China would rather see TikTok U.S. close than a forced sale

Beijing opposes a forced sale of TikTok’s U.S. operations by its Chinese owner ByteDance, and would prefer to see the short video app shut down in the United States, Reuters reports, citing “three people with direct knowledge of the matter.”

TikTik logoReuters:

ByteDance has been in talks to sell TikTok’s U.S. business to potential buyers including Microsoft and Oracle since U.S. President Donald Trump threatened last month to ban the service if it was not sold. Trump has given ByteDance a deadline of mid September to finalise a deal.

However, Chinese officials believe a forced sale would make both ByteDance and China appear weak in the face of pressure from Washington, the sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity given the sensitivity of the situation… Two of the sources said China was willing to use revisions it made to a technology exports list on Aug. 28 to delay any deal reached by ByteDance, if it had to.

Trump last month issued two executive orders that require ByteDance to sell TikTok’s U.S. assets or face being banned in the country, where the app is hugely popular among teenagers. U.S. officials have criticised the app’s security and privacy, suggesting that user data might be shared with Beijing.

MacDailyNews Take: The saga continues – for a few more days, at least.


  1. Today the Chinese Government announced: “Yes, the Chinese Government uses Tik Tok to collect data on American Citizens. We have GPS data and addresses of millions of Americans. If any of the teenage users of our app should run for political office in the future, we have incriminating video of them dancing in their bedroom in their underwear . . . We would like to thank American consumers for being stupid enough to believe that this was an “entertainment” app.

    1. Or the corrupt administration will force the Chinese developer to license it to their buddies at Oracle, who will do nothing to improve the app, expose the data collection, or repatriate the servers that collect US user data. This is A-OK with the current so-called republicans who used to complain about the government intervention into the free market.

      All the details haven’t been revealed but if you look at every prior deal that the trumpistas attempted to push in the last 4 years, much more was promised than delivered. If anything is ever delivered.

      What we do know is that Apple lost, they won’t have any media presence. China won, they will continue to own the TikTok code and actually may benefit by having a US middleman to shield them from further oversight. Cronies are all happy, they will get their kickbacks.

      The whole thing stinks and there hasn’t been any specific security data issue proven yet — other than the fact that no teenager that uses TikTok will ever vote for the Drumph crime family.

      So the fact free spin now drives a government that doesn’t trust the military or US intelligence but instead gets its security advice from panicked reelection campaign staffers. What are they hiding? You know that Melania and her family are foreigners too, right? Better ban them too, they are moles perfectly placed to spy on America. Not to mention former nude model Melania is grooming a bunch of illegal child sex workers trafficked to the USA now that she runs Epstein’s old network. That’s how she got her entry into the USA. You heard it on MDN first.

  2. CCP knows all bout “forcing” people to do stuff against their will. Like forcefully given up vital organs without anesthesia.

    CCP is funny, they “forcefully” block Facebook, google, youtube, Instagram and snapchat from the mainland market place.

    The CCP forcefully delay HongKong elections and forcefully impose new in”security law” on Hong Kong.

    They threaten to forcefully invade Taiwan.

    CCP knows all about misusing force.

    so yea how dare the USA forcefully remove TikTok from the app store. Who do we think we are for standing up to the CCP.

  3. Exactly and enlightening laundry list.

    If a U.S. company buys a Chinese company not sure the CCP risk will go away.

    That said, measuring the popularity of a social media APP versus U.S. national security the decision is a no brainer.

    Tim Cook is experienced at banning APPS governments don’t approve of, so the solution is simple.

    Ban the APP in the U.S. over security concerns and the Chinese will continue to use unabated in their country.

    The USA kiddies tears will dry up over time and it’s not like zero viable options exist.

    Win, Win…

      1. President Trump is the first president to take on China reworking bad trade deals Democrats passed into law.

        Regarding debt we can thank the Obama administration for nearly doubling it in eight years more than all 43 presidents before him combined. I don’t read you have a problem with that reality.

        Certainly Covid relief played a huge role a much better reason than the previous eight years paying off loyal trade unions…

        1. Who passed these trade deals into law? What party holds the Senate?

          What US corporations have ever lobbied for restrictions on their Chinese outsourcing?

          Goeb your revisionist bullshit never ceases to amaze.

          1. “Get a clue” indeed.

            Clinton passed NAFTA the worst trade deal in my lifetime and Biden was a huge supporter in the Senate 1990s.

            President Trump replaced it with more favorably legislation to U.S. companies and no president in history has held China more accountable.

            ZERO in my post is “revisionist” but yes, I am amazing…🤣

  4. “Chinese officials believe a forced sale would make both ByteDance and China appear weak in the face of pressure from Washington”

    They should just make a “sizzle reel” showing off the brutality and efficiency of their ethic genocide machine. That would expel any thought of weakness in light of the grotesque and ruthless exercise of strength against helpless women and children.

    but what’s funny is the CCP dose not even allow TiKTok inside the great firewall of China, They actual have a censored/different version for the captive china population called Douyin. They complain about the usa banning the very app they ban. You can’t make this stuff up.

    But dont worry Biden won’t let this slide; everyone knows he is a super power in hiding. The frail old man act is just a guise to hide his awesome mental powers to levitate mountains and raise the dead.

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