Apple joins industry group working on 6G

Apple has become the latest major player to join the Next G Alliance, a coalition of companies working to define and develop the next generation of mobile technology, 6G. Google and LG Electronics have also joined the effort.

Apple joins industry group working on 6GDiana Goovaerts for Mobile World Live:

The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) launched the group last month, with backing from top US and Canadian operators, Ericsson and Nokia, among others. Its main aim is to establish North America as a leader in 6G.

Along with the device makers, Charter Communications; Cisco; Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Intel; Keysight Technologies; Mavenir; MITRE; and VMware also joined.

The group’s first meeting is scheduled for 16 November.

MacDailyNews Take: 6G, obviously, is the planned successor to 5G and will be likely to be markedly faster, at speeds of ~95 Gb/s.

“Work at New York University shows that by 2035, 6G will usher in the ability to send wireless signals at the rate of human computation. Dubbed “wireless cognition” by researchers, 6G could mean that human intelligence could eventually be sent over the air instantaneously. Remote control robots and artificial intelligence applications with human-like capabilities could be enabled over 6G cellphones.” – Theodore S. Rappaport, CNN Business, February 11, 2020

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