Intel hacked, stolen chip data released in 20GB dump

Intel has been hacked and the hacker has released 20GB of stolen confidential chip engineering data, potentially leading to new zero-day threats for users across multiple platforms.

IntelWesley Hilliard for AppleInsider:

The hacker linked to a post on secret messaging platform, Telegram, detailing the contents of the leak and a Mega file attached at the bottom… Billing it as “Intel exconfidential Lake,” the hacker claims the data has not been published anywhere and much of the information is under strict NDA. The data was allegedly acquired by an anonymous source who breached Intel earlier in 2020.

Password protected documents seem to be lacking any security too, as they have the password “intel123” or “Intel123,” which are too easily guessed for what are considered “highly confidential documents.”

These leaked documents are harmless on their own. The files are out there though, and bad actors will definitely be scraping through to find any useful vulnerability to attack.

In a historic day for the Mac, Apple on June 22nd announced it will transition the Mac to its world-class custom silicon to deliver industry-leading performance and powerful new technologies. Developers can now get started updating their apps to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of Apple silicon in the Mac. This transition will also establish a common architecture across all Apple products, making it far easier for developers to write and optimize their apps for the entire ecosystem.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple silicon Macs can’t happen soon enough!

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  1. The information is utterly worthless. People with brains on the PC side use AMD, and with Apple transitioning to its own silicon, Intel can just go and die a horrible and much deserved death.

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