Apple CEO Tim Cook ‘can’t wait’ for a post-pandemic return to work in Apple Park

As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues, Apple CEO Tim Cook, however, is now feeling bullish about returning to work in Apple Park. “My gut says that, for us, it’s still very important to physically be in touch with one another because collaboration isn’t always a planned activity,” he tells PEOPLE.

Apple Park in Cupertino, California
Apple Park in Cupertino, California

Wendy Naugle for PEOPLE:

“Innovation isn’t always a planned activity,” Cook adds. “It’s bumping into each other over the course of the day and advancing an idea that you just had. And you really need to be together to do that.”

Some remote work could continue, he adds: “We have realized and learned that there are some things that are perfectly great to do virtually across Zoom or WebEx, whatever, or FaceTime, whatever you might have. So I think it’ll be, I’ll call it a hybrid environment [for] a little bit.”

The company did not slow down while many staffers worked from home. “You look back, and the shutdown occurred in mid-March. Post that, we had this enormous, prolific product period, [introducing] the first 5G iPhone. We introduced the M1 chip in the Mac. These are major, major accomplishments,” he says.

Though the company hasn’t announced a firm return-to-work date, Cook is looking forward to that day: “Largely, I think that we’re going to be back at work again, and I can’t wait until that happens.”

MacDailyNews Note: Listen to Naugle’s interview with Tim Cook about returning to work and more in the podcast PEOPLE Every Day:


  1. Maybe Apple should try the Enterprise D approach and set up apartments in Apple Park. Then people could walk five minutes to work, or work in their apartments and walk five minutes to meetings as needed. The place is big enough to have a K-8 school for the employees kids while they are at it.

  2. The international household name company I work for has NOT skipped a BEAT. No one works from home, you social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands and use sanitizer. Surfaces are cleaned and not one person out of close to a thousand has come to work with Covid since the vastly over hyped pandemic began.

    Less than 1% of those contracting the disease die and up to 70% that pass away are over 65 years old with pre-existing conditions.

    Apple, bunch of over cautious weinees and leftist pussies.

    Q the Apple apologists in 3… 2… 1…

    Up next, TediousText…

    1. How did your company become a household name with employees who think that 1.7% is “less than 1%?” I’m happy for you that your company has been so incredibly lucky, but that isn’t much consolation to the one in three Americans who are mourning a relative, friend, or acquaintance who died, or to the millions who still have long term symptoms.

      1. GoeB is right. Sensible actions, but stop panicking and hurting more people. And don’t be murderously stupid like Cuomo. Why is it that powderpuff progressives don’t count both sides of the equation, seeing the unspeakable damage being done from hyper lockdown, mask insanity and isolating young school children who just don’t get sick from this. In the whole scheme of things when seen over time and applying a little perspective, this has been a minor event. It has been blow out of proportion and fueled by our dysfunctional media and the left’s politicization of it. I hope Apple gets this ass back to work in their building, with logical protections, soon. And stop blocking Parler.

        1. Liberals; legislating, proselytizing and shaming their World into adopting principles and policies that attempt to do the impossible…taking pain, embarrassment, differences, disabilities, danger, and risk out of life. Bubble suits for ALL and you will like them!
          If you don’t, WE will ridicule and shame you into adoption.

          It’s a mindset of fearfully preserving all life at the expense of truly living your life.

          Take responsibility (all) and if you are at risk, it’s your responsibility to take precautionary measures for YOUR OWN safety. Expecting everyone in your world to heed to your full-life compromise policies is presumptuous on a grand level.

        2. So, nobody should be asked to compromise their own comfort for the sake of a few human lives? The public should not be allowed to interfere with your alleged right to interfere with lesser beings. How dare they object to your threatening them with death or permanent disability. Who was the libtard moron who kept talking about loving your neighbor as yourself? Screw your neighbor because “Greed is Good.”

          Gordon Gecko for President! (Been there, done that.)

        3. You read/see what you want and You are one of those expecting people to modify per your ideals and fears. That’s a little selfish, imo.

          “Take responsibility (all)”….

          That “liberal” also said some things like, “fear not,” doing something with the treasure you were given AND…let’s turn it around on you…”think not only of yourself”.

          Let’s not forget that “a few human lives” have been lost because of the health security measures. There will be many more. Whoops.

        4. To desire to live life fully…and you call that greed.

          What a simplistic and lazy siren-blurt to put on people that want to live differently than you.

          Nice try lazy boy. Got another bromide?

        5. I don’t have a problem with wanting to live life to the fullest. I do have a problem with wanting to crowd into a poorly ventilated bar with hundreds of maskless people in the middle of a pandemic. Because they are young and healthy, the Spring Breakers in Miami Beach will probably (though not certainly) survive. That might not be true of all the other individuals across the country that they expose through sheer selfishness. I have the same sympathy for their desire to live “differently” as I do for Typhoid Mary’s desire to be a short-order cook.

          Claiming that Fauci and other public health authorities want to shut everything down is simply a lie. When all this began, they suggested much less severe voluntary measures, simple stuff like washing your hands and maintaining social distancing… which were largely ignored until the caseloads got so high that the hospitals were getting overwhelmed, at which time draconian measures like shutdowns unfortunately became necessary. It was not the public health authorities who were unwilling to compromise, but the selfish SOBs who followed the advice of pandering politicians that no compromise was necessary.

          So, what we got instead of a bothersome compromise was a series of waves of deadly infection controlled by mandatory restrictions, followed by dropping the restrictions, and predictably followed by the next wave. Only widespread vaccination is going to break that cycle, but the same jerks who refuse to comply with distancing are likely to refuse the vaccine as well.

          In the meantime, my wife with a compromised immune system is into her second year of being essentially homebound through no fault of her own, other than being born into a world where selfishness rules over altruism.

      2. Tedious Text swallowed the bait, you are way too easy. HA!

        1.7% now, I did not see that anywhere. It was less than 0.01% last time I checked. Is that all? Cry me a river Libtard, people die every second for thousands of reasons. You are FIXATED on Covid for over a year now and we all know it was for political gain blasting President Trump and not FAKE compassion.

        Well, your boy Biden owns it now and certainly had NOTHING TO DO with the three vaccines developed by President Trump’s Project Warp Speed in historical record time.

        It is absolutely hilarious and shameful listening to Bumbling Biden and his clueless Press Secretary shamefully not giving one word of credit to President Trump for, and pay attention, REMARKABLE WORK! In fact, they are now trying to rewrite history disparaging President Trump. Well, it simply won’t work dishonest politicians and their minions look SMALL and the average citizen knows better and will not be FOOLED. You are excluded, of course.

        If arrogant Biden thinks he can determine my July 4th cookout INDEPENDENCE DAY or any other cookout in my lifetime and tell me how many people I can invite and when, got news for the leader of oppressive Big Brother government — no way Jose!…

        1. Again, kudos to your employer. Many companies would have a foolish prejudice against hiring someone who can divide 539,000 deaths by 29,700,000 cases and come up with “less than 0.01%” rather than slightly over 1.8%. They might even have a problem with hiring somebody who can look at two vaccines developed with partial Warp Speed funding (Moderna and Johnson&Johnson; Pfizer was not) and come up with three. Counting is even more fundamental in most jobs than long division.

          Lucky you found an employer with such a generous affirmative action plan.

        2. You’ve got an honesty problem….

          You conclude; your wife is in her “second year of being essentially homebound through no fault of her own, other than being born into a world where selfishness rules over altruism.”

          What BS. People in her situation aren’t being kept home because of selfishness.
          There are political mandates in place and fear of exposure reigns. It’s also called life. It just so happens she’s holding a lesser card…no one gave it to her. No one is unaffected by Covid.

          You are concluding just like the broad liberal mindset that puts the onus on external circumstances.

        3. My wife is being kept home because it is not safe for her to go out. Why? Because she cannot rely on other people to wash their hands, wear masks, keep their distance, get tested, isolate after exposure, or get vaccinated. Why? Because they are more concerned with their own convenience and comfort than with the health and lives of other people. You may not see that as selfishness because you agree with them. You may regard altruism towards the vulnerable as a “liberal mindset.” I regard it as what C.S. Lewis called “Mere Christianity.”

        4. You bend and torque EVERY opinion of other’s you don’t embrace.

          It’s quite possible she can go where she’s safe…just like someone who can’t swim isn’t likely to wade far from the shore of a vigorously flowing river. The same would be true of limitations of those aged, unhealthy, or otherwise more susceptible to danger. Your wife has a compromised system and you expect the World to modify because of it?

          Blaming others for the individual’s limitation, or expecting culture to modify carte-blanche for her is nothing but patrician. Seriously…why not buy a protective suit and breathing apparatus for her safety…instead of expecting the world to shut-down for her?

          Mixing CSL and other religious points into your arguments are part of the torque. He also talks about putting a hold on one’s expectations of others in The Screwtape Letters. It’s apropos because it reference the human with such expectations expressed seemingly in a selfless way, but they are nothing but selfishly occupied. I suggest reading for a related reference.

        5. As I understand it, you are saying that nobody has a duty to make reasonable accommodations for those with a physical condition that limits one or more major life activities. Bzzzt! Wrong answer. That has been a federal requirement for thirty years now. Why do you think public buildings have elevators and wheelchair ramps?

          Even if it weren’t a legal requirement, making reasonable accommodations for those who are weaker than we are is simply the right thing to do. I’m not talking about UNreasonable accommodations, just about simple public health measures that protect those who are particularly vulnerable. Nor am I talking about rare conditions like boy-in-a-bubble syndrome. A very large proportion of the population is either over 60 or has a significant health condition (even if you don’t believe the evidence that healthy young adults can be affected, too). That large minority does not deserve to die so that somebody can hang out in a crowd without a mask.

    2. Goebie, are you too chickenshit to name your “international” company? ( Ironic for someone who bitches endlessly about anything foreign).

      Is it Wally World? That would explain a lot.

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