Apple warns President Trump about potential ramifications WeChat ban

Apple is among more than a dozen U.S. companies which during a conference call on Tuesday warned the Trump administration about the potential ramifications of banning WeChat from their platforms.

WeChat on iPhone
WeChat on iPhone

John D. McKinnon and Lingling Wei for The Wall Street Journal:

U.S. companies whose fortunes are linked to China are pushing back against the Trump administration’s plans to restrict business transactions involving the WeChat app from Tencent, saying it could undermine their competitiveness in the world’s second-biggest economy.

More than a dozen major U.S. multinational companies raised concerns in a call with White House officials Tuesday about the potentially broad scope and impact of Mr. Trump’s executive order targeting WeChat, set to take effect late next month.

“For those who don’t live in China, they don’t understand how vast the implications are if American companies aren’t allowed to use it,” said Craig Allen, president of the U.S.-China Business Council. “They are going to be held at a severe disadvantage to every competitor,” he added.

Trump wants to ban apps and services that are based in China, which is the case of ByteDance’s TikTok and Tencent’s WeChat. He signed an executive order on Thursday that bans not only these two apps in the US, but also any transactions with its parent companies […] Both orders will take effect in 45 days.

MacDailyNews Take: Trump’s executive order banning WeChat (and TikTok) goes into effect on September 20th, but there are many outstanding questions and a lot could happen before we start worrying about iPhone sales in China.


        1. When the facts are not in someone’s side they switch to personal attacks. Trump is performing better in the polls than in 2016. Logically, probably 320 electoral votes. His base is stronger and his opponent less popular than Hillary.

  1. China is untrustworthy!. It’s tactic slow and hidden, America must always be vigilant. The biological warfare of Coronavirus-19 is just beginning, Covid-20, Covid-21?. China wants to be the world domination, it’d do whatever it takes to reach its goals by 2025. It’s not capable to attack the US by bombs and war jets. India banned Tiktok and WeChat and other 57 apps back in June without hesitated, America would be able to do that, too. We must fight China now before it’s too late.

    1. So much intelligence and spys and still not able to detect the pandemic of this scale? then what is the purpose of these spys? finally the incompetent will have to put blame somewhere – I dont care even if they are bad but it feels cheap to blame everything on someone just to get a sound sleep.

    1. Mango,
      This isn’t about banning an app. It’s about making it effectively impossible for any American individual or company to do business in, or even visit, China. You literally cannot eat in China without WeChat. Most stores and food vendors do not accept cash or credit cards. The Executive Order prohibits Americans from using the only form of payment that they will accept.

      It prohibits Americans from using the only form of messaging or email that most Chinese use. That cuts off American citizens of Chinese descent from their families overseas. It makes Apple products effectively useless in China, making them unsalable.

      It is a big, big deal.

      1. “You literally cannot eat in China without WeChat.”

        And why is that the case ? why is WeChat the only game in town? Why is a social app tied to your ability to buy food.

        Because the CCP bands all other foreign apps it can not control. Its easy to regulate and enslave your population if you create a social credit score where you tie speech to purchasing power.

        Just look at Hong Kong and Taiwan where WeChat is a distant 4th place in app usage. Given a choice mainland China would not ne dependent on weChat. The number one app is CCP china is a secure VPN.

        Facts hurt your narrative so bad.

        “The Executive Order prohibits Americans from using the only form of payment that they will accept.”

        Wrong again Bro. The Executive Order Prohibits the CCP controlled Apps from biometric harvesting data from USA citizens, where in the usa are mostly under 18 years old. Its the CCP that prohibits its citizens from having freedom to use other platforms. If the CCP can’t control an App then it is banded. Good for India, USA, South Korea, Japan and others enforcing on the CCP the same rules they enforce on their own citizens.

        Your mind is either low resolution or you are a defender of the CCP. Its shameful you try to accuse the USA for doing what you willfully accept behind the (not so) great firewall.

    2. Apple has NO problem banning Apps in China when the Communist Masters Director them and the don’t make a peep.

      On the flip side of that coin in the freedom loving USA they bitch because they can…

  2. From a Capitalist perspective, Trump’s MO is unconventional. I think that his call to bring Apple manufacturing, and manufacturing in general, back into the US is “to make America great again, not in terms of just and fair governance, but in terms of that McConnell deplores as isolationism which is anti-globalization. Sounds to me like Trump’s plan to ban the essential app fits comfortably within the wider plan to return the US to its manufacturing might achieved during and immediately post-WWII.

    George Washington could not find a dress suit manufactured in the colonies for his inaugural. The oppressive Brits forced them to send its cotton and wool to GB where its industry would feed its proud and mighty cloth manufacturing industries. It then shipped the suits back to the US. GW deplored this so he told Hamilton to fix this market disparity which he did. He found a rare manufacturer in Delaware to make him an America suit and this put the colonies on a road to predatory Capitalism and international colonialism which weakened GB.

    But Right-winger Reagan first began to sell US manufacturing technology to China. Nixon amplified this. And all subsequent presidents, Rightwingers and Left-wingers followed along because corporations and hedge funds kicked back a percentage of their profits from sales to China back to legislative reelection campaigns. In turn, corporations wrote more laws to make this cycle stronger. So now this is the normal cycle. Everything seems to be made in China. Like GB in the past, China adopted Hamilton’s suggestions and has become, as a result, a corporate behemoth that leveraged Capitalist market forces to dominate nearly the entire world economically.
    Like George Washington, Donald deplores that he has a hard time getting stuff manufactured in the US. Banning the app could be one step in Trump’s anti-globalization effort so that he can buy as many suits as he wants made in the US and at the same time take back some of China’s market dominance.

    So Trump is a kind of anti-Wall Streeter which seems good for now.

  3. thank you John Dingler for a cogent and useful comment. I can hardly believe that, for once, I can agree with you and I learned something too. I doubt that Reagan benefitted from China trade but you’re correct that virtually all presidents until Trump went along with the notion that someday China would become a fair and responsible world citizen. What a misjudgment on the part of Kissinger and Nixon, but they tried to tame the tiger and it has failed.

    Hitler could have been stopped in the early stages of his career and the destruction of Europe and countless deaths could have been avoided; but the resolve to crush him wasn’t there because he hadn’t yet revealed how far the planned devastation would grind the world into global war. China can be put back into the state they were in 40 years ago if it is done to them economically. In short, the USA will stop buying their production and consequently their military threat will be diminished to a less frightful level. Perhaps some day the Chinese people can break free of the CCP and they and Hong Kong can exercise a level of personal and political freedom they would have had if Chairman Mao hadn’t exterminated the intelligentsia and those who didn’t agree with his murderous plans. 60,000,000 at least dead, and still adding to that total.

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