President Trump on concerns WeChat ban could hurt Apple: ‘Whatever’

On Friday, U.S. President Trump seemed nonplused when asked about the ramifications of banning WeChat on Apple’s iPhone business in China.

Apple is among more than a dozen U.S. companies which during a conference call on Tuesday warned the Trump administration about the potential ramifications of banning WeChat from their platforms.

Trump wants to ban apps and services that are based in China, which is the case of ByteDance’s TikTok and Tencent’s WeChat. He signed an executive order on Thursday that bans not only these two apps in the US, but also any transactions with its parent companies. Both orders will take effect in 45 days.

President Trump on concerns WeChat ban could hurt Apple: 'Whatever'
U.S. President Donald Trump


Reporter: There’s a lot of alarm among American companies about your order on WeChat – Apple, Ford, Disney. They’re worried because it’s such a big communications platform and payment platform in China that if you ban U.S. businesses from working with them, they won’t be able to sell, you know, iPhones into China…

Trump: Whatever.

Reporter: So, you don’t mind if…

Trump: Gotta do what’s good in terms of the security of our country. We’ve been very badly let down by China.

The remarks regarding Apple begin at 14:55:

MacDailyNews Note: Trump’s executive order banning WeChat (and TikTok) goes into effect on September 20th, but there are many outstanding questions and a lot could happen before we start worrying about iPhone sales in China.


  1. In other news, the president takes little interest in anything that doesn’t affect his personal bank account, or those of his cronies and the Russian oligarchs. Screw Apple; Putin wants a TenCent ban.

    1. I see you’re hanging onto idiotic residue re: Russia and Vlad. The debunking of the reports that once seemingly “warranted” the Russian collusion story are public. Do you keep a copy of the Dossier at bedside for a night of sweet dreams?

      1. No, but I follow the work of the bipartisan, Republican-led senate committee which just today confirmed the serious degree of Russian interference in the 2016 election, cutting your legs entirely out from you – not that they weren’t already but just more from people you should respect.

        But of course, in your spin it to win it world, you don’t respect truth at all.


        The findings draw a direct line between the president’s former campaign chairman and Russian intelligence during the 2016 campaign.

        Manafort, who was later convicted for financial fraud crimes, briefed Russian intelligence officer Konstantin Kilimnik on the campaign’s polling data and how the Trump campaign sought to beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

        Manafort’s connection with Kilimnik was a “grave counterintelligence threat,” the report reads, adding that they found evidence the Russian intelligence officer may have been linked to the Russian government’s efforts to hack and leak Democratic Party emails.

      1. reading comprehension problems ? Sum correctly points out that every presidential action from cheeto is self serving. he swore to uphold the Constitution but spends his time bullying US companies endlessly. he profits from every golf outing. his department temp heads aren’t approved by the Republican led senate because every stooge is an operative planted to dismantle important government functions — the CDC for one. Americans don’t have a public servant in the WH, they got a lifelong con man, liar, and supreme hypocrite. Republicans need to ditch him and nominate an honest candidate.

  2. Interesting philosophical debate on gibberish. There’s zero Trump can do to remove a super successful app from the Chinese App Store because of American laws.

        1. The Executive Order applies to any “United States person,” which is specifically defined to include foreign branches of any entity organized under the laws of the United States or any state. Such persons are prohibited from any “transaction” with WeChat, TenCent, or any related entity. The Secretary of Commerce has 45 days to define what exactly is prohibited.

          The Order is vague enough that the final ban could be narrow enough to allow transactions by Apple subsidiaries that are separately incorporated overseas, but that doesn’t follow naturally from the language. It certainly prohibits US persons from using WeChat in a transaction, even if the app was legally downloaded prior to the ban. Again, the Secretary might “identify” such transactions as legal, but it would be a stretch.

          To repeat, the use of WeChat is almost unavoidable for anyone working in or even just visiting China. At best, the ban will cripple Americans trying to do business in China. At worst, it will render Apple products unsalable in China or to overseas Chinese.

        2. Not so. All revenue flows back to Apple. (Mostly laundered through shell companies in low tax microstates around the world). Apple may restrict consumers from accessing different stores in different nations, and different nations may enforce their laws locally, but Apple is a corporate chartered and headquartered in the USA so the federal government does have significant powers to control or restrict the head of the snake. Whether this administration will act within the constitution is another matter altogether. cheeto’s closed door deals/orders have no staying power. He can’t seem to get any congressional law past his own party, let alone present any bill to the American people in the light of day. Healthcare reform? Infrastructure? Debt reduction? Reduction in government waste? None of the above. cheeto can’t even propose basic bipartisan reform.

      1. So he could ban it from the US App store, but not the Chinese or British App store. However banning it from the store is irrelevant for stopping US usage of it, as everyone now has 45 days to download before it is banned, plus for the open platforms whats to stop a user going to a 3rd party site based outside the US to download and install. What is more likely is that legally he has implemented a decree that companies operating in the US cannot support or allow these apps to function, rather than stopping the install via their respective app store platforms.

  3. Hummm! Our national security is more important than Apple business, even i am Apple fan, but our country security is far more important. India had no problems banned TikTok and WeChat in June. America can do it easily. Lets do it Mr.president. Ban TikTok and WeChat and many more. Hit China where it hurts most. 👎😱👿

    1. Rome is built in a day not….

      Took Apple 12 years to get to the point of replacing Intel, that is why they are the best in the world.

      Unless America can get over it’s cheap labor at all cost (right to work/ sell out ways China is going to whip us). Long term the Grifter in chief is no savor to common 9 to 5 worker.

    2. China is a threat to US security ? So when the CIA imports Illegal drugs and to be sold in USA that is not a problem just to name one thing that is despicable among others that come from the government ? Trump is trying to divert the attention to an external “danger”.

    3. India banned WeChat in India. It did not prohibit Indian companies and individuals from using WeChat or doing business with Tencent in China. The US order, on its face, does just that. That is not just an inconvenience. It makes doing business in China almost impossible.

    4. I don’t think this is about national security. This is just a matter of China having access to American citizens’ personal data who have used TikTok or WeChat. That information is supposedly on Chinese servers. Honestly, I would think that China has other ways of getting personal data from U.S citizens. China has intelligence agencies the same as any other country. A ban of TikTok and WeChat won’t return what’s already on those servers. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t care if both apps are banned as I don’t use them.

      The thing is, Apple is an international company as most other American companies are. What’s next? Banning apps from every country or stop doing business with every country we believe has the wrong ideology? I honestly don’t know where it’s going to stop. America can no longer stand alone. It’s not the America it used to be in the 1900s. We rely on other countries for manufacturing, raw materials and product sales. It’s a global economy and America is a part of it. We’re not at war with China. It’s not even a cold war. It just seems like a small business disagreement, to me.

    1. I think I’m gonna vote for Biden. Seems democratic governors, mayors, attorney generals and prosecutors are doing a great job in their respective states and cities; skyrocketing peaceful crime, socially distanced crowded riots, Lots of Looters (LoL), violent white peaceful Antifa rioters arrested and released without charges (before nightfall, of course). Yep! Vote for Democrats to “make America a better place to live.”

      1. That’s correct; law and order is bad and besides, it’s so 1990’s. Besides if we can all learn to riot peacefully, we’ll have another talent to notch in our belt.

        Freedom without restraint…vote D!

        1. One has to be alarmed how conservatism has splintered and been corrupted by self serving groups.

          Libertarianism is freedom without restraints, a mantle long claimed by Republicans. Now so-called republicans dither between advocating vigilante 2nd amendment armed justice without jury, or massive militarized (government) police states to enforce their ideas of law&order.

          None of these extremist views are workable. America needs to set aside its crippling bipolar partisanship and compromise back to middle ground, one nation united. That means law reform, and just enough enforcement to carry out justice, under legal oversight responsible to THE PEOPLE. Not swearing loyalty to cheeto, or unelected corporate executives, nor political party machines. The most patriotic thing Americans could do is replace their corrupt representatives with nonpartisan elected public servants. That includes dumping cheeto this election. He’s a dishonest ignorant blowhard that DID NOT make America greater in any measurable way.

        2. You’ve taken “How to Sensationalize When Exaggerating Isn’t Enough” Training?”

          “republicans dither between advocating vigilante 2nd amendment armed justice without jury, or massive militarized (government) police states to enforce their ideas of law&order.”

          Please. Using the fringe to substantiate an argument is nothing but “fringy” in itself.

        3. “Libertarianism is freedom without restraints, a mantle long claimed by Republicans.”

          A mantle long claimed by Democrats, particularly the heady enlightened liberals in the 1960s. There, I fixed it for you.

          Berkeley the birthplace of modern day free speech in the 50s-60s, is NOW the exact opposite shutting down free speech and rioting when conservatives are scheduled to speak.

          Nuff said…

    1. Brave of you to admit you’re trying to profit by doing business outside of Isolated Fortress USA.

      True freedom, if Americans believe in such a thing, would allow any human the ability to do business, travel, trade, and communicate without restraints with whom ever ANYWHERE ON OUR LITTLE PLANET. Taxes and tariffs should be tools to fund infrastructure and operations only, not to play international economic warfare. The people who demand restrictions and walls are only trying to enrich themselves as gatekeepers. You know who they are: the billionaires who fund the puppets in both corrupt political parties, including cheeto. Vote them out. If America is so strong and mighty, it should stop cowering behind fences and militarized police in riot gear and tough but pointless tweets and social media bs. It should fix the laws and gerrymandered messes and usher in an era of true freedom as an example to the rest of the world. Rebuild infrastructure and re-educate the American idiots so they are actually economically competitive with all those evil foreign adversaries you people incessantly whine about.

      1. But what about the militarized peaceful protestors in riot gear? Maybe we can send a few to your house to protest peacefully. True freedom; no fences to keep you inside your property. No fences (or law enforcement) to keep the militarized peaceful protestors off your lawn. You’ll be singing a different tune when you watch your house burn down. Freedom in your little corner of our little planet.

        1. Well buddy, you go ahead and show us pictures of ANY protesters recently who were carrying automatic or semiautomatic weapons, or drove around in armored vehicles, or who deployed pepper spray.

          Since the Boston Tea Party, real patriots have exercised their rights to free speech. Tories — or is that the establishment, the swamp, the deep state, or whatever scapegoating term you wanna use — have always used established wealth & power to screw the masses. Of course the sitting Potus and his cronies would attack people exercising their constitutional rights. The whole brand is about fear. To quote Ivanka’s daddy, only he stands between protesters and complete anarchy. Delusional Don apparently thinks local and state law enforcement is totally inept. He is wrong. Local law enforcement is generally good but there are some problems.

          This doesn’t mean no laws were broken in all camps, or that the perpetrators shouldn’t be punished. But let’s identify the correct perps.

          As usual, the tight wound righties conflate opportunistic looting thugs with the rapists and murderers of Don’s imagination and also the peaceful protestors. They are different groups and most of them don’t align with any political party. And in most all categories, modern technology has made the violent crime rate drop to historical low levels. Your paranoia is unwarranted.

          But you knew that.

    1. Who hasn’t been struggling with their weight in the last six months? Who hasn’t been struggling with their weight in the last six years? Anyways, Trump is only working about seven days a week and on call 24 hours per day. No pressure. Nothing to see. Move along.

      1. WTF working 7 days a week?! he is likely to be working on his campaign and new names to call his dem opponents then anything useful to country or the pandemic.

        1. WTF, I can do that in my sleep! It doesn’t take too much effort to think of names to call Democrats. I wonder what Biden is working on 7 days a week. Maybe he’s prepping for the debates. Oh… uh… no need to prep – Biden’s going to back out of the debates because it is “Trump’s fault.”

        2. Like I said, or I think I said it…I want to pound it into Don’s head during the debates, that unlike him, I’m for “truth over facts.”

          I’m Boe Jiden and I approval this message.

        3. But it would be so exciting to see Biden come out of his basement. If he can’t handle Trump for 90 minutes, how is he going to handle hostile leaders from around the globe?

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