Wedbush: Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ event is the appetizer ahead of ‘iPhone 12’

Investment bank Wedbush says Apple’s “Time Flies” event, focused on a new “Apple Watch Series 6” and “iPad Air 4,” is the appetizer that will help to build anticipation for the “iPhone 12” main course expected to arrive early in October.

Image: iPhone 12 render (image via
iPhone 12 render (image via

Mike Peterson for AppleInsider:

In a note to investors seen by AppleInsider, Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives corroborates that the “Time Flies” event on Tuesday will be focused on refreshes of both Apple’s iPad and Apple Watch products.

Apple is largely expected to debut the “Apple Watch Series 6” and “iPad Air 4” at the event, and may also debut an 8th-generation iPad and lower-priced Apple Watch with new plastic casing options.

Looking ahead, the analyst predicts Apple will hold another special event early in October — likely within the first week. It’s there that Wedbush expects the company to debut the “iPhone 12” and “iPhone 12 Pro” devices.

For the flagship product, Ives reiterates his forecast that the lineup will be a “one in a decade” product cycle… “Importantly, with our estimation that 350 million of 950 million iPhones worldwide are currently in the window of an upgrade opportunity, we believe this will translate into an unprecedented upgrade cycle for [Tim] Cook & Co,” the analyst wrote.

MacDailyNews Take: Hope you’re hungry! Today’s event and next month’s Apple events are sure to satisfy!

2020 will usher in a multi-year iPhone super cycle. — MacDailyNews, December 26, 2019


  1. There’s no talk of an event to showcase the new Macs using Apple’s own chipset. I’d be surprised if that would be included in the “iPhone event” and I can’t imagine them releasing these “via press release”. Perhaps another event, in November?

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