Apple TV+ inks deal with former ‘Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart

As part of an expansive, multiyear deal with Apple, Jon Stewart, the former writer, producer and host of The Daily Show, is set to front an all-new current affairs series for the streaming service.

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart

Lacey Rose for The Hollywood Reporter:

The show, which will run for multiple seasons, puts Stewart back in the anchor’s chair as he explores a host of topics at the center of both the national conversation and his own advocacy work.

The still-untitled show, which will feature hourlong, single-subject episodes, will be executive produced by Stewart through his company Busboy Productions. In his role as EP, he’ll be joined by his longtime manager James Dixon and former HBO chief Richard Plepler, who via his EDEN Productions also has a rich deal at Apple. A showrunner for the forthcoming series, for which Apple is expected to offer a companion podcast, has yet to be named…

Until recently, he had had a long-term production deal at HBO, where he had a first-look deal and was quietly prepping a timely, animated shortform series, which he and HBO ultimately pulled the plug on for technical reasons. While sources say HBO made a play for Stewart’s latest on-air foray, the latter ultimately landed at Apple, where it’s expected to begin rolling out next year.

MacDailyNews Take: HBO’s loss is Apple TV+’s gain as this will drive more eyeballs (and subscribers) to Apple’s fledgling streaming service.


  1. Haggard leftists do not bring in eyeballs.

    Fox News Channel’s audience is higher than MSNBC’s and CNN’s combined.

    Fox News Channel became the first cable network ever to surpass all broadcast networks in total weekday prime-time viewers for an entire quarter in the just-ended third quarter of 2020.

    If Apple were smart, they’d throw money at Tucker Carlson. He’d deliver at least 5X the subs as an ashen leftist like washed up Jon Stewart.

    But, of course, Tim Cook’s politics won’t allow smart business to take place unimpeded.

    Have a nice evening. 🙂

    1. “Fox News Channel’s audience is higher than MSNBC’s and CNN’s combined.”
      And a cocaine dealer’s profit is higher than a vegetable market and a bookstand combined. Fox news is for people who are too weak to face the duties of democracy. It is for people who want to be told comforting lies about how they are right, and all the far away people are wrong. Fox is cocaine for the soul.

      1. “And a cocaine dealer’s profit is higher than a vegetable market and a bookstand combined.”

        If you think that that is some kind of a valid argument, well then, you must be doing too much cocaine.

    2. You do know that Tucker Carlson is a registered Democrat, don’t you? He says it is so he can vote in the only meaningful DC local elections. It may be that his act is deliberate satire, like the old Colbert Report.

      1. Hey txusless, are you trying to imply that Tucker Carlson is a phony? From the prospective of anyone who is paying attention, you and your ilk are the phonies.

        I registered as a democrat way back in 1979 so I could vote against Ted Kennedy (the murderer) in the presidential primary election of 1980. There are people who will cross over to the dark side to fight evil.

        1. “Another demonstration that Trumpists can only understand one joke…”

          Ha ha ha! I get it now! That’s so funny! You liberals crack me up!

          Here’s a good one: “Generations yet unborn will suffer the consequences” said Senator Chuck U. Schumer on the Senate floor of Amy Coney Barrett’s elevation to the Supreme Court.

          If you or Chuck U. Schumer got together with Jon Stewart, you’d have one hell of a comedy team!

    3. As usual, your logic is so flawed as to be laughable. Fox News pulls in a large majority of the radical right including QAnon conspiracy adherents, David Duke followers, paranoid survivalists, and anti-science idiots. The rest of the media organizations split a much larger audience of mostly moderate to left-leaning progressives. I don’t care who the small subset of crazy far left people watch. They exist mostly as a counterpoint to the crazy far right, anyway, and they do not make policy for the rest of us.

      To clarify this for your challenged intellect:

      Fox News: 0.75 x 10 = 7.5

      Other media organizations: 0.2 x 20 + 0.2 x 20 + 0.2 x 20 + 0.2 x 20 = 16

      It is simple math, just like 325+ and a bottle of champagne to finish off Nov 3rd…

    4. More garbage, woke, caustic content on dying (or dead) TV. Its a sewer of rancid feces, and this guy is part of it. I flushed it all down long ago with the rest of them. At that sewer plant you will find the manager Michael Moore.

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