Apple Store in riot-ravaged Minneapolis permanently closed

The Apple Retail Store, Apple Uptown, located at 3018 Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota has been permanently closed.

Apple Uptown in Minneapolis
Apple Uptown in Minneapolis

Nicole Norfleet for The Minneapolis Star Tribune:

The Apple store in Uptown will close permanently, the latest in a growing list of shops and restaurants that have recently abandoned the beleaguered south Minneapolis retail center.

Apple has had a presence near the bustling corner of Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street for the last decade. It informed its about 60 employees Wednesday that the store would close.

The store had yet to reopen since March when the state’s stay-at-home orders to stem the spread of the coronavirus pandemic forced many retail establishments to temporarily shutter… In May, the Apple store was one of nearly 40 businesses near the corner that was damaged by rioters.

While the damage did accelerate the timing of the closure, Apple was already in discussions to close the store before the pandemic and the riots, the company said.

“Our stores in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area have served customers for 19 years, and our nearly 500 team members look forward to helping our customers for a long, long time,” Apple said Thursday in a statement. “Though we’ve made the difficult decision to permanently close Apple Uptown, all of our valued team members will be offered other positions within Apple and we look forward to continuing to serve our customers at our four nearby stores.”

MacDailyNews Take: When even an Apple Store can’t make it in your area, you’ve got problems.

In the state of Minnesota, there are currently four other Apple Retail Stores:

• Bloomington, Mall of America
• Edina, Southdale
• Minnetonka, Ridgedale
• Roseville, Rosedale Center


  1. There you have it. I think these stupid riots will have an impact for years to come to these communities. Sad. Here’s an idea, keep voting for those democrats that ran those cities into the shit holes they became.

    1. Did you read the part of the article that said Apple was considering closing the store permanently before the temporary closing for the pandemic in March?

      It is also a bit over the top to describe Minneapolis as “riot ravaged.” Most of the city was not affected. In the Uptown area, only 40 businesses were damaged. One is too many, but it hardly converted a metro area with 4 million people into a shithole. The elected city leaders had very little control over the police union that created a culture of impunity towards excessive force. “The Democrats” didn’t kneel on Black men’s necks.

          1. People are very brave about sacrificing other people’s belongings.

            Either go burn all your possessions OR stop lecturing us about how property loss doesn’t matter.

            If you DO burn all your possessions, you are welcome to lecture others about how property loss is meaningless. Otherwise, step off your high horse.

            1. As I pointed out when you posted this propaganda piece on another thread, 17 of the 26 were “leftists” themselves, mostly killed by the police or vigilantes. One was a guard allegedly shot by a *right-wing” Bougaloo Boi. Four died as a result of street crime (mugging, carjacking, etc.) unrelated to the protests, leaving a maximum of four killed by anybody even arguably connected with the protests.

          2. What is “sick” is you have no priorities regarding destruction of businesses and property that destroyed the livelihood of “human lives” who make a living in those buildings.

            No problem with looters destroying random properties you obviously support and no call for law enforcement.

            OK fine, post your address where you live here and you won’t have a problem with destructive criminals paying you a visit, as you say its only property and the outcome does not matter.

            Now that’s SICK!…

      1. It’s puzzling to try to figure out who you’re trying to protect/justify.

        In context:

        “ By June 19, the violence in the Twin Cities had resulted in at least 2 deaths, 619 arrests, and upwards of $500 million in damage to 1,500 properties, the second-most destructive period of local unrest in United States history, after the 1992 Los Angeles riots.”

        And antifa is just an idea and BLM is wrongly commented to violence/destruction?

        1. My point was that drawing a cause-effect relationship between the rioting and the closure is simplistic. Only 40 of the 1500 vandalized shops were near this Apple Store, which was already an economic low performer in danger of closing well before the Pandemic Recession. Blaming the permanent closure on the coronavirus (and the government response to it) might be reasonable. Blaming it on the rioting is not.

          Blaming the rioting on the overwhelming majority of Twin City protesters who had nothing to do with the violence is basically just an effort to avoid dealing with the issues the protesters were raising. Back in early summer, a 67% majority of Americans—including 37% of Republicans—supported BLM on those issues. That support has fallen due to exactly this sort of effort to link social unrest with the protesters, rather than with the abuses that inspired the protests and with the street criminals who used the protests as cover for their illegal conduct.

          1. Simply, you’re point was ridiculously dismissive of a very notable reality. Your narrative again drives you at the expense of truth. You take advantage of those that don’t know better, or whom are unwilling to call you out.

          2. TxUser is right. You are wrong. Your thought processes have been shaped by hyper partisan forces and you can no longer separate fact from fictions, which you have been taught To treat as “alternative facts.” Trump has told over 20,000 “alternative facts” in less than four years.

            I have noted that the right blames the left for everything. The right demonizes the left. And the right blames the left for all of the corruption that the right bathes in daily. Note how many Trump appointees have been indicted – rampant corruption. Trump didn’t drain the swamp, he turned it into a cesspool.

            As far as the violence and destruction goes – no one likes it, Republican or Democrat. But it is telling that the far right instigated a lot of the violence, transporting guns and would-be militants into areas of unrest and inciting violence, then blaming the peaceful protestors.

            I am tied of your lies. I am tired of your illogic. And I am tired of hearing Trump deny any wrong, any error, or any responsibility. Trump actual said tonight: “ I take full responsibility, but it isn’t my fault…” Gotta love that twisted piece of non sequitor.

            Trump is no Abraham Lincoln, that is certain. Trump does have a lot of Joseph McCarthy in him, though, along with a pice of Gingrich and some Epstein.

            I don’t love Biden. But I absolutely despise Trump. He is the same egotistical, callous POS that he has been since he was in his 20s.

            1. Unreconcilable…

              TXUser: “It is also a bit over the top to describe Minneapolis as “riot ravaged.”

              Of the Mpls riots: “the second-most destructive period of local unrest in United States history, after the 1992 Los Angeles riots.”

              It’s nothing but mind-bending irrationality.

            2. All that tripe you spewed makes me think you belong at CNN where you will fit in fine with the rest of those #MeToobins!

      2. You are assuming because he can write that he can read too. Sometimes people just love to spout while ignoring any actual semblance of truth. That said, any smashing up of shops is a stupid self defeating business if a place is struggling prior to them it’s perception certainly isn’t going to improve after them, but using that to simply one dimensionally party politicise is more part of the problem than any potential cure.

      3. “Did you read the part of the article that said Apple was considering closing the store permanently before the temporary closing for the pandemic in March?”


        You now making excuses for Apple and supporting the Destructive Democrats smashing their business and destroying 40 innocent properties, why is that? Certainly you support that lawlessness because you have not spoken out against it.

        “The elected city leaders had very little control over the police union that created a culture of impunity towards excessive force.”

        More excuses. So you are saying the Democrat mayor has ZERO negotiating skills to deal with the city police union and cannot find common ground to work together in lockstep solidarity. That says more about the Democrat Mayor than the police union and the mayor needs to step down.

        “The Democrats” didn’t kneel on Black men’s necks.” TOTAL POLITICAL CHEAP SHOT channeling and reviving tired Democrat talking points — you can’t help yourself and it is pathetic and not germane to this conversation. But hey, obviously you don’t care.

        The police union, is that who you are referring to? Spare us the phony drive by covert attack and get real, no one id talking about “Black men’s necks” except political deflection FOOLS like yourself.

        Bottom Line: Democrat Apple Store closed permanently in a Democrat dominated city and state and the Democrat mayor and the Democrat police union could not stop it.

        I don’t hear praise for President Trump aiding in stopping the violence in Minneapolis, but that is par for the course for selective dim bulb LIARS like TxUser…

        1. Try it to make stuff up, OK?

          The police union in Minneapolis, like police unions almost everywhere, is composed of rabid Trump supporters. They appeared on stage with him at a rally last October. They even wanted to wear their uniforms. They enjoy his message that “law and order” is about maintaining, by any means necessary, control over nonconforming individuals.

          The union contract has made it almost impossible for the city government to identify and eliminate the bad apples. The union fought successive police chiefs on every effort at reforming the culture that led an officer to literally kneel on a black man’s neck for nine minutes… and the union has subsequently taken an active role in defending that indefensible act.

          President Trump did zippo for ending the violence in Minneapolis. The law enforcement and National Guard personnel who did the work were all under state control.

          And none of this has anything to do with why this store closed.

            1. You are in total denial of the situation and not one item is truthful.

              Making excuses for failed Democrat policies and Democrat politicians will not cut it.

              “The law enforcement and National Guard personnel who did the work were all under state control.”

              They asked for federal assistance and the President supported the decision and they worked together. Unlike the Portland mayor that does not want assistance from anything Trump or federal Troops.

              Almost everything you write is denial, deflection, making excuses for Democrat leaders everywhere while excoriating the president and his party.

              You are one sick person…

          1. According to a June 24 story from a local TV station, the rioting began on a Wednesday night. Governor Walz began assembling the National Guard the next morning. At 10:55 Thursday, the Mayor officially asked the Governor for troops. By 4:04, Walz had activated the troops and by nightfall hundreds of National Guard personnel were on the streets.

            At 10:30 pm, the President called the Governor and offered to send troops. Walz declined the offer, pointing out that he had 15,000 troops available in the Minnesota National Guard under state control. Over the next couple of days, the Guard was deployed and controlled the violence.

            At no point did the Mayor or Governor request federal assistance and there were never, ever, federal troops involved.

            That did not stop Mr. Trump from claiming credit.

      1. This is the dumbest thing said on this chain. Looting is destructive and against the law. Insurance has nothing to do with stealing (you have home owners insurance, you want criminals to come take your stuff? You will be reimbursed if insured). And insurance premiums WILL go up. There is always a cost.
        And you last asinine comment about private ownership only outs you as a racist. Not even fit for this conversation.

        1. I think you fell for a troll. At least half the apparently liberal comments on this thread were obviously posted by Trump supporters trying to wind up his base. Real liberals do not support violence or the victimization of innocent property owners. The radicals who do are a vanishingly compared to simple opportunistic criminals and white supremicists. By definition, anarchists do not belong to any political party.

  2. It seems that MacDailyNews has fallen short when considering the bigger implications.
    Instead of;
    “When even an Apple Store can’t make it in your area, you’ve got problems.”
    More relevant would be;
    When an Apple Store can’t make it WE’VE got problems.
    We all need to strive for a kinder and gentler dialogue.
    Peace out.

  3. Hey Editors, why don’t keep the politics out of your Mac/Apple news? That’s not why we come here. The original article you’re sourcing has a much more appropriate title, “Uptown Apple store in Minneapolis closes permanently.” You decided to inject some politics here.

  4. Dear Mark,
    An open forum is the only way. If your opinions aren’t shared by the majority here then—so what? Free speech is intended to give unpopular speech a safe soapbox from which to be heard. Why do you think you can censor one side if it doesn’t agree with your views? Just like FakeBook; —You are a fascist.

  5. As long as the wealthy write the laws that oppress normal folks to perpetuate disparity and produce discontent, so society will express outrage, with undercover cops igniting violence to bring things to a head rather than to keep them simmering. Crooked cops which the wealthy love, finding them indispensible. It has always been so.

  6. Pretty simple here: Republicans support police. Dems support rioters, looters and pillagers. By their inaction against law and order.. And Joe Biden is the Chinese leaders butt boy at his beck and call.

  7. There seems to be a lot of Trumper-thumpers trolling the MDN site trying to influence the election.
    You proud [little] boys can go ahead and run along now…back to your android sandbox.
    Five stars if you’re voting for Biden one star if you’re voting for Trump.

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