iPhone assembler Wistron to hire 10,000 employees in India

Taiwan-based Wistron, one of Apple’s main device assemblers, is expected to start commercial iPhone assembly at its Narasapura plant in India’s Kolar district in the coming days. In preparation for this, the company has already started hiring.

iPhone SE (2020)
Apple’s iPhone SE (2020)

The Indian Express:

The company presently has a facility at Peenya in Bengaluru, where iPhones are being assembled.

The manufacturing facility in Kolar is expected to generate around 10,000 jobs. As per the Karnataka Industrial Policy, 70 per cent of jobs should be given to locals. Accordingly, at least 7,000 people from Karnataka are expected to get jobs here. The company is believed to have already recruited about 2,000 people so far…

The company has already started trial production and hopefully, by September, they will start commercial operation”, [an] official added.

MacDailyNews Take: Putting eggs into multiple baskets, instead of one, is smart (albeit belated) risk mitigation.


  1. I really don’t understand. America and China have been working together in business for at least a couple of decades that I’m aware of and then suddenly something changed? What exactly? China has been stealing American IP, but that isn’t anything new. It almost seems a fair trade for cheap Chinese labor. Now POTUS is surprised and hurt that a company in China has been stealing personal data from us. Big deal… I don’t think so. It seems more like a dick-measuring contest. So now we’re headed to India for cheap labor and then five years from now, we’ll likely have a problem with India over some minor incident. Yeah, the CCP is said to be evil but they’re also hurting their own citizens as much as anyone in America. It’s good Apple is using various countries for production and assembly. Let Apple spread the wealth as long as most of it is funneled back to America.

    In a global economy, everyone should try to get along. This planet is really messed up where all humans can’t seem to work in harmony for any length of time. Thanks heavens there haven’t been any recent World Wars. I was born just at the end of World War II and if I’m fortunate, I’ll be dead and gone before the next World War takes place.

    1. “America and China have been working together in business for at least a couple of decades that I’m aware of and then suddenly something changed?”

      It was finally realized that China was no longer content being an ” assembler” and had become a serious competitor. What is an American produced alternative to Huawei’s 5G technology? Visit China, infrastructure wise it far surpasses America. Corporate greed unwittingly created an economic Frankenstein monster & they’re clueless how to regain control of it. Too late for sanctions.

      1. What “suddenly changed” was a foot being put down in light of what’s been known, but denied about China. We’ve been in some form of denial for 5+ decades…the knowledge didn’t just come to the fore recently.

        The man who was lauded for getting China to join the world market spoke presciently back in the 70’s about China’s likely insubordination. Many have said Nixon deserves little credit as it was China that was playing him…they needed an ally to deke the Russians and had little intent to become a democratic market member.

        Love him-hate him…ok, but Trump is the ONLY person in this 5-6 decade span that’s put a fork in the China malfeasance.

        1. Going to another SLAVE LABOR country isn’t a win, once again making products spread out over the US, Europe, China, or India is what Apple should be working towards (not making everything in the third world).

  2. No, no, no. TxUser has been making excuses for Apple’s China manufacturing saying no other country had the scale and workforce like China.

    Obviously, not true…

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