Apple delays iOS 14 ad tracking policy that had Facebook fuming

Apple is delaying its new rules around in-app ad tracking in iOS 14, postponing the disclosure requirement that had Facebook publicly fuming. Announced at WWDC 2020, Apple’s new feature was intended to make it plain to users that software could use data to deliver personalized adverts, and indeed track users across multiple apps and websites. iOS users would be presented with the option to allow or disallow such tracking.

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Chris Davies for SlashGear:

At the time, Apple was praised by privacy advocates for taking the step, which could prevent iPhone and iPad users from unwittingly having their digital lives tracked and comprehensive profiles built on them for more specific advertising purposes.

However it was less popular with ad providers and networks. In August, Facebook called out the iOS 14 feature as having the potential to undermine its partner ad business. The change could leave its so-called Audience Network system “so ineffective on iOS 14 that it may not make sense to offer it on iOS 14,” Facebook said at the time.

Clearly someone at Apple has been listening to the feedback. Now, while iOS 14 will still support the new notification and the prompt to permit in-app tracking, developers won’t be penalized if their apps don’t show it. Instead it won’t be until sometime early in 2021 before Apple makes supporting the notification a requirement.

MacDailyNews Note: Regarding ad tracking in iOS 14, Apple’s statement to developers:

At Apple, we believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. As announced at WWDC20, App Store product pages will feature a new privacy information section to help users understand an app’s privacy practices. Today we are publishing more details for developers on what will be covered in this new privacy section. By the end of next month, you will be able to submit your information via App Store Connect to prepare for this feature rolling out to users by the end of the year.

In addition, on iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14, apps will be required to receive user permission to track users across apps or websites owned by other companies, or to access the device’s advertising identifier. We are committed to ensuring users can choose whether or not they allow an app to track them. To give developers time to make necessary changes, apps will be required to obtain permission to track users starting early next year. More information, including an update to the App Store Review Guidelines, will follow this fall.


  1. Apple, bury it if you have to, but give us access. I’ll delve 6, 12, 23 taps deep in Settings if I must, but I want to shut this sh!t down. I’m GenX. I’m sick of being manipulated and used. Don’t track me. Give me a way out of all of it.

  2. I wonder if Apple’s delay is a result of its squeezing some advantageous deal from the over-wealthy whiner, plastic-faced, reptilian Zuk. The delay is approx. a mere 6 months until full implementation, it seems. I can wait 6 months. No biggie.
    Of course, Apple is able to tout privacy since it is not camped out on people’s private profiles. I feel fortunate to have access and to use Apple’s respectful products and services, and I use them enthusiastically.

  3. Hearing this is rather disappointing. However, if it does hurt developers then I suppose Apple should hold off. I don’t care if I’m tracked by ads as I rarely ever click on them. I do run AdGuard and that is supposed to stop ad tracking. I don’t like Apple being swayed by Facebook as that company is a personal data-mining company and they’re doing very well financially, so they need to stop whining.

    1. History in the making!

      Danox almost took Apple to task for years of hypocritical anti-user behavior. Turns out Apple cares more about its corporate profiteering than user protection.

      1. Apple buybacks were a utter waste of money over the years (in light of the recent 4 to 1 split).

        Tim Cook is a hired hand who looks to get along (Facebook, Google, and Microsoft should be kept off the iOS platform other than a web address, giving any of them a default position on iOS hurts smaller more creative developers).

        Apple pumping Ads, subscriptions and wasting time on content are wrong the profit is small, the big money always be in Apples hardware, software design and engineering.
        (lost leaders were never a reason to buy Apple gear).

        The iMac or any Mac with no way to upgrade ram or the graphic card without tearing the computer apart is wrong.

        Apple not producing a in house router or cheaper in house curated monitor between 1000-2500 dollars, or a Apple sever is also wrong, all said over the years hmm…

        Apple Silicon should clear some of hardware problems hopefully 🙂

        Apple focus should never go away from

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