How to translate a webpage in Safari on Mac into other languages

In Safari 14.x, you can translate a webpage in Safari on Mac into other languages. Safari 14.x analyzes each webpage you visit to determine its language. This determination is made entirely on your Mac. If the webpage can be translated to any of your preferred languages, you can choose to translate it. This feature is currently in beta form.

translate in Safari for Mac
Safari on Mac’s Translation icon and menu
Initial steps to activate Safari on Mac translation (beta):

  1. Go to Safari > View > Translation > Preferred Langauges…
  2. Click + button under Preferred Languages and add your desire language(s).
  3. When asked “Would you like to use [language] as your primary language, choose your primary language.

How to translate a webpage in Safari on Mac (Beta)

  1. In the Safari app on your Mac, go to the webpage you want to translate.

  2. In Safari’s Smart Search field, move your pointer over the Translate icon translate button to see if translation is available.

  3. If the webpage can be translated, the Smart Search field displays “Translation Available.”

  4. Click the Translate icon, then choose a language.

Alternatively, instead of steps 2-4, you can use Safari > View > Translation > Translate to [desired language]

To return to your primary language, click the Translate icon and choose View Original.

Note: The availability of translations and the number of languages that can be translated may vary by country or region. If you translate, Safari will send the webpage’s contents (including the full text) to Apple’s servers for translation.


  1. It works surprisingly well, but as with all machine translation systems, you sometimes see spectacularly badly translated phrases. However it’s usually so close that you can easily work out what was being said.

  2. I have Safari 14.0.1 and it does not have any “Translation” seelection in the view menu pull down. So which versions actually do have that option. Starting with which version?

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