Apple homepage spotlights Apple TV+’s 18 Emmy nominations

The homepage now displays Apple TV+’s Emmy nominations, proudly declaring “18 Emmy Nominations, and we’re just getting started.” homepage homepage

The Morning Show” leads the way with 8 Emmy Nominations, including:

• Outstanding Lead Actress: Jennifer Aniston
• Outstanding Lead Actor: Steve Carell
• Outstanding Supporting Actor: Billy Crudup
• Outstanding Supporting Actor: Mark Duplass
• Outstanding Guest Actor: Martin Short
• Outstanding Directing: Mimi Leder

Defending Jacob” garnered 2 Emmy Nominations, including:

• Outstanding Cinematography: Jonathan Freeman, Asc
• Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music: Ólafur Arnalds

Beastie Boys Story” earned Emmy Nominations, including:

• Outstanding Documentary
• Outstanding Writing: Mike Diamond, Adam Horovitz, and Spike Jonze

The “72nd Primetime Emmy Awards” will be aired on September 20th.

MacDailyNews Take: Many more awards to come for Apple TV+ for sure! Congrats to all of the nominees!


  1. I invented Apple 🍎 TV “PLoos” please give me a moment to explain this


    Doctor DRE (Short for Andre) creates the best

    Tim Cooke Islands made a secret rocket that is capable for reaching MARD which is a planet similar to MARS but spelled with a D. Therefore.

      1. Because Trump attacked Laurene Powell-Jobs (having backed his opponent, encouraging his cult base to harras her in any way possible)who is an executive investor in and producer of, socially aware documentaries that may well garner an Emmy.
        Three degrees of separation between the president publicly targeting her with an unforgivable and unthinkable reaction.
        Your guy is a monster.

  2. I wonder if the doc “Greta” being shown at Venice’s 77th International Film Festival is available on Apple TV?
    She uses a Mac to write “her speeches…in the most meticulous way, trying not to make spelling mistakes especially when she writes in a [non-Swedish] language.” I truly admire her political engagement, especially at Middle School age. I was self-absorbed in sports and girls.

    1. Sorry to break this to you but she doesn’t write her material.
      She’s a tool of the left, fed a script just like the man at the other end of the age spectrum, Joe Biden.

      But I do wonder if you have any admiration for the other teenager used by the media last year, Nick Sandman?

      1. John Dingleberry is an asstiste, and not just a tool of the left himself, but a genuine bona fide tool. His art is pure excrement and he pollutes this forum with his presence.

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