Apple closes Philadelphia store amid widespread riots and looting

Apple has temporarily closed the Apple Walnut Street retail store in Philadelphia amid widespread rioting, arson, and looting.

Apple Walnut Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Apple Walnut Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Apple Walnut Street closure was announced on Apple’s retail website on Wednesday. Currently, the Apple Walnut Street page states, “Temporarily closed” and lists the store “closed” through at least November 3rd.

Ayana Jones reports for The Philadelphia Tribune:

In response to the looting and unrest following the officer involved shooting death of Walter Wallace Jr., Philadelphia has issued a citywide curfew beginning Wednesday 9 p.m. through 6 a.m. Thursday.

During the curfew period, only grocery stores, pharmacies and restaurants are only allowed to open for deliveries.

“The looting that is taking place in some neighborhoods in Philadelphia is distressing to say the least and it is unacceptable,” Mayor Jim Kenney said during a press conference held Wednesday afternoon… “To that that end, I have requested the assistance of the Pennsylvania National Guard. Their role first and foremost is to safeguard property and prevent looting,” Kenney said.

The National Guard soldiers are expected to arrive in Philadelphia by Friday.

In a second day of protest, about 23 police officers were injured Tuesday night after being pelted with rocks and bricks, and more than 297 looting incidents have been reported. Police arrested 81 people Tuesday during the civil unrest.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple Walnut Street’s webpage is here.


    1. “…It is not as simple a these guys good, those guys bad. If rioters discredit the protests, shouldn’t bad cops discredit the police?”

      The actions of two police officers out of the millions who encountered the public today indeed do not discredit the police. In fact, looking at what happened, the actions of the two officers do not even discredit them. The police had been called to the house multiple times that day because of Walter Walace. The last time he was threatening others as well as the police, who shot him as they were backing away and demanding he drop the knife.

      Once again the outcome of this particular incident was completely in the hands of the deceased.The story is that he had mental health issues. Bipolar Disorder. Whether or not bipolar disorder makes people particularly dangerous depends on which scientist you speak to. One thing is for certain, two police officers are not trained in how to deal with bipolar dis order. They are train in how to deal with ending violent situations with no injury to the public or themselves.

      Are they racist cops? Not likely. It is beyond unlikely that two Philly cops woke up yesterday morning and said, “Let’s go shoot us a ni**er today.” It didn’t happen. Neither expected the situation and I can almost guarantee both would have given almost anything to avoid it. This comes from my experience as a human being.

      Does it discredit police methods? Probably. These cops did not have non-lethal options. Non-lethal options might have saved Wallace’s life. The answer to this is to spend more on cops, not utter insanity like defund the police.

      It also does not discredit rioters. They are doing what we expect them to. Seizing an opportunity to recast the situation in a lie and rob, destroy, and burn private property. They are exactly what we see them as. Lawless agitators who themselves prefer violence and attacking the innocent, as oppose to the police who do not.

      So save your twaddle “Tau Myx.” The behavior of barbarians and brutes and the called “peaceful” who enable them are what the vat of absurdity known as leftism has brought us. Not racism itself, but the abuse and misuse of the concept of racism.

      1. A man is dead because the police forgot to bring a taser when they new it was someone with mental health issues. We pay tens of thousands of dollars a year for each officer’s training, and this is what we get? Meanwhile you refuse to acknowledge that the protesters and the looters are different people. You act like each police incident is the only one that ever happened. Why are protesters held to such a higher standard than the police?

        1. Tau Myx – Just curious? How many times have you tried to do a police officer’s job? Monday morning quarterbacking is all well and good, but it’s not as cut and dry as you make it out to be. It’s not so easy.
          Go after REAL instances of abuse, but i’m sorry, if a man wielding a knife is threatening people, and he won’t lay it down, then shoot him. Period.
          And protesting that is not acceptable. So your protesters AND the looters are both wrong.

          1. CHK, how many times have you tried to reform government? Make democracy work? What have YOU done to go after real instances of abuse?

            A woman was shot to death by police because a man tried to exercise his second amendment rights to protect his home from intruders. They had every reason to think that they were under attack by thugs, and none to think it was police. (Thugs claim to be police all the time, you are an idiot if you drop your weapons every time someone says the magic word.)

            What did you do about this Ckh? Did you even recognize that there was a second amendment issue here?

  1. Nice mealy mouth equivocation. I thought your were close to calling it a “peaceful protest” with fire and destruction in the background.

    CNN, in their inexplicable way, incites the eyes/ears of the population with another untruth; “the latest instance of police officers using violence against Black people, who are disproportionately targeted by law enforcement.” “Disproportionately? No. The stats don’t support it.

    Is it a tragedy? Yes. Do the cops need to be inspected & re-trained? Yes…some–sure as shite.
    Until the country embraces the rational statement of, “don’t resist arrest,” we will make little progress. It must be a part of the discussion.

    I know there’s a “complication” with this instance per mental health and how the 911 call was taken and dispatched, but burning, breaking and taking things is NOT the response to encourage progress. Everyone is hurt by this type of response…especially the area’s inhabitants.

    1. Excellent point, Chad.

      CNN reporting: “the latest instance of police officers using violence against Black people, who are disproportionately targeted by law enforcement.”

      Not only is it factually incorrect, irresponsible reporting ignoring all standards of journalism, but more importantly telegraphing a page out of the Liberal Playbook. Specifically, continues to disrespect and treat all blacks as victims in a thinly veiled attempt to cast doubt and keep them on the Democrat plantation. Well, Donald Trump opened the gates and bad try CNN…

  2. This looting is a gift to President Trump’s re-election effort, but he doesn’t need it.

    This election is already over. The internal polling to which I have access is crystal clear:

    Four More Years!

    America is safe again. Let freedom ring!!!

    God bless the true Americans!

    1. It’s over indeed, if the Democrats don’t cheat like they alway do, all the time. Hunter and his father are emblematic of the stinking pay-for-play, taking money under the table, sell your country out politics that the left is now backing. They both are traitors … only difference is one has dementia. I say rename that sewer plant the ‘Biden Family Feces Acceptance Facility”

      1. Republicans cheating while Trump remains Virgin Pure? Can we talk about all the prized Trademarks that China gave Trump’s daughter? When that happened the estimate was that was worth millions. Maybe that was millions a year.

        Gore supporters generally believe that W won the EC when Gore won the voters, even if by a smallish margin.

        Trump woke up a lot of voters (even some Republicans with high morals) when he flags short by almost 3,000,000 votes but still gets into the White House. That was not illegal but it was a level of corruption that only Trump could pull off.

  3. 97% of demonstrations over white police officers killing Blacks are peaceful, but then Whites with guns enter the crowd to instigate violence when they instead should just go shopping inside the Apple store while leaving their guns in their cars.
    As an aside, Gov. Reagan first signed anti-gun laws in CA only after white folks were outraged that Black men could walk legally in Oakland holding hand weapons in the open, so gun control laws today are an outgrowth of that racist gun law under Reagan.

  4. Crazy guy goes at cops with knife, refuses to cease, cops protect themselves and kill the violent crazy guy.

    In our woke society it’s the cops fault as protesters tear apart their neighborhood, loot and steal and they are celebrated?

    Liberals are inept at everything. Welcome to Timmy’s America. This is the world he supports and celebrates.

    1. Ten years ago in my little county, we had a trained Mental Health Response Team with peace officers and mental health professionals properly trained and equipped to respond to situations like this. Philadelphia sent untrained officers unequipped with anything other than handguns. What happened isn’t the officers’ fault; it was the almost inevitable result of the situation they were placed in by official policy.

      A very high proportion of all officer-involved injuries and deaths in America occur in cases involving either behavioral disability or substance abuse, Being sick should not be punishable at all, much less by the death penalty. It needn’t be, if resources were properly directed to the problem. To somebody whose only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. To a peace officer whose only tool is a Glock, every problem looks like it needs deadly force.

      We need to give officers a bigger toolkit. That is politically difficult in a zero-sum game where every dollar spent on mental health and substance abuse appears to reduce the dollars available for traditional police work. Clearly, the politicians do not have the political will to spend taxpayer dollars in a more effective way. We the taxpayers and voters need to persuade them otherwise. That requires organizing to employ the First Amendment means of persuasion—free speech, a free press, and free assembly to petition the government for the redress of grievances.

      1. If the guy is a danger to the community as this guy was, he should be locked up where he can get the “mental health response” that he needs.
        No “mental health response team” should be dealing with homicidal maniacs at large.

        We don’t need bigger toolkits, we need to get these maggots off the street.

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