Apple sues Canadian recycler for allegedly reselling 100K iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches

Apple alleges in a lawsuit that Canadian recycler Geep Canada sold approximately 100,000 iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches, which the recycler had received to be taken apart and recycled.

Daisy, Apple’s recycling robot, will now disassemble used iPhones returned to Best Buy in the US and KPN in the Netherlands.
Daisy, Apple’s recycling robot, disassembles used iPhones

William Gallagher for AppleInsider:

Apple has long been working to increase how much it recycles, and even as it attempts to move more of that process in house, it still continues to rely on certain partner companies. Since 2014, that’s included Geep Canada, the electronics recycling firm which Apple is reportedly now suing.

According to The Logic, Apple estimates that Geep Canada stole around 100,000 iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches that it had been hired to recycle.

Geep does not deny the thefts, but has filed a counter suit claiming that they were conducted by three “rogue” employees without the knowledge of the company. Apple argues that these employees were in fact senior management at the firm.

Apple is seeking full recovery of the profits made from the resale of these devices, plus $31 million Canadian ($22.7 million US).

MacDailyNews Take: Seems like a pretty simple case: Canadian recycler Geep Canada was contracted by Apple to do a job and they failed to do the job for which they were contracted. We’ll see how it shakes out in court.


    1. this reminds me of universal mail-in ballots. honest people should have the right to vote by mail but there is such a rich potential for abuse, there’s no choice but to eliminate the practice

  1. Too bad. Story being missed is that there seems to be a business possible for recycling older iphones as someone clearly still has use for these. Unfortunately, it was done illegally, so that part is not good.

    But clearly much waste could be avoided, because not all components are recyclable.

      1. Though I get you point about ethics (though I would quibble on your usage…since it has more to do with actions of what is right or not versus violating a contract) …actually it WAS illegal too… stealing product that was not rightfully theirs, and even selling what is not theirs for their own gain is also illegal.

  2. The story is that Apple doesn’t want usable devices resold, they want them torn apart to force consumers to pay for new devices. Apples “green” chest-thumping was fake enough already, now we see the ugly carbon spewing monster under the mask (not Lisa Jackson).

  3. “Geep does not deny the thefts, but has filed a counter suit claiming that they were conducted by three “rogue” employees without the knowledge of the company.”
    Why are they countersuing Apple? Shouldn’t they be suing their 3 rogue employees?

  4. Really the best way to “recycle” an electronic device is to find a new use for it. This is always far more efficient than tearing it up for parts. It is sad that Apple has come to see the longevity of their products as a disadvantage.

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