Apple inks overall deal with Skydance Animation headed by John Lasseter

Apple has inked an overall deal with Skydance Animation, which is headed by John Lasseter, for feature films and TV series for its Apple TV+ streaming service.

John Lasseter
John Lasseter
Etan Vlessing for The Hollywood Reporter:

The agreement, which follows Apple holding initial talks to acquire movies for its streaming service, will see Apple Original Films debut the animated movies Luck and Spellbound alongside a two season order for The Search for WondLa series.

John Lasseter oversees the animation division of Skydance, which is pursuing a larger strategy to move beyond traditional platforms to make movies for streamers after finding success with two Netflix hits, 6 Underground and The Old Guard.

In December, Matt Donnelly and Brent Lang reported for Variety:

The handful of executives who screened footage of “Luck” called it “vintage Lasseter,” citing the dazzling production value and commercial appeal the producer is known for, said insiders.

[“Luck”] is directed by Peggy Holmes, and follows the unluckiest girl in the world… “Spellbound” is a musical fantasy set in a world of magic where a young girl sets out to break the spell that has split her kingdom in two…

MacDailyNews Take: Apple TV+ animated offerings will benefit greatly from Lasseter’s Skydance contributions.

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  1. Wait, Timmy is “woke” and shoves ir down everyone’s throat. He is hiring lasseter when he was booted from Pixar for his awful behavior towards women ?

    Isn’t Timmy being selective with his outrage?

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