Unreleased Apple Silicon iMac appears in Xcode log ahead of expected new model

With the rumor mill churning out reports that a totally redesigned Apple Silicon iMac is imminent and with Apple recently discontinuing the iMac Pro, an unreleased iMac with an ARM processor has appeared via Xcode’s Crash Reporter feature.

Unreleased Apple Silicon iMac appears in Xcode log ahead of expected new model. Artist's conception render of an Apple iMac (2021) (image: svetapple.sk)
Artist’s conception render of a next-gen Apple iMac (2021) (image: svetapple.sk)

Chance Miller for 9to5Mac:

This developer’s application crashed while being used on an iMac powered by an ARM processor. Apple does not currently sell an iMac powered by an ARM processor, so this signals that the app was being used on an unreleased iMac with Apple Silicon processor.

9to5Mac was able to take a look at the crash report file and confirm that the crash did occur on ARM64 (the architecture used by Apple Silicon), and the device family matches iMac, so it’s unlikely to be an indication error. The screenshot was shared with 9to5Mac by developer Dennis Oberhoff, developer of the DaftCloud application for Mac.

Apple has become quite good at cleaning up these reports to omit any potentially revealing details, so unfortunately we can’t decipher much else at this moment. Nonetheless, it joins a growing amount of evidence to suggest that a redesigned iMac with Apple Silicon is coming sooner rather than later.

MacDailyNews Take: This unreleased Apple Silicon iMac appearing in a developer’s Xcode log is a sure sign that the new iMac is imminent!

More next-gen iMac renders via Jon Prosser:

The expected iPad Pro-like edge-to-edge display:

iMac render (image via Jon Prosser)
iMac render (image via Jon Prosser)

Prosser says the new iMac comes in colors:

iMac colors (image via Jon Prosser)
iMac colors (image via Jon Prosser)

The render of the rear of the machine:

iMac (rear) (Image via Jon Prosser)
iMac (rear) (Image via Jon Prosser)


      1. Just went and looked at a picture (we donated my wife’s a long time ago), a pair of headphone jacks for easy access, and a slot for the CD, both quite appropriate since it was often marketed as a media machine.

  1. There are no Macs with ARM processors and there never will be. Apple is not manufacturing chips based on ARM’s chip design. They only licensed the ARM instruction set, and designed their own chips.

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