How an Apple Watch skeptic turned into an Apple Watch lover

CNET’s Vanessa Hand Orellana hasn’t always been an Apple Watch lover. She started out as an avowed Apple Watch skeptic, but, slowly, but surely, Apple Watch won her over.

Apple Watch lover. Image: Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Watch Series 5

Vanessa Hand Orellana for CNET:

I haven’t always been a fan of the Apple Watch. I bought one as soon as it went on sale in 2015 hoping it would blow me away, but it ended up spending more time in my drawer than on my wrist. It took three more years and the addition of two key features — LTE and the ECG app — for me to finally start wearing it on a regular basis. And now it’s earned a permanent spot on my wrist…

With the addition of LTE on the Series 3, my perception of the Apple Watch started to change. I started seeing the Apple Watch as separate from the iPhone. Adding its own cell signal freed the watch, and in turn freed me from having to tote my phone around all the time… Having LTE on the watch meant I could finally leave my phone behind and still be connected. Eventually I also started relying on it for training…

The second game changing Apple Watch feature(s) were the ECG app (or electrocardiogram, sometimes called EKG) and heart-rate notifications… Five years later, I finally understand what the Apple Watch is for, and it’s different for everyone. For me about staying connected without the added distractions, and motivating me to stay healthy despite the challenges of being a new mom.

MacDailyNews Take: Sometimes, it’s instant, but, eventually, Apple gets most people. Case in point: Vanessa Hand Orellana, Apple Watch lover. Those that don’t ever seem to get it deserve our pity; wearing awful Apple Watch wannabes, toting around inferior phones designed to mimic iPhones, trying to find apps for pretend iPads, and – shudder! – shackled to crappy upside-down and backwards fake Macs. Hell. On. Earth. Poor masochistic bastages!

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  1. Full protection was the big factor for me, and EG sure helped. When Apple delivers PulseOx there will be a flood of new owners. The largest flood will come with Blood Sugars.

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