Even more than 5G, the cameras are what sells Apple’s iPhone 12

Yes, all of Apple’s new iPhone 12 family members have 5G capability, but that might not be the main selling point. For people with older iPhones, the cameras in the new iPhones are significantly better. Those cameras, over and above 5G (which is far from ubiquitous currently), might be the iPhone 12 family’s key selling point.

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be available in four stainless steel finishes, including graphite, silver, gold, and pacific blue.
iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be available in four stainless steel finishes, including graphite, silver, gold, and pacific blue.

Ethan Wolff-Mann for Yahoo Finance:

This year, with the help of Verizon, which owns Yahoo Finance, the iPhone 12 will have 5G, the next standard in mobile wireless connectivity that the companies promise will be game-changing (literally, by demonstrating game play for a game called “League of Legends”).

But 5G is young and the technology represents future potential, not a solution to a problem. 4G LTE is fast enough for most consumers’ current needs, so the vague promise of 5G might not sell phones that well.

Fortunately for Apple, the new iPhones have a better camera and the new “pro” iPhones — 12 Pro and Pro Max — have a “pro camera system,” which is “reimagined” with longer focal lengths and features that “capture beautiful professional-quality images.”

To wit, Apple hired Emmanuel “El Chivo” Lubezki, the multi-Oscar winning cinematographer genius to underscore the point at its virtual presentation on Tuesday. Now you can shoot with something that’s good enough for El Chivo — your kids, your activities, and maybe you can get creative, now that you finally have a good camera.

This change in positioning toward a “pro” market might unlock a supercycle just as much as the nebulous 5G.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, no other so-called “smartphone” can compete with Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro or, especially, iPhone 12 Pro Max in still photography, much less videography (iPhone is in another universe in video).


  1. By promoting 5G Apple is laying the groundwork for future sales. 5G has a chicken and egg problem. Pundits complain there are no apps yet for 5G. Hard to develop apps if there are no phones and active networks. Also, 5G is further advanced in other countries such as China.

  2. I wish Apple would make a real camcorder that combined all their powerful imaging technology with a big 52mm primary lens and a form factor suited for video. Then you’d have killer low light capability and real boca to build the simulated off of. And a high quality stereo mike and big 4 hr battery would be nice. That market is languishing right now.

  3. I wish Apple would spend more time making a better….ya know…PHONE!!! The Email could use major improvements, The Music app could use major improvements….ie I bought a 512 GB memory to use for nothing more than music…upon syncing with my MAC Mini …it still leaves albums from being transferred…..THIS IS JUST basic stuff that should be optimized…..I’ll bet a small percentage take advantage of all the crap pout into to the cameras…..

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