The Gates Foundation bought 500,000 Apple shares in Q1

The Gates Foundation picked up a cool 501,044 Apple shares in the first calendar quarter of 2020. Apple shares are currently the all-time high ($327.85, set on January 29, 2020).

Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Philip Elmer-DeWitt for Apple 3.0:

In the first three months of the year, the Gates Foundation Trust bought up 501,044 in Apple shares, according to a SEC filing. The iPhone maker’s stock, which dropped 15% in the first quarter, has since been on a recovery path, appreciating some 25% to trade at $318.89 as of Friday’s close.

Sharon Wrobel for Smarter Analyst:

The trust also built up new positions in Twitter, which has soared 48% in the past two months, by purchasing 272,420 shares. In e-commerce giant Amazon it acquired 60,460 shares. It also bought 552,383 shares of Alibaba…

Shares in Amazon have surged 45% since mid-March and were trading at $2,436.88 as of Friday.

MacDailyNews Take: Whoever’s making investment decisions for the old thief is generating a mint.

• What I can’t figure out is why he [Steve Jobs] is even trying [to be the CEO of Apple]? He knows he can’t win. – Bill Gates, June 1998

• The one thing Apple’s providing now is leadership in colors. It won’t take long for us to catch up with that, I don’t think.Bill Gates, commenting on iMac in colors debut, circa July 2000

You can’t come up with a new OS.Bill Gates on why Microsoft chose to put Windows inside Tablet PCs instead of a different operating system designed specifically for tablet use, November 2002

I don’t believe the success of the iPod is sustainable in the long run.Bill Gates, May 2005

There’s nothing that the iPod does that I say, ‘Oh, wow, I don’t think we can do that.’Bill Gates, September 2004

Apple will sell some 40 million iPad units this COVIDI-19 pandemic-affected year. Microsoft can’t crack 750K units even for the 2019 holiday shopping quarter.


    1. Occasional “off-topic” posts can be fitting and interesting, but when someone comes to a tech site to do lawyer-talk with the tech/Apple crowd, it’s wearying…that’s all.

      There are places that can fulfill your need.

    1. What came a decade before the 90s… Steve Jobs giving Bill Gates an INSPIRATIONAL business to cheaply rip off and copy and get away with it in federal courts. Fast forward to 2008-09, Android anyone?…

      1. See… OSX and iOS are both based on BSD with an Apple skin.
        Android based on Linux with a whoever skin.

        There’s only so many ways to make a grid of icons, which goes back to the GUI itself.

        1. I am really surprised you missed several important points spanning decades and resorted to meaningless deflection. You want to be a drive by flippant offender of Apple, fine…

          1. Original Android and Windows mobile were the aberrations in the GUI space among all computers. Add touch to Symbian and you essentially have most the common features of the interface today.

            Yes I refer to the interface of every OS as the skin. It’s appropriate not a put down. Interfaces have function, but they are not the whole.

  1. When a stock is part of a group (FANG/FAAMG) that comprises 20+ of the S & P and the govt is bending backwards to “supplement” the economy—bring “liquidity“ to the market—the stock is a pretty good choice. When the govt stops the infusion, one is best be nimble and consider liquidating some…if needed, imo.

    Twitter is an “interesting” stock choice as its profits are “interesting.” But, hey, it’s risen nearly 50% in the last 2 months. Bill is connected and knows these things.

    The post noting Covid infection/death rates is a HUGE factor going forward…if proven truthful AND reporting doesn’t go sideways. Employment #’s could actually see a rise and change this entire shite-show.

  2. Bill Bloody Gates, the Windows virus master, infecting planet Earth with his vile diseased self, and now infecting Apple, too. Evil and twisted, he is Emperor Gatespatine and Darth Gader all in one.

      1. Gates was and is evil. He set personal computing back by a least a decade. Jobs stopped the Microsoft trajectory dead in its tracks. Microsoft is trying hard to make PCs great again but it’s a losing battle. Apple has been the antidote to the great Microsoft virus, thank Jobs. Damn Bill Gates to hell, and you can go and join him there.

  3. “MacDailyNews Take: Whoever’s making investment decisions for the old thief is generating a mint.”

    From God’s omnipotence to MDNs nimble typing fingers; well said my friend. Gates was an unimaginative horse thief from the moment Jobs trusted him. Same with Eric Shitd and the rest of the Giggle Gang; Samscum etc.

    The bitter Apple cynic crowd including the dour ones above will always defend their bread and butter sponsors. Bill Gates has been an empty vessel exceeded only by Balmer the Ape.

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