How to make the right Apple device hear ‘Hey Siri’

Most of us with multiple Apple devices have had it happen at least once. You say, “Hey Siri” and an unexpected HomePod, Apple Watch, or other device starts listening for your command or question.

Siriously, we’ve got Apple Watches strapped to our wrists, are sitting in front of Macs with AirPods in our ears, have iPads and iPhones charging on our desks, and multiple HomePods within earshot!

How to make the right Apple device hear 'Hey, Siri'
Apple’s Siri

William Gallagher for AppleInsider:

With so many Apple devices, and so many ways to use Siri — it’s no surprise that it goes wrong. Here’s what should happen when you say “Hey, Siri,” and how to help make sure it does.

It is fascinating how cleverly Apple has rigged all of its Siri devices so that in theory when you lift your iPhone to say, “Hey, Siri,” you don’t get a response from your HomePod. In practice, it’s routine to have the wrong device reply — and you can even have more than one reacting to you…

You should be able to turn to any Apple device that supports Siri, and know that it will respond to your “Hey, Siri,” words. When you say those words, every device you’ve got around you looks up, then they all whisper to each other.

The full article covers:

• How to make certain it’s Apple Watch that reacts
• How to make certain it’s your iPhone or iPad that reacts
• How to stop devices listening

MacDailyNews Note: And, for the Mac, just go to System Preferences > Siri and set up how you want Siri to work, whether Siri will listen for “Hey Siri,” and more.


  1. Never use these. By design they must send everything you ever say to Apple or whoever. Even if they swear blind that they will never abuse your private information, you are never more then a quiet upgrade or policy “reinterpretation” away from becoming a product.

    Push-to-talk devices ONLY for me.

  2. Personally I do not care if Siri knows that I am asking my wife out for a dinner date or sending a text to my daugther that I will be over to help her paint the shed. Send it to the world….whoop-dee-do…
    I do not send stuff of national importance unencrypted over the web.
    Therefore Siri is of great use to me, exspecially when I am driving.

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