Apple Watch Series 6 teardown reveals bigger battery, slimmer design

As detailed in a new teardown from iFixit, the Apple Watch Series 6 packs several notable changes to its internal design, including the removal of Force Touch, as well as a slightly larger battery, thinner design, and more.

Apple Watch Series 6 in striking graphite stainless steel.
Apple Watch Series 6 in striking graphite stainless steel.


The Apple Watch Series 6 is here to take your breath away—or at least tell you a whole lot about your breathing. We’re pushing our VO2 max just thinking about seeing new sensors (and no finicky Force Touch) inside this latest model, so let’s get our blood pumping with some very small-space exercise…

{The] LTPO OLED Retina display [is] optimized for always-on functionality — this time without Force Touch… We’re happy to see a fragile, damage-prone part retired, but sad to see the final nail in the coffin for Apple’s nifty pressure-sensitive display technology. We’re torn, but we’ll call this a win.

The 44 mm Watch cell is rated at 1.17 Wh — a slight increase over the Series 5… that’s a 3.5% increase for the 44 mm battery, and an even bigger 8.5% increase for the 40 mm from their Series 5 counterparts.

The modified case and lack of Force Touch gasket probably accounts for the fact that this year’s model is a hair thinner, with overall thickness at 10.4 mm (down from 10.74 mm last year). Apple somehow packed more battery and more Taptic Engine into a (barely) smaller design. Impressive!

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch Series 6 is the pinnacle of Apple Watch – and, therefore, smartwatch — design and, most importantly, performance!


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