Apple expected to unveil four new 5G iPhones on October 13th

Apple announced that its biggest product launch event of the year will be held October 13th to unveil a slew of 5G iPhones. The Cupertino colossus on Tuesday released the date and time of the event with the tagline “Hi, Speed.”

iPhone 12 renders (image via
iPhone 12 renders (image via

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg:

The company plans to reveal four redesigned iPhones with 5G wireless capability, upgraded cameras, faster processors and a wider range of screen sizes… The introduction of the new iPhones is occurring about a month later than usual after the company faced final testing and production delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new lineup will also mark Apple’s biggest screen size variation in years, adding a 5.4-inch model and a 6.7-inch version… The new phones will have the most dramatic redesign since the iPhone X in 2017, adding squared off sides to replace the current rounded edges. The four models will be split into two entry-level versions and two Pro variations, with the higher-end phones using stainless steel and the less-expensive devices using aluminum. Apple plans to add a Lidar scanner, a depth-sensing camera that improves augmented reality apps, to the more-expensive models.

Even with the announcement next week, some of the new models aren’t expected to be widely available for a number of weeks due to supply constraints.

MacDailyNews Take: “Pro” models to be available later than the “regular” iPhone models, but we’re fine to wait for the flagship as we really want that 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max display!


  1. “Apple announced that its biggest product launch event of the year will be held October 13th to unveil a slew of 5G iPhones.”

    Actually, no they didn’t. Apple announced an event with the tagline “Hi, Speed.” and nothing more.

    That’s where I stopped reading.

    1. Have you seen the current AT&T ad on TV? It says, “For a 5G Network, You need a 5G phone”? I called AT&T to inquire about this (I do NOT recommend doing this. The runaround was terrible.) The reps I spoke with mostly knew only how to sell me a phone with a plan. When I pressed to ask, “Is it true that you need a 5G phone for a 5G network?” (like the ad says), I was usually told that “to get the full advantage” of a 5G network…. blah, blah, blah.” But when I persisted, they eventually admitted that, “No, you can use a 5G network (with a lesser phone).” THEREFORE, this aspect of the AT&T TV advertisement is a lie

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