Apple discontinues standalone ‘Apple TV Remote’ app

Apple has discontinued the company’s standalone ‘Apple TV Remote’ app, but fret not fellow Apple TV Siri Remote haters, you won’t have to use that piece of junk because the Remote feature is built into the Control Center, and has been since iOS 12.

The Apple TV Remote via the iOS Control Center
The Apple TV Remote via the iOS Control Center

Filipe Espósito for 9to5Mac:

9to5Mac found that Apple has also removed almost all references to the Apple TV Remote app, suggesting that the company has in fact discontinued it. A 9to5Mac reader told us that he contacted Apple support to ask about the app, but not even the support agent could explain what happened.

Now, if you visit the Apple Support website, the article about using Apple TV Remote on your iPhone or iPad only suggests that you add the Remote option to the iOS Control Center.

MacDailyNews Note: To set up the Apple TV Remote in Control Center:

  1. Open Control Center:
      • On iPhone X or later or iPad with the latest version of iPadOS: Swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen.
      • On iPhone 8 or earlier or iOS 11 or earlier: Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen.
  2. Tap the Apple TV Remote.
  3. Tap your Apple TV or smart TV from the list.
  4. When asked, follow the onscreen instructions to enter a four-digit passcode into your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


  1. The Control Center Remote works with my old 3rd gen Apple TV. That’s the really tiny model with A5 (and a simple remote control), before the model with third-party apps (and Siri).

    I’m happy Apple still supports it. It gets software updates. I recently added the CBS/Showtime bundle to my tv+ service. That new content is available from the tv “tile” on main screen. I assume anything that’s added to tv+ will become accessible. It can also directly access other pay services (that’s not in tv+) including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. For things I cannot access directly, I can AirPlay to Apple TV from my iPhone or iPad.

    This old thing continues to provide great value. I use it more today than when it was brand new.

  2. Doesn’t work properly with my AppleTV4K. It names it on the button, spins forever like it wants to do something, and without prompting starts playing music from my music library on the tv. And then just hangs. I have to turn off the music with my Siri remote.

    1. Sorry if silly question, but have you restarted your Apple TV recently? Mine is set to stay ON. Occasionally it becomes unresponsive and I have to make it restart. Then everything is OK again. Your model is more complex (plus user installed third party apps), probably more prone to software glitches.

      Maybe try doing a full reset if restart doesn’t help (and using iPhone as remote is important).

    1. Probably because a real remote control sends an infrared (IR) signal directly to TV for volume control. The iPhone remote control software uses your WiFi network to communicate with Apple TV. iPhone can’t produce IR 🙂

    2. Volume is available only if AppleTV is connected to an HDMI device that supports ARC (audio return channel), either the actual TV or a sound bar/receiver, and you enable HDMI audio control support on the AppleTV.

      I have this setup and it’s great being able to control receiver volume with my physical iPhone volume buttons.

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