Australian man sues Apple after iPhone explodes in pocket

A Melbourne man is suing Apple after he claims he suffered second-degree burns when his iPhone battery exploded in his pocket.

Australian man sues Apple after his iPhone X explodes in his pocket (photo: 7NEWS)
Australian man sues Apple after his iPhone X explodes in his pocket (photo: 7NEWS)

Yasmin Paton for 7NEWS:

Robert De Rose was sitting in his office when he felt pain in his leg and heard a fizzing sound coming from his pocket.

“I heard a faint pop sound, followed by a fizz and then I felt intense pain on my right leg, so I immediately jumped up and realised it was my phone,” he told 7NEWS.

He pulled his iPhone X from his pocket, which was just over a year old, to find black smoke coming out of it.

De Rose suffered second-degree burns to his thigh during the 2019 incident.

An Apple spokesperson said the company takes customer safety extremely seriously and confirmed the two complaints are being investigated.

MacDailyNews Take: Of course, there are many questions to be answered such as, was the battery and/or screen replaced in a phone that was released in Australia on November 3, 2017? If so, by whom, an Apple Authorized service technician using a genuine replacement battery and/or screen or not? Was the phone physically stressed due to being placed in a pants pocket while sitting? Was the iPhone charged using a Made For iPhone charger or via some other charger?

With history as our guide, we look forward to the results of Apple’s investigation.

FYI: Do not place stress on your iPhone in any fashion that would cause it to bend or break. iPhone is a battery-powered electrical device. Bending or breaking your iPhone is not among intended use cases and doing so may cause loss of device functionality and/or personal injury.


  1. Poor guy! Showing pics of everything but the wounded leg is kind of fishy. 2nd degree burnt, if it happened would be a real proof. Good luck little crook!

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