Apple preps smaller, faster, and lighter GaN chargers

Unikorn Semiconductor, a provider of foundry services for III-V compound semiconductor components, will extend production of GaN-on-Si chips for fast charging GaN chargers from 65W to 100W in second-half 2021, DigiTimes reports, citing Lee Biing-jye, chairman of Epistar, the parent company of Unikorn.

GaN chargers: Anker's PowerPort Atom PD 2 gallium nitride (GaN) charger for USB-C and Lightning devices
Anker’s PowerPort Atom PD 2 gallium nitride (GaN) charger for USB-C and Lightning devices

Siu Han and Adam Hwang for DigiTimes:

Xiaomi offered Type-C fast charging plugs based on 65W GaN-on-Si chips in first-half 2020, while Lenovo, Anker, Aukey and Baseus launched fast charging devices based on 60-65W GaN-on-Si chips in second-half 2020.

Ireland-based Navitas Semiconductor, US-based Power Integrations and China-based Innoscience are the global top-three suppliers of fast charging solutions based on GaN-on-Si chips. Navitas are expected to obtain orders from Apple and other vendors in 2021, with TSMC to supply GaN-on-Si chips, industry sources noted.

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like Apple’s chargers are set to finally get smaller, faster, and lighter, thanks to gallium nitride (GaN)!

In the name of smaller, faster, and lighter, we use Anker PowerPort Atom PD 2 gallium nitride (GaN) chargers (which is currently selling for $47.99 via Amazon) to charge our iPhones, iPad Pros, and MacBook Pros. Yes, finally, one charger to rule them all!


  1. I have had 2 anker GaN chargers dues on me when using with a 15 inch MBP. Worked well for a while and then started to deliver intermittent power.
    I like the tech in a small footprint but the failures are disconcerting.

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