Apple foldable iPhone prototype features two separate displays connected by a hinge

In a new tweet and also in a YouTube interview shared by Jon Rettinger, serial leaker Jon Prosser says that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone prototype featuring two separate displays that are connected by a hinge.

foldable iPhone prototype: A mockup of an ‌iPhone‌ with two hinged displays (image via MacRumors)
A mockup of an ‌iPhone‌ with two hinged displays (image via MacRumors)

Prosser says the current prototype has two separate display panels connected by a hinge and features rounded, stainless steel edges like the design used in iPhone 8 thru iPhone 11.

MacDailyNews Take: This iPhone Duo™ foldable iPhone prototype certainly seems much more durable than a single “foldable” display with a noticeable ridge, groove, or spine down the middle as with other foldable devices that try to utilize flexible OLEDs.


  1. Yes! Come on Liquidmetal! LQMT stock is just 7 cents a share right now, down from a high of .43 cents a few years ago from Apple rumors. I’d love it if they’d use this product!

  2. That’s just what I want in my pocket: an iPhone that’s twice as heavy and twice as thick. And what the hell is the point if there’s a huge black line in the middle of the screen?

    1. It’s so you can hear the Apple whine.

      It will be coming from all the people who complained about the iMac “chin”, who then moved over to the iPhone “notch” can now warm up their voices for the iPhone Duo “border”!

      1. The iMac chin is in no way comparable to the iPhone notch. I favor the chin design and think it adds character and, unlike the notch, it doesn’t intrude on the user experience. Apple actually would’ve been wise to think of the iMac and add a forehead to the iPhone, creating a seamless line at the top.

        A sandwich iPhone with a border in the middle of the screen, however, would definitely be right there with the notch as a boneheaded Apple decision.

  3. LOL, I proposed this way back in 2008, here on MDN! Back then the iPhone was a 3.5″ 480×320 display. I proposed hinging two displays which would make a 5″ 640×480 display. Of course it never happened, but I thought a 5″ folding display was coming.

  4. This is as likely as a unicorn iPad with a single horn arising from Face ID. I know John Prosser is the new Ming to MDN, but this is just a stupid rumor using this year’s iPhone as the physical model. Yeah, right. I can guarantee if they ever make one of these, it won’t look anything like this or have a black line down the middle. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple used this abomination to find out who is Prosser’s leaker.

  5. I don’t know- it might be a good idea.

    With it in your pocket and an Apple Watch on your wrist for calls and text, then you take it out of your pocket and open the duo with one app on one screen and second app on the other- that might be a good combination.

  6. I can understand the existence of a prototype, but most prototypes don’t make it to production. This one is certainly not meant for production. It’s stupid.

  7. Hinged two display devices as prototypes have been around for ages. Not likely to be a product from Apple now IMO. It would put a smudge on Apple’s image using such an old idea for a ‘foldable’ device. If it does come out they’d have to call it something else, like ‘dual display’.

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