Dow Jones down 150 points as Vice President Pence gets COVID-19 vaccine

The first COVID-19 vaccine continued to roll out on Friday, with Vice President Mike Pence publicly receiving the vaccine. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 0.75% in late-morning trading on Friday. Shares of Apple slumped despite an analyst predicting iPhone share gains in China.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen Pence along with Surgeon General Jerome Adams took Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine in a Friday morning television appearance.
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen Pence along with Surgeon General Jerome Adams took Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine in a Friday morning television appearance.

“The American people can be confident: we have one and perhaps within hours two safe vaccines,” Pence said, referring to expected FDA approval for Moderna’s vaccine.

Timothy Green for The Motley Fool:

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty believes the iPhone 12 launch has turned things around for Apple in China. Seeking Alpha reported on Friday that Huberty had maintained her outperform rating and $144 price target on Apple stock, citing a strong performance from the iPhone 12 in China.

Huberty believes that the new iPhone is outperforming expectations in China, saying that iPhone unit volume in the fiscal first quarter through November is up about 40% from the prior-year period. This growth is likely leading to significant share gains; Huberty says Apple is likely taking share from market leader Huawei… Shares of Apple were down about 0.9% by late Friday morning.

[AAPL] stock has gained around 74% this year.

MacDailyNews Take: Also this morning, Citigroup analyst Jim Suva raised his Apple target price to $150 from $125 on strong Christmas demand, Apple Services’ strength, growth in India, and more.


  1. Oh no! The vaccine is bad for the Economy! Shut it down! Who cares about saving lives, the ECONOMYYYYYYY!

    Seriously, someone needs to explain to conservatives that human lives are necessary for for a healthy economy too.

      1. I’m talking about people like Rand Paul who is attacking any kind of protection from Corona Virus as “bad for the economy”. Keeping those restaurants open will get thousands of people killed. But it doesn’t matter, because those are just humans. Only money matters to them. They just can’t grasp that widespread deaths are going to hurt the economy.

      2. I’ll guess it comes from ignorance, or pure snark…but the number of people to which your “enlightened” statement would apply is infinitesimally small.

        It may be hard for you to imagine, but try…people that don’t hold your point of view aren’t interested in suiciding society and they aren’t necessarily greedy pigs.

        Have you been in the shoes of one that’s lost their job, defaulted on their mortgage, moving towards bankruptcy, or a parent observing their kid that’s emotionally ravaged by the instability? I haven’t, but it’s happening and I’m sure it feels a little like death and it’s surely as not just losing the “ECONOMYYYYYYY” as you tritely spout.

        Any death is terrible and easily linked, but what’s ahead is so far only imagined, but someday will show the vast cost of covid and it won’t include that kind of death.

        Turn down the binary thinking, please.

        1. Perhaps all of those who have been harmed by the shutdowns should stop blaming public officials, doctors, and scientists and start blaming the individuals whose refusal to comply with less draconian public health recommendations led to the massive spike in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths that has left lockdowns as the only tool left to avoid swamping the US medical system in the months remaining until inoculations reach the 60-70% range.

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