no profits for most of its history? Amazon. It’s true. For years, no one understood how Amazon was ever going to make any real profit selling low-margin items like books and kitchen accessories. But they were pumping everything back into the business, and today they’re enormous.

            I’m no fan of Elon Musk — far from it — but it’s clear he’s building and investing for the long run. Yeah, his stock is way overvalued, and I wouldn’t invest at the current valuation, but I think Tesla is the real deal. Profits will follow,

        2. It may be a snapshot, but it matters little…Tesla has had a nagging profit problem for its entire existence.

          This past yr was it’s first profitable year.

      2. The same thing Amazon did.

        Invest every dime into growth so that on paper, it looks like the company makes no profit.

        Design the company to have lots of pet projects that can stroke the ego of the CEO and sponge up free cash flow, but mainly act as media attention-getters, which of course pumps up investor interest as well as recruiting new employees.

        Use corporate socialism to build scale so that no small companies can ever compete on price or perceived value.

        Tweet and repeat.

        That is exactly how silicon valley firms play the game too. They have zero loyalty to their communities, local or national. They have no need for investors. Their employees exist only if automation isn’t possible — and where employees are absolutely necessary, they are treated like disposable tools. They don’t give a shite about taxpayers, their lobbyists ensure the corporation always gets off scot free. This is why “old companies” have factories surrounded by livable working class neighborhoods, whereas “new companies” have edifices primarily designed to project corporate power — donuts or skyscrapers — while all mfg is outsourced to asian suppliers with varying but poor levels of worker conditions, pay, environment protection, safety, etc.

        As reprehensible as Tesla is, at least they do have a relatively greater domestic worker base and supply chain.

        Apple, Tesla, Amazon. What is the difference? For investors and customers, basically nothing. For community life (right wing social wars notwithstanding), Tesla might be better for the USA than its “new company” peers. But as Musk continues his erratic behavior and obscene pocket stuffing, his house of cards could collapse. American addiction to social media and disposable plastic Chinese junk will ensure the rest of the SillyCon Valley gang will be increasingly powerful for decades to come.

  2. I don’t have Tesla position but by looking at the chart it’s interesting 🧐. All of the names above are not even coming close to Tesla. The technology of Tesla cars are incredible plus easy access to the Superchargers could beat all of the names above,

    1. If find the technological aspects of Tesla cars impressive. Other car makers have been asleep for years. But I find the the functional design of the car not that great. For example the Model X is supposed to be a SUV. The interior is spacious but the opening in the back is too small to put in the objects that would actually fit inside. And I find the design of the seats horrible. Maybe it is intentional that they look like they were taken out of a 60’s spaceship but this design does not appeal to me. – If there is ever an AppleCar, I’m curious how this design will be.

  3. Of the two, which one is actually profitable? When exactly is Tesla expected to make a profit in any area of its business? Yeah, I know all the speculators will say it doesn’t matter in the stock market but, at some point it just does.

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