Leaked screenshots reveal Apple-like privacy features in Android 12

Google is expected to unveil Android 12 in a few weeks and XDA Developers has shared some leaked screenshots that show some Apple-inspired (of course) privacy features in the new OS.

Leaked screenshots reveal Apple-like privacy features in Android 12

Now matter how hard Google copies Apple, it never fails that Android manages to retain its “Poor Man’s iPhone” look of overall cheapness with poor spacing, bad fonts, ugly icons, etc.

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

According to XDA Developers, the screenshots are sourced from an “early draft of a document made to summarize changes in Android 12,” and those who are using iOS 14 will notice a few similarities between Apple’s latest update and Google’s upcoming release…

Apple in ‌iOS 14‌ added a little dot in the status bar to let you know if the microphone or the camera is activated, and in Android 12, Google appears to have a similar option. When the camera or the microphone is in use, there’s a green bar at the top of the Android interface…

Google is also planning to embrace another Apple privacy change – App Tracking Transparency. Recent reports suggest that Google is considering a “less stringent” version of the feature, which requires app developers to get user permission before tracking them across apps and websites.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple leads. All others follow (poorly and at a great distance). As usual.

Google Android before and after Apple's iPhone

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