Social media app Parler flickers back to life on ‘independent technology’

Social media service Parler relaunched on Monday, although the service is currently spotty and users report getting hung up at the login page. The company its new platform was built on “sustainable, independent technology.”

On Parler’s new pages, the company states:

Any personal data shared with Parler is encrypted for your protection, and never sold to outside entities.
• Parler empowers you with tools to keep your profile and feed safe. Our moderation features allow you to curate your own experience on Parler.
• Discuss and defend your values, passions, accomplishments and ideas in an environment that lets you be you, free of agenda-driven “shadow-banning.”
• Regardless of race, sex, age, sexual preference, religion, politics, or dietary choices —- well , except pineapple pizza — every user is treated equally under Parler’s Community Guidelines.
• Adherents of all religions —- as well as non-adherents -— are welcome to converse civilly, to discuss solutions to pressing world problems, and hopefully come to understand we are all more similar than we are different.
• Biased content curation policies enable rage mobs and bullies to influence Community Guidelines. Parler’s viewpoint-neutral policies foster a community of individuals who tolerate the expression of all non-violent ideas.


In a statement announcing the relaunch, Parler also said it had appointed Mark Meckler as its interim Chief Executive, replacing John Matze who was fired by the board this month.

Parler went dark after being cut off by major service providers that accused the app of failing to police violent content… Despite the relaunch, the website was still not opening for many users and the app was not available for download on mobile stores run by Apple and Alphabet-owned Google, which had earlier banned the app.

While several users took to rival Twitter to complain they were unable to access the service, a few others said they could access their existing account.

Parler, which asserted it once had over 20 million users, said it would bring its current users back online in the first week and would be open to new users the next week.

Last month, suspended Parler from its web hosting service, effectively taking the site offline. Parler, on Monday, said its new technology cut its reliance on “so-called Big Tech” for its operations.

MacDailyNews Note: The company also seems to have a new logo:

Parler logo
Parler logo


  1. Apple is the New Evil Force in Big Tech. Parler committed an inexcusable act by allowing users to exercise free speech. Liberals, aka todays Nazi/Communist Brown Shirt goons, can’t stand free speech because they can’t defend their own ideas, which are shit. So, they just censor whatever they don’t like. That is the Tim Cook/Apple mantra now. “DON’T THINK DIFFERENT or Apple will kill you.”

    Good luck to Parler.

    1. “…todays Nazi/communist Brown Shirt goons…” tried to kill VP Pence and Speaker of the House Pelosi on Jan 6th. They did manage to kill a few police officers along the way however.

      And guess what, none of those “persons” on Jan 6th invading the Capitol Building were Democrats – especially those individuals who tore down the US Flags flying at the Capitol and replaced them with Trump flags.

    2. Today’s Nazi’s are today’s Nazi’s and all of them align with conservatives. Parler didn’t get shut down because it was filled with folks violently demanding a $15 minimum wage! LOL

      Parler and other extremist right sites exist primarily to provide Nazi’s, white supremacists and others with a safe space to promote their racist, incendiary views. You remove the Nazi’s from the Republican party and you’ve got VERY few folks left.

      On this site from Feb 13.
      “All of these “social media” platforms – Twitter, Parler, Facebook – are cancers on society. They are clearly eating society from the inside out. There’s something unsavory within human nature that “digital distance” amplifies to the point of disgust.”

  2. Parler is awful: clunky app, clueless leadership, and yet another hosting platform that has final say over user content. In a month’s time, they’ve managed to change effectively nothing but fire their CEO.

    Get on Gab.

    1. No, it’s a fairly simple question and it’s referred to as the Paradox of tolerance.

      The paradox of tolerance states that if a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventually seized or destroyed by the intolerant. Karl Popper described it as the seemingly paradoxical idea that in order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance.

      If you’re tolerant of Nazi’s, if you’re tolerant of white supremacists, you’re the baddies.

  3. Apple is now the Evil Force behind the huge screen in 1984 Macintosh commercial. Steve Jobs created Apple as the champion of the little guy, the creator, the individual. It was definitely a free speech machine. Under Tim Cook is the Evil Totalitarian State.

    1. Listen kunt, how many jihadi johns are they allowing on there? They are the same as FB or Twi, or any of the other “free” platforms: just trying to get in on a slice of the marketing money. Does the CEO work for free? Do the engineers or hosting servers? No they get paid, and do those salaries come from user subscriptions? No it comes from advertising. If they really aren’t out for cash, have them release their financial books showing that all the money goes to altruistic projects, and not just to material wealth.

    1. Tim Cook subsidizes terrorists with Apple shareholder money. Tim Cook gives hundreds of millions of Apple money to Black Lives Matter arsonists/looters/killers. Apple and Twitter and Facebook are the terrorists. They are implementing communist tyranny in America every day. That is not a good business plan. The good news is, history does not deal favorably with communists. The bad news is sometime a hundred million get murdered by these idiots before history takes them out.

      1. Harry sorry David, please provide financial records backing up this claim. Then provide records of when your bunk-buddy Trump had his government officially label these groups as terrorists.

        As far as a business plan, their method seems to be working out well for them.

        As for communism, it only fails when those in governance become materialistic. Much like senators getting paid huge tenured salaries, plus what they earn from “special interest” cough -bribe- cough groups.

        Should we count the police officers killed on Jan-6 under a Trump banner towards the millions that are “murdered” before history takes them out, or were the trump flags “history” doing the taking out?

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