U.S. economy adds record-breaking 4.8M jobs in June, smashing expectations; unemployment rate falls

A new U.S. Labor Department report, released on Thursday because of the Fourth of July holiday, shows U.S. employers added 4.8 million jobs in June — the biggest increase on record, smashing expectations. Economists surveyed by Refinitiv expected the report to show that unemployment dropped to 12.3 percent and that employers added 3 million jobs.

COVID-19Megan Henney for FOXBusiness:

The U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 11.1 percent in June as businesses shuttered by the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year rehired millions of idled workers.

May’s figure was revised up by 130,000 for the addition of 2.7 million jobs last month. Still, the nation’s jobless rate is up 7.6 percentage points compared to the start of the year, when it sat at a half-century low.

Because the report was conducted in mid-June, it does not capture the recent closures in some states that have seen a spike in cases. Disney postponed the scheduled July reopening of its California parks, Apple re-closed 32 stores in five states, and Macy’s announced that it would cut 3,900 corporate jobs — roughly 3 percent of its total workforce.

Jeff Cox for CNBC:

Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had been expecting a 2.9 million increase and a jobless rate of 12.4%.

The June total is easily the largest single-month gain in U.S. history.

Another big contributor to the decline of the jobless rate was a plunge in those on temporary layoff. That total fell by 4.8 million in June to 10.6 million after a decrease of 2.7 million in May. The short-term jobless level fell by 1 million to 2.8 million.

The labor force participation level saw a sharp bump, rising to 61.5%, which brings it to 1.9 percentage points below its February level, a month before the coronavirus pandemic shut down much of the U.S. economy.

Jobs were equally balanced at 2.4 million apiece for full- and part-time workers.

MacDailyNews Take: Here’s hoping the second half of 2020 is better than the first (which wouldn’t be at all difficult)! It’s certainly great news to see U.S. unemployment dropping quicker than consensus expectations.

Until we get a COVID-19 vaccine, which will hopefully come more quickly than previously thought possible as Operation Warp Speed looks to accelerate development by funding steps to proceed simultaneously versus the usual sequential process, try to be as safe as you can be – wash your hands frequently, keep your hands away from your face, wear a mask in public, practice social distancing, etc.

The CDC guidelines for how to protect yourself and others — especially older adults and people who have severe underlying medical conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes and are at higher risk for developing serious complications from COVID-19 — are here.


    1. No, they were real jobs. They just weren’t new jobs. They were employees who had been laid off being rehired in the rush to drop social distancing. Many of them have already been laid off again and more will be before the July figures are released. It helps the numbers that the workers in essential positions who have died or been hospitalized are not counted as unemployed.

  1. That is great news although the total number of people claiming unemployment benefit went up slightly to 19.2 million.
    Also with the surge in Covid-19 cases is this improvement going to stall?

  2. Why didn’t Trump take any questions at the “press conference”? Does he understand that we’re still in the middle of a pandemic and he’s the President of the United States?

  3. A vote for Dementia Joe is a vote for higher taxes, a return to pandering to China communist totalitarians, destroying the U.S. economy, and decimating your 401K.

    Enjoy the Trump landslide!

    1. “a return to pandering to China communist totalitarians”

      A return? What the hell has Trump been doing for three and a half years? Xi Jinping flattered his ego and made him believe he’s a friend while China continues to eat our lunch. Trump’s “trade war” resulted in China buying more soybeans from us—whoop de friggin do!

    2. Fwhatever, the fact is that we need higher taxes. The business tax rates were cut way too deeply. As a result, the annual deficit roughly doubled in a couple of years to around $1T. That is a terrible trend in an economic expansion. Anyone can borrow trillions of dollars and stimulate an economy. Eventually, the money must be paid back. The Republican Party used to understand that…used to be deficit hawks. The GOP can no longer claim to be fiscally conservative. The only difference is that the GOP redistributes wealth to the rich. How many Trump voters actually benefit from a higher stock market ticker? Many voters on both sides of the aisle have no investments and gain no benefit.

      You are one of several voices on this forum who have repeatedly spouted fiction over the years. You routinely reveal your ignorance in mathematics, logic, and facts. Trump’s dementia is far more advanced. Once again, the rest of us will have to band together to clean up yet another huge GOP mess at the national level. You are welcome for our service, morons.

      1. Frankly, as labour market economist and as an outside observer I truly believe that neither side of US politics is fiscally conservative, it’s just that the two parties have different priorities and different ways of spending and taxing. It kind of reminds me of Rome between the late 4th century and the early 5th centuries A.C.E.

        What I mean by that is there is a general run-down in infrastructure spending leading to a hollowing out of the regions. This in turn leads to a distrust in government in general (and specifically in centralised federal governance) and then the regions begin going their own ways, independent of central authority. Eventually the central authority withers away and you end up with decentralised authority running the different regions. In Rome they become city states. I’m wondering what will happen in the US?

        What I am certain is what’s propping up the United States is the greenback being the world’s reserve currency. If the country loses this then the racked up deficits come into play as foreign governments begins to offload their U.S bonds and the fiscal and monetary roosters come home to roost. Difficult fiscal decisions will then need to be made or there will be large increases in inflation as the currency devalues.

        1. I agree that neither side is fiscally conservative. But only one party claims to be.

          As I stated, “The GOP can no longer claim to be fiscally conservative. The only difference is that the GOP redistributes wealth to the rich.“

          Neither political party is doing what is best for the country, but this difference is critical. With the GOP, the earth distribution occurs through a policy of tax cuts and increased spending on the military. That results in massively larger deficit spending and wealth redistribution to the already wealthy. That is why the stock market means so much to Trump and his cronies, even as they claim that it Is a proxy for the economy of the common person.

          The alternative of Democratic tax and spend is better for most Americans. KeepIng tax rates at a reasonable level provides support for social programs and avoids inflating deficit spending like under Reagan, W. Bush, and Trump. At least Reagan’s Administration had enough intelligence to realize that they had cut taxes too far while also massively increasing military spending. George H. W. Bush also realized that taxes needed to be increased relative to the Government services that were being provided.

          1. By the gods, there are still people on this site who can see beyond partisan politics. That makes me feel like staying here and contributing.

            If you follow economic history then what precedes a fall of a former superpower is a currency crisis. It happened in Rome when they lost their cash cow…Carthage. Once that happened the whole facade collapsed within 65 years (note how quickly the Romans left Britannia after the loss of Carthage).

            There were also currency crises in the Austro-Hungarian empire, and the Ottoman empire as well and they then had their last flight in WWI and then it was all over.

            Britain had an ongoing currency crisis in two parts…the two world wars. The last hurrah was the Suez crisis in 1956 and within 12 years they withdrew from east of Suez because they were broke.

            The US then got involved in the Middle East and they are now withdrawing (for the moment at least).

            So, what would lead to a replacement of the Greenback as the reserve currency? A world backed bitcoin type of currency. The Europeans – pissed off with the Trump administration’s destruction of the deal with Iran (it wasn’t the great deal but it was the only one in town) is currently trying to get a bitcoin based currency off the ground. However, economically they just don’t have the clout to pull it off. And then there’s China and they could do it (and they are trying)…and that thought keeps me awake at night.

            What is certain is that in economics nothing is set in stone and when things change it happens real quick.

        2. Telstar: While I upvoted your comments and respect your cautionary views I’d like to point out that we’ve heard the same argument since the final small gold window was closed in 1972 and yet it has never happened. I was a vehement gold bug back then and bought some for the coming Weimar Republic redux—yet, it never really came. I now take a more pragmatic view. While the Fed is an illegitimate construct and has brought about (because it has monopoly powers over our currency value after Congress abrogated its responsibilities for same) a decline in purchasing power for the dollar of 97-98% over the past 105 years, it still has maintained a somewhat orderly management of numerous harsh events. The Fed erred in the money supply cuts when it curtailed the roaring 20s overstimulation. It didn’t have a proper sense of the power of the multiplier effect influences on changes—plus or minus— in the money supply so we had the Great Depression. Then FDR wasted stimulation funds on short-sighted projects that didn’t create growth and permanent jobs. The accelerator/brake applications by the Fed gradually became more incremental and thus reduced the prior wide swings in our economy. I’d certainly love to phase the Fed out and return to more balanced measures that served the USA well for 150 years up until 1913 but, grudgingly, even I must admit that they’ve become much more effective at crisis management over the past 30 years (not counting the housing bubble disaster Bernanke failed to notice).

          1. The difference is that in 1972 and for a couple of decades after this time the United States was the pre-eminent economy. I honestly believe that the turning point was Iraq where for no apparent reason the United States invaded the country which then destabilised the region with the removal of Saddam Hussein. This in turn led to a vacuum which had the U.S. having to pour over a trillion dollars into the region to get a half-way decent outcome.

            This in turn led to more debt rather than spending the peace dividend that the U.S. derived from the end of the cold war.

            Successive U.S. administrations have either been unwilling or unable to reduce this debt and whilst the country was in an pre-eminent economic position then things could continue as per normal. But the new normal is another rising super power and that is competing against the United States and there are many countries around the world that resent U.S. foreign policy and want the freedom to pick and chose between who they interact with.

            Now don’t get me wrong when it comes to China I’m a foreign policy hawk but many countries have had to keep their mouths shut as we have all suffered from US AND Chinese arrogance. It’s not fun being a middle level power and having to take a leading role in the region.

            From an Australian perspective (where I live) we recognise that the United States’ power is on the wane and our country is (finally) choosing a multi-lateral path that includes the U.S but also includes other players such as Indonesia, India, Japan etc. Australia is taking real and meaningful action to cement these relationships because what we have seen from the U.S. is foreign policy based on photo ops and erraticism.

            One moment the U.S. is engaged and the next moment they’re making threats slapping tariffs on their allies.

            What we have also seen is a declining US power and as China moves into this void we are preparing for a post US dominated world. My real fear is that the US will not concede their position without a war.

            Now if a war does take place it will break the back of U.S. both financially and spiritually because although the country will win such a conflict it will be at the cost of a large proportion of their Pacific Fleet. Will this lead to a withdrawal of the U.S. to a “West of Pearl Harbour” situation? I just don’t know but in this region we are preparing for just such an outcome. To do otherwise would just be plain stupid.

            Now I know this viewpoint might be a bit confronting but it is a viewpoint worth considering because it comes from the Western Pacific and Asia and not from Washington. In this neck of the woods we see things a little bit differently.

            1. Telstar, I respect your views despite having some differences of opinion but you present your points in an excellent fashion. You are, of course, more familiar with circumstances in your area so I won’t attempt fo differ. The Iraq war has been a mistake, but at the time (2003) it seemed a reasonable counter-attack to what had been presented as an Iraqi-related 911 attack. Saddam presented himself as a middle-east power broker with WMDs although that turned out to be pompous blustering later. So-called intelligence reports misled most Americans into supporting the Gulf War. I admit we were wrong and misguided.

              You are also correct in that the USA has proven to be an unreliable ally. It pains me now to say it but the history is evident. In VietNam we abandoned the Montagnards, the South Vienamese who supported us and were eventually left to the predations and cruelty of the Communist hordes who took over. In Afganistan and Iraq it shall be the same. Temporary idealism and support; and tomorrow nothing. The bloodshed and terroristic cruelties visited upon the people who helped us is generally overlooked and forgotten.

              After WW2 most US overseas adventurism has been a tragic waste with almost no benefits with the lone exception being South Korea which has had economic and democratic gains that beggar the North Korean miseries.

            2. Citizen,

              I thought you might like to know why Australia doesn’t allow our navy to sail within the 12 nautical mile limit of Chinese “possessions” whereas the U.S does. If we did that then the Chinese would possibly seize the ship(s). Would the U.S. come to our aide? The prevailing view in Canberra is in the negative so we err on the side of caution but still recognise freedom of navigation

      2. “Anyone can borrow trillions of dollars and stimulate an economy.”

        You’re right KingMe, but neglecting to mention or acknowledge Obama was the record borrowing champ of ALL TIME! Under his administration U.S. debt climbed higher than ALL 43 presidents before him, COMBINED!

        “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.” Always amused by Orwellian names, this one included, but the (UN)Affordable Care Act is the undisputed champ!

        Democrats in 2009 controlled all three branches of government and nearly doubled the national debt in eight years: “When Obama was sworn in on Jan. 20, 2009, the debt was $10.626 trillion. When he left office on Jan. 20, 2017, it was $19.947 trillion.”🤔

        It always amazes me when Dishonest Democrats like KingMe write pious memes to selectively impugn Republican presidents and totally IGNORANT when Democrat presidents do the same.

        I have long perished the thought Democrats are upstanding and play fair. Obviously, the honest and working for the people JFK Democrats are no more and just a footnote in history, sad…

      3. Dear King Mel(anoma),

        You disparage First Then and claim that his candidate of choice suffers from dementia and took the easy route by increasing the spending and thus the deficit to combat the COVID mess. Well, what about Hidin’ Joe Biden? He would have increased the deficit by as much or more. He suffers from very obvious cognitive degeneration yet you say nothing. His and Nanxi Peloxi’s constant policies are spend more; grow the federal government and consequent loss of our rights forever and to infinity. Yet, you say nothing. Trump has attempted to eliminate the budget deficits, new and inherited, by growing the economy with practical and proven policies ala JFK and Reagan. Yet, you say nothing. Commies always lie, and you are espousing Communist takeover policies for the sole purpose of your “party” winning at all costs. Take a walk off a short cliff. we’ve messed around with your pseudo socialist crap for the past 50 years and it has produced a mess. Your “party” comrades have attempted to thwart Trumps’s efforts to benefit ALL American at every turn; with phony new laws from the judicial benches of Clinton and Owebummer judges and crooked blue state ensconced Circuit Court judges. That is not permitted under our REPUBLIC’s legal system with the Constitution as the foundation of our laws. Go to Venezuela and live the dream of your socialist/communist dreams and leave us the hell alone. You useful tool of the global socialist movement..

  4. Unemployment is getting down to the level it was when Bush left office. If you’ll recall, Bush left office with unemployment hovering around 10% (unbelievable), leaving the mess for Obama to clean up. When Obama left office, unemployment had dropped to under 4%, a DRAMATIC decrease. In contrast, at best, comrade Trump has only brought unemployment down slightly since he took over, though he can’t even brag about his tremendous <1% decrease any more.

    1. You lie. Just like a typical Democrat.

      In October 2016, prior to the election of President Donal Trump, the U.S. unemployment rate stood at 4.9%. Immediately after his election, unemployment began ticking down, eventually hitting an all time record low of 3.5% in Sept. 2019 and held steady. It was, in fact, 3.5% in February 2020 just before the COVID-19 shutdown and subsequent irrational panic. It hit 14.7% in April and has already declined to 11.1% in June.

      Thank you, President Trump, the jobs president!


      1. Irrational panic? You moron, Rome is burning all around you and guess what, Trump cannot even organize getting enough water to try and put the fire out.
        Do you know that Donald told me what the J stood for for in Donald J. Trump? ……. Genius!

        1. Yes, irrational panic. Obviously.

          COVID-19’s is caused by the caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. COVID-19’s infection fatality rate (IFR) is, at most, around 0.6% for the total population. Destroying the world economy and PEOPLE”S LIVES by irrationally panicking over a disease with an IFR of 0.6% is ludicrous.

          Smart people understand. The mentally deficient fools are told by MSNBCNN to panic and, lacking the ability to think for themselves, they do (see your mirror).

          There’s a difference between wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, etc. (smart things) and panicking irrationally (demanding total lockdowns forever), destroying THE MOST VULNERABLE PEOPLE”S LIVES by killing their jobs, destroying their families, etc.

          I could go into lockdown for the rest of my life. I am financially secure. So is Tim Cook. So is Nancy Pelosi. So are most of the talking heads on TV and elsewhere telling you to panic and do nothing (but kill the economy).

          It’s the people who were living paycheck to paycheck, the ones who the Dementiacrats constantly claim to care about (until they get their votes, of course), who are being destroyed by the irrational COVID-19 panic.

          1. ‘Smart people understand’…well that clearly explains why you don’t!

            If you read the article, IFR is very hard to count and many countries use a different yardstick. Nonetheless, when 1 in 100 dies, you may be ok with that, I do not. Look at the infection rate….it is very high with an R naught guesstimated to be as high as 3.5! It is a highly infectious virus. Not everyone dies but some are seriously sick and many have trouble recovering.
            Morons like you and those nutbars going to COVID-parties in ALabama, are what is going to send the US back into soaring unemployment numbers again in addition to……wait for it….tens of thousand of more needless deaths. Stupid party goers infecting others……
            You should be proud….but the world not only laughs at you…they are building walls to keep you out.
            BTW, if Trump’s numbers drop any lower, he may as well quit now and avoid the embarassment….but then you know this don’t you. That’s ok, keep up the bravado. I am sure it makes you feel better between your actual panic attacks.

            1. I am at my lake house and have been for months. Socially distancing. Nowhere near Alabama, BTW. Haven’t been to a party since New Year’s Eve.

              COVID-19 will go down in history as the biggest mass hysteria event of all time.

            2. Hey Buster, I always love to read your one-sided liberal panic attacks. You have a selective memory of the facts and obviously no sense of fairness. The best is President Trump, BTW disrespectful one, should quit. You actually believe this FALSE media meme? Guess some people are incapable of rational thought and grasping facts as they resort to believing party memes. Trump in a landslide that will put the final nail in the coffin of polling and the liberal Democrat controlled lamestream media…

            3. Hmm…seems odd that “First Then” is claiming that CoVid19 is a huge overblown contrived ‘panic’ over a supposed 0.6% mortality rate …

              .. yet he’s nevertheless chosen to hide in his Lake House for months, to reduce his own personal risk exposure to the risk he’s ridiculed as insignificant.

              “Do as I say, not as I do” appears to apply….

          2. Quoting Musk doesn’t really support your perspective. He maybe a brilliant person, but he’s also a little mercurial. I’d suggest referencing someone else re: “Panic,” which has validity.

            Re: “panic,” He also runs a company that has challenges with squeezing out profit now and then….which is kinda important. For perspective:

      2. OK, I stand corrected. Obama brought unemployment down from over 10% under Bush to under 5% when he left office. Apparently that is my only “lie.” And I’m not a Democrat.

        I’m sure pumping all those billions of taxpayer’s dollars into the economy certainly contributed to the slight decrease in unemployment (< 2%) we’ve seen since Trump took office. We now have the BIGGEST DEFICIT IN US HISTORY!!! In case you don’t know what that means, the president is making it appear the economy is doing great by spending LOTS of our money on credit, money that will never be paid back (as Mr. Trump is wont to do). Kind of like if you get a new credit card and immediately max it out, even though you can’t ever pay the bill. You appear, at least superficially, prosperous. Mr. Trump holds the taxpayers’ credit card, and we’ll be left holding the bill, or our children and grandchildren will.

  5. Anyone who thinks that recovering jobs that were already there before COVID hit rand that it represents a huge feat by Trump is not particularly bright. The US is heading for an out of control surge in infections meaning that there is going to be MASSIVE job losses by the fall.
    You opened too early and now you are celebrating too early.
    What is wrong with you Trump followers? Scaringly ignorant.

  6. Trump was riding the Obama recovery until his complete mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis. Although jobs were created under Trump, they were fewer the three years after taking office than the last three years of Obama. Trump did nothing except transfer wealth to the 1%. He is a clueless man who loves dictators and mirrors. His assault on the country will soon come to an end.

    1. Facts: A vote for Dementia Joe is a vote for higher taxes, a return to pandering to China communist totalitarians, destroying the U.S. economy, and decimating your 401K.

      Enjoy the Trump landslide!

      1. A vote for Dementia Joe is a vote for the unqualified running mate he’ll be forced to choose.
        She would become President by the end of 2021.

        iCal and make book on it!!

          1. So sorry to read your clueless comment, Herself.

            Trump first time run in an unprecedented history making presidential win, no pollsters and no media pundits saw coming, in three short years engineered the most remarkable economic comeback in history!

            Setting several federal economic records we can all agree were set back lately and temporarily by the Covid pandemic.

            Phoenix rising Election Day 2020!


            1. His “remarkable economic comeback” only required him to ride a wave that had already been rising for years before he took office without screwing it up. Which he did, by mishandling the pandemic and killing tens of thousands of Americans through neglect and outright recklessness.

              He is now trying to distract from mass homicide by spending millions in taxpayer dollars on partisan political rallies where the only thing less common than masks are the black lives that he and his Vice-President refuse to say matter.

              He juts his jaw out like Mussolini and preaches the same message: “They” are out to destroy our nation and only authoritarian force can save “us.” Who are “they”? Well, the rich guy in his golf cart in Florida chanting “White Power” understood. The racist, sexist, and xenophobic dog whistle that launched the Trump campaign in 2015 with talk of most Mexicans being rapists has become an air horn.

            2. “no pollsters and no media pundits saw coming”

              Not true. Five Thirty Eight, Nate Silver’s site, had Trump with a good chance of winning if voters didn’t turn out for Hillary. That is exactly what happened. Let’s get real. Trump barely won. It was by the skin of his teeth. He’s not going to win again. You can take that to the bank. He got extremely lucky being at just the right place at just the right time. It isn’t going to happen again. So sorry for you.

        1. I’m interested in why you think Biden will be forced to choose an unqualified running mate. Do you regard all women as unqualified to serve as President, or only women of color?

          1. A choice based on sex and race rather than qualification is, by definition, an unqualified choice. That’s both racists and sexist and only a libturd would find that acceptable.

            How can you be so educated, yet so f’ing stupid?

            You are the 99% that give the rest of the lawyers a bad name.

          2. I’m interested in why you think those are the only two choices for why I think they are unqualified.

            Is it because you don’t have the depth to look at each candidate under review and then make a statement or because you are just a goddam asshole?

        2. @TT,
          You used to be a pretty smart poster years ago before you drank the Trump koolaid. Now you are simply pathetic, like Trump himself. First then and Goeb I can understand, they are morons that just come here to stir up crap. Clearly they simply get a kick out of it.
          What a dumb statement you just made. Of the 5 women that Biden is considering, each and everyone of them is much more qualified that Trump. By a long shot. Lawyers, senators, congresswomen….years of political experience. Trump’ experience? Well he went bankrupt twice. I suppose that counts. The US economy is currently so shattered that you feel having an 11% unemployment rate and only 128,000 dead people in 4 months represents a ‘smashing’ victory. The Brightest scientific minds in the whole world look at the US and shake their heads in dismay at your lack leadership in the pandemic with so many of you basically rejecting their warnings and becoming self-made experts.
          Please stop this and go back to being the thoughtful person you once were. Name calling (Dementia Joe) puts you at the low level that First and Goeb snake around. Do you really want to be there?

          1. And you used to seem like an intelligent moderate till Obama split the world.

            In what way are those women more qualified? One of the main reasons Trump was elected was BECAUSE he wasn’t a politician, so that point is moot.

            I was never a fan oh his shows, books, products or personality. He didn’t bother me, just another loud-mouthed New Yorker needing attention and business exposure.

            I didn’t support him early in the primaries until I actually heard him speak about issues and how people reacted. I never dreamed so many felt as I did about basic issues most politicians ignore or at most run on and then forget.

            I don’t support him for his tweets or news conferences. I wince at much of that, but at the same time I don’t look to twist every word he mumbles so the substance is usually still agreeable if not the delivery.

            You say all he ever did was go bankrupt twice, which we both know is a simpleton’s way of looking at him. But let’s stick with that since we are after all on a site dedicated to one of the most famous men to ever fail and get back on his feet. I myself have gone through failures so maybe that’s not a good point for you to suggest. What have the 5 women ever risked to get where they are? I’m not saying it was easy, but none have had the responsibilities Trump had or the experience to run a large business let alone a country, and make no mistake, that is what they will be doing if Biden even survives till the election (mentally).

            What do I have on common with Kamala Harris? I detest her and everything she stands for almost as much as I do Elizabeth Warren.

            Val Deming is intriguing other than soiling herself in the impeachment proceedings, but she might have been put there for the same reason she is being considered for VP, because she is Black and female. Wonder how that makes her feel, that she didn’t get some of her positions on merit but DNA instead (and also that she happens to be from Florida).

            Susan Rice…..a big fukNO!! If you don’t understand the hate Republicans have for her, then you have no idea how to ever bridge a divide.

            Gretchen Whitmer– I would think a governor would be qualified, but this one is full of stupid. I know you might knee-jerk to Sarah Palin, who was considered a great governor by the left and right until McCain picked her. Even feisty Geraldine Ferrero saw how blatant the left’s misogyny towards her was. Whitmer is no Sarah Palin in success but will be made a saint if the Republicans attack her actual record as governor rather than her doctors records as the left did Gov. Palin.

            Stacey Abrams……Yes, PLEASE pick her!!

            Even money for choice and winning goes to Gov. Grisham for Latino votes (because Democrats KNOW they own the Black vote….) and she is close to moderate, not in all her stances but the balance (she’s safe on abortion, Obamacare, and unions for leftist but actually supports Israel although overall she is a screaming Leftist with a little sense).

            I could go on about all that Trump has done under the radar while Democrats wasted the time, money and the energy of the nation focused on one BS issue after another (the latest is the Russian bounty on US troops. Another misreported hoax that will go away as a new one pops up) but this is actually the reason powerful Democrats (and many Republicans) want him out and NOT for the crap the media feeds to people like you.


            Good luck arguing THAT list away. You could call half of it fake and it would still be impressive.

            Happy 4th neighbor to the north as we celebrate ending our commonwealth ties to you.

            1. Touch a nerve did I? I guess I place more importance onthe fact that when you are born privileged with a silver spoon in your mouth AND you make stupid decisions (yes they were stupid) and go bankrupt twice, I would be afraid that perhaps you could not run a country. But, although you think that that is a simpleton’s perspective, any sage person would then look at the final results, correct? Record deficit, record unemployment is what you currently have and still you think he is the cat’s meow?This is just too stupid to continue arguing over if you cannot see it.
              So he is a bad businessman, what’s next. A bible touting moral character? Melanie is happy to be called the first lady just so she no longer has to be called the third wife. She poses nude for the media and he screws around behind her back with hookers when she was having his kid!!!. And evangelicals love him. Am waiting for the 40 day and 40 nights of rain to start.
              Ok, maybe not that moral. We won’t even talk about putting kids in cages. I would hate to see how you can rationalize that.
              His numbers are dropping. Explain why (as if anyone has to). He has bungled the pandemic. He goes through personnel changes like there is no tomorrow and surrounds himself with sycophants that tell him what a wonderful person he is. His unqualified daugther and her useless husband run the country and you diss experience senators and prosecutors as unqualified?
              Sigh…..Trump support is dropping like a stone and thank God that there are enough Americans intelligent enough to see it.

            2. Uh, dude you’re just spewing media bullet points.

              To talk about unemployment figures and THEN claim he bungled the pandemic shows just how hooked on the their narrative you are.

              To claim Jared and and Ivanka are running the country, even though they have handled some worthy causes is proving you really aren’t’ serious abut a discussion as you are a dismissal.

              But I will agree you on one item, ‘This is just too stupid to continue arguing over if you cannot see it.’


            3. That’s right! Obama made it possible for all bigots, fascists, corporatists to expose themselves. But split it, he did not. It was already split, just not as obviously.

              Then cam Trump an emboldened them.

              Neighbor to the North? Do you mean the Union?
              Case proven if you do.

            4. You understand, Applecynic.

              Coronavirus testing allowed identifying cases, so the hospitalizations and deaths are the test’s fault.

              Obama brought a bunch of racists out of the closet, so racism is Obama’s fault.

              Removing statues honoring men who committed treason to support slavery might offend racists, so we need to label the anti-treason groups as un-American.

              Allowing every eligible citizen to vote might have political consequences, so we need to suppress registration and voting by all necessary means.

              Hundreds of thousands of Americans have peacefully protested police misconduct, so we need to label them as criminals and praise the police without any effort to root out the bad apples.

              Reports that the Russian Federation is financing the death of American troops are embarrassing, so we need to jail the whistleblowers.

              Using millions of taxpayer dollars to hold political rallies might violate the campaign laws, so we need to make sure that the Federal Elections Commission doesn’t have a quorum, so it can’t act.

              And so it goes

            1. Seriously, in all honesty you can write that he didn’t, and still is, bungling the pandemic? The idiot that disbanded the pandemic awareness committee? Mr. Bleach injection. Its going to simply disappear? Yup, not enough O’s in stoooopid to describe that.

            2. Right, and after he ‘disbanded’ the pandemic awareness committee he sent everyone home and said “we don’t need no stinking pandemic people”….right?

              I mean that is what you are implying, that so many more have died because of this?

              Or maybe you aren’t telling, or even familiar with, the REST of the story?
              Seeing how you used the bleach analogy, why do you expect people like me to take you seriously?

              Do you ever, EVER consider anything he does as a positive?
              My guess is no, can’t have let that enter your mind.
              NOTHING he does is good, all evil.

              So simplistic the Left has become.
              All emotion and no reason.

          2. BUSTER just proved Thomas Jefferson’s stern warning that political parties would result in the destruction of the republic. Everyone who isn’t toeing the “party” (Communistic deep state, swamp, grifter, etc.) line and agreeing with Buster’s take on everything is “an idiot,” a “moron,” “used to be okay” etc. Get lost you insulting control-freak. Americans make their own choices and they don’t need you bashing or limiting them.

  7. Tammy Duckworth is a “behind the scenes” consideration. I couldn’t care less about whether a woman is chosen, or not, but her military service and GREAT sacrifice could be a valuable component in a govt position. In comparison to Kamala and Abrahms, I think it minimizes the state-ism wave.

    Though she’s state-ist in many ways, our country could use the perspective that E Warren could bring to the banking/Fed situation.

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