Apple suspends assembler Pegatron over labor violations in China

Apple has suspended future business with Pegatron, a major partner for assembling iPhones and iPads, saying the Taiwanese manufacturer violated its labor rules.

PegatronMichelle Gao for CNBC:

“Several weeks ago, we discovered Pegatron — one of Apple’s suppliers in China — violated Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct in its administration of a student work study program,” an Apple spokesperson told CNBC.

Apple said Pegatron misclassified student workers and falsified paperwork to help disguise violations of Apple’s code of conduct. Students were allowed to work nights and/or overtime and sometimes students worked on projects unrelated to their major, Apple told CNBC. Those students were ultimately compensated for their work and were returned back to home and school, the company said.

Apple said Pegatron employees went to extraordinary lengths to evade its oversight mechanisms and that Pegatron fired the executive in charge of the program. Apple won’t give the company any additional business until it corrects parts of the business that led to the violations.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple said it would not award Pegatron any new business until the company took corrective measures, and told The New York Times‘ Paul Mozur that a Pegatron executive in charge of the student employment program had already been fired. Importantly, the probation which will not affect current production of the iPhone 12 family.


  1. It is disturbing that governments are so lax in their protection of their own people that it falls to Apple to do this. I wonder how many US corporations pressure factories in foreign lands to do the opposite?

    1. Tau, the issue isn’t US corporations, it’s the Chinese Communist government’s own lack of respect for people and their labor laws. Running people over with tanks (Tiananmen Square). Please remember that the US introduced labor laws over 100 years ago, China would do good to copy that, since they copy everything else.There are so many outlets that report on the atrocities committed by China against it’s labor, it’s shocking that you couldn’t pick up on this.

      1. I have absolutely no fondness for the governments of either China or Russia. But the only chance I have of standing up to those countries is electing a president who shares my concern for humanity, and isn’t Putin’s puppet.

        One hallmark of a dictator is confusing himself with his nation. Fans of fascism do this too. Hence citizen’s comment. Trump is anything but the US.

        1. Biden is owned by China.
          He allowed China to expand in the South China Sea and ripoff our IP while his son, Hunter, corruptly collected bribes. If you think Biden will do ANYTHING about this, you’re an idiot.

  2. Where is TxUseless defending Cook here that China is the only place in the world with the scale and workforce to make Apple products. Well, he defended CCP in the past to make a buck so no surprise he is silent.


    1. Call a doctor! The man has gone mad! Please point out ANY time that I have defended the Chinese Communist Party or tried to make a buck off them. Why don’t you just retreat into your alternate universe full of alternate facts with your alternate President-elect and leave real people alone?

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