Trump administration explores restrictions on Chinese Alipay and WeChat payment platforms

Trump administration officials have stepped up behind-the-scenes talks in recent weeks about possibly restricting the expansion of Ant Group’s Alipay and Tencent Holdings Ltd.’s WeChat Pay over concerns that the digital-payment platforms threaten national security, Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday.

Apple Pay Octopus launches in Hong Kong
Apple Pay Octopus launched in Hong Kong earier this year

Lulu Yilun Chen and Jennifer Surane for Bloomberg:

The Trump administration’s potential restrictions on two Chinese payments giants would reverberate far beyond politics, potentially affecting multibillion-dollar deals, shaking up international commerce and even shaping the evolution of the global financial system.

If the administration proceeds, the most immediate hit would be to Ant Group’s plan for a stock listing in Shanghai and Hong Kong, a deal that could rank as the world’s largest initial public offering. Some international companies have been working with the payment apps and could see those strategies hurt or derailed. And while restrictions may ultimately head off potent competitors to U.S. and European banks, it could also — depending on how China responds — thwart their own planned expansion into the world’s second-largest economy.

For U.S. banks, the news comes with upsides and downsides. American bankers have long feared domestic consumers would one day embrace Chinese-style payment apps, which seamlessly allow people to shop, order takeout, pay bills and manage brokerage accounts using mobile phones. A variety of banks and technology companies have tried and failed to gain the kind of dominance allowing them to head off outside competition.

On the other hand, U.S. banks have been eyeing China as fertile ground for revenue growth.

MacDailyNews Take: As the report notes, the Trump administration’s guidelines for Tencent’s WeChat instant-messaging app may hint at to how the U.S. might handle payment platforms such as Alipay as the administration has allowed U.S. companies to continue working with WeChat outside of the U.S.

Note also, that in February 2019, Apple paired up with Jack Ma’s Ant Financial Services Group, the world’s largest financial-technology company, to give iPhone buyers in China an affordable purchase option: up to two years of interest-free financing via Alipay.


  1. Lots of money involved here. Billions upon billions of dollars.

    No wonder Goldman Sachs, the bankers, the CCP, and the like are lined up behind Sleepy Joe.

    The want things to go back to the way they were, with China running roughshod over the world, unimpeded, even aided, by feckless U.S. career politicians.

    1. All Trump has accomplished about all that is to be humiliated by North Korea, lose billions on business for our farmers, and have prices on many basic materials jacked up by 25% by our own manufacturers.

      Good job Trump!

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            Awesome rebuttal to TxUser — BRAVO! 👏🏻

            He has a bad habit of misinterpretation from a PC liberal political position and then projecting false accusations and outcomes while pitifully trying to speak for everyone.

            He made the fatal mistake: “isn’t a misogynistic male white sadist” Obviously he has a serial problem repeating white male negative stereotypes and worse, falsely projecting them on to sincere posters like yourself.

            I read the informative article you posted and several important takeaways:

            “Being a Republican, I see things getting done,” Detroit resident Robin Barnes said. “I see the promises being kept.”

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            “They said they believe Trump has championed a number of policies that have helped revitalize the Black community, including criminal justice reform, school choice legislation and a better economy for Black people.”

            The most important:

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    1. Hillary never led in polls beyond the margin of error. 2016 was always a tight race that could have gone either way. 2020 is completely different. Trump is down anywhere from 11 to 16 points which is well outside the margin of error. State by state polls are even worse for Trump. His approval ratings are the lowest among recent presidents at this point in their terms. Trump is going to be destroyed. Even if you believe in mail in ballot fraud (which is utter nonsense) there’s no amount of fraud that could cause Trump to lose this huge. Election fraud is really really hard to pull off and only works in very very tight races. 2020 is not that kind of race. It is already over for Trump and he knows it. In recent interviews just listen to the language coming out of Trump’s mouth. Phrases like “unless I win” and talking about Joe Biden as president. Trump knows he’s going to lose. Too bad you don’t.

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