Is Apple stock a buy ahead of possible March product launch event?

Apple shares jumped into record high territory ahead of the consumer electronics giant’s December-quarter earnings report, but with a recent pullback in Apple stock, many investors are wondering if Apple stock is a buy ahead of possible March product launch event.

Image: Apple logoPatrick Seitz for Investor’s Business Daily:

The Cupertino, Calif.-based company began selling the 5G-enabled iPhone 12 series on Oct. 23… In addition to ultrafast 5G wireless connectivity, the 14th-generation iPhones have improved cameras, speedier processors and a new design. The Pro models of the iPhone 12 have a new rear-facing LiDAR scanner.

Sales reports have been positive for the iPhone 12 series, especially the more expensive models. That news has buoyed Apple stock recently. Some analysts believe an iPhone upgrade supercycle is underway.

The next potential catalyst for Apple stock is a rumored spring product launch event in March. Products in the pipeline include new iPad Pro tablets, new AirPods wireless earbuds and AirTags tracking devices…

Apple stock is not a buy right now. AAPL stock is trading well below its 50-day moving average line, a negative sign. Also, its relative strength line is falling as Apple stock underperforms the S&P 500 index. Apple stock needs to form a proper base in the right market conditions before setting a new potential buy point.

MacDailyNews Take: Own it, don’t trade it. Take advantage of the dips.

Two Warren Buffett quotes to consider:

Whether we’re talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down.

Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.


  1. Of course, it’s a buy. I would say the share price is highly unlikely to continue falling for the rest of the year. I believe Apple will outperform most of the FAANG stocks. Surely, Apple is selling plenty of products and Services during the pandemic. With new M1-series Macs and if there is an AppleWatch that can measure blood sugar, Apple should do quite well for the rest of the year. I don’t care if the share price stays low for the next quarter or so as long as Apple is buying back shares. I’ll be happy if Apple reaches $170 by the end of the year and it can stay low until the last few months of the year.

    If Apple is determined to throw away money on buybacks, they might as well get the most bang for the buck as possible. If big investors don’t think Apple is worth the money, that’s just too darn bad. Let the big investors chase after long-shot stocks. At some point, Apple will have some exciting product that may cause investors to return. Apple may longer provide excitement for investors the way Tesla can, but Apple may have some product worthwhile in the pipeline that will excite consumers.

  2. Tim Cook put a curse on Apple when he turned the tables on Steve Jobs freedom loving, “1984” Big Brother hating Apple, and converted it into the Evil Big Brother on the screen, with his censorship of ideas. Never had Apple gone down this road. Since the thuggish Big Brother censoring of Parler by Cook, Apple stock is in a nosedive. It won’t end as long as Tim Cook is aiding and abetting a coup against America and the Constitution. Apple stock is headed for zero. The Tim COOK CURSE.

    1. Kent: you have lost what’s left of your mind.

      If you can’t cite specifically what article of the Constitution Cook is violating, then stop shadowboxing and STFU.

      1. He thinks the First Amendment applies to private parties because he can’t read the actual text. His remedy is to have the government tell Cook what speech he is required to support. That, of course, is what the text expressly prohibits. It is all part of Kent’s claim that it is “aiding and abetting a coup against America and the Constitution” for Apple to refuse to assist those who actually did attempt to disrupt the constitutional transfer of power.

    2. Yes, Kent.

      Ever since Apple has become a political business under Cook, they turned into Big Brother CENSORING political views they don’t like, same as the rest of Big Tech in the valley, while under protections of Act 230 shielding them from legal repercussions. Since the censorship of conservative popular app Parler the stock has been steadily declining for a month now. I am aghast under Cook’s leadership Apple has turned into what Steve Job’s vision was founded on and fought against when he flew the pirate flag…

      1. Steve Jobs flew a pirate flag, not an extremist flag, a Confederate flag, or a Trump flag. He flew it over his own private property, not in the United States Capitol after violently invading it. He would have vehemently opposed those who could not tell the difference between free speech and promoting the overthrow of our constitutional republic. As Apple CEO, Jobs supported the right of owners to control their private property, including their right to use it to oppose racism, gratuitous violence, and pornography. He regularly threw apps off the platform that violated those standards. He was at least as vigorous as Tim Cook at refusing to allow the use of Apple assets to support values that he personally opposed.

        When people told Steve Jobs that he should shut up and focus on making money, he ignored them. He would ignore those now who claim that it hurts Apple’s share price to live up to the corporate values it has maintained since 1976. He would be astonished at those who have still not figured the company out after 45 years.

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